Madam Loo’s Crossover

Astrology: Madam Loo’s 144 Crossover Signs, East Meets West in Profiles and Forecasts in Chinese Astrology

 By Lou Christine


There are 144 combinations when it comes to Chinese Astrology. The first sign in Western Astrology is that of Aries and the first sign in Chinese Astrology is that of the Rat. So there are, for example Aires-Rats and then Taurus-Rats etc. as there are Pieces Pigs the two last signs of both Eastern and Western Astrology.

The characteristics depicted below are relatively common, and in many cases, those characteristics are obvious on the surface within the combination of two signs. Be they positive or negative, those inbred traits are just a small part of the overall make up of that particular combination of signs. There are other examples and traits leaning both ways, as positive and negative.




No couch potato here. There’s no time for grass to grow beneath the fast-moving feet of the Aries-Rat. Busy and precocious, the Aries-Rat is fun-loving. Aries-Rats directly move to the limelight without prompting they and sometimes steal the show from the headliner. Tinges of jealousy might arise from them taking the lion’s share of thundering applause.

Careful, the Aries-Rat, with its zest to impress, should consider the feelings and measure the worth of the relationship, if the opportunity for upstaging arises. The price of short-lived fame may not be worth the loss of friendship.

The Rat-side of Aries places loyalty as the keystone that galvanizes a close relationship. No sign suffers more when friends and associates turn their backs to them. If and when that might occur, they’re not apt to easily forgive and rarely forget. Placing the shoe on the other foot The Aries-Rat should avoid such pitfalls they could create after the fact and be willing to let bygones be bygones if after patching things up.

The Aries-Rat shows curious desire to know what other people are feeling and thinking, them having an open ear to listen closely, especially if it is something about the Aries Rat on the Society Page.

Aries-Rats remain hard working and have the fire-tested metal to “grind it out” when in the throes of achieving goals. Doing so with gum-shoe determination, the Aries-Rat too often denies itself time of leisure. It’s not that they’re not capable of having a good time and hearty laughs during the day to day, but in reality, the Aries-Rat should consider to stop and smell the roses and maybe even further consider, what enables them to smell that way.

The said, is Madam Loo’s way, via, Chinese Astrology, at spouting towards the Aries-Rat that there are personal therapies, to enrich a life that are painless, relatively easy and cost nothing.

Paramount, the Aries-Rat gets a lot further not giving a public impression they take themselves too seriously, including when wrestling with matters that deals with the heart. Keep it on the inside.


Famous Aries-Rats: Polly Adler, Mai Britt, Marlon Brando, Werner von Braun, Freddy Bartholomew, Carmen, Electirc, Nina Foch, Henry Mancini, Gil Hodges, Frank Serpico, Gloria Steinem and Sara Vaughn.




“Waste not, want not.” There’s an apt description of a mantra that could be chanted by the Taurus-Rat. Clever and analytical, Taurus-Rats possess abilities to utilize, parlay and collaterizes assets and then go on to earn vast sums of money.

Once attaining wealth, it’s likely the funds in their pockets will never again see daylight. They’re more than likely exist in a life-style dictated solely by profits and fixed dividends. Like precious family jewels hold onto the mother load of principle at all costs. Secure bonds and conservative investments are about all the speculation the Aries-Rat entertains, other than being at the helms and captains of their own enterprises.

Communication systems are always on go.

Potential enemies should take heed, the Taurus-Rat is no squeaky push ‘over’ and the Taurus-Rat, once cornered shouldn’t be toyed with. For others they might think to flock to the Taurus-Rat’s side along with alliances, merging skills while all seek wise council from the thrifty Taurus-Rat as to protect all the rest from bogus deals.

As for opportunity enticing the Taurus-Rat, If all isn’t in proper order, it is better the Taurus-Rat, wait it out, maybe until the next year.

Deals and opportunities will always come down the lane, primarily because others recognize the Taurus-Rat’s talent and wish to create accords as to capitalize. The Taurus-Ox will listen, perhaps sit tight, muster assets, rather they be liquid or collateral in case there’s a forthcoming deal that seems appealing. If they sense pressure, perhaps because of a time sensitive nature, it remains paramount the Taurus-Rat go over all the figures and commitments.

The communication skills and writing talents of the Taurus-Rats, will often provide opportunity, perhaps more so than those opportunities provided for the heart. The exact attention to detail should be applied when choosing an intimate partner. The Taurus-Rat attracts a fair amount, but not an overwhelming legion of suitors during a lifetime. Taurus-Rat usually knows exactly what it desires in a relationship and it’s more than a pretty package, which are dreamy and nice but the Taurus-Rat needs someone who will hold their interest and merge their dreams with theirs.


Famous Taurus-Rats: Anna Marie Alberghetti, Charlotte Bronte, Bobby Darin, Englebert Humperdink, Glenda Jackson, Zubin Mehta, Roy Orbison, William Shakespeare, Tom Snyder and Studs Terkel.




Whirlwinds of activities swirls around the life of the Gemini-Rat’s magnetic personality generating from an enormous energetic nature. The Gemini-Rat’s elusiveness makes them difficult to pin down due to a lifestyle that’s chock with non-stop action.

Emotional and fervent for causes, the verbose nature of the Gemini-Rat rarely goes unnoticed and is often described and spoken about by others out of their ear shot. This sign draws attention and at times, strike the nerves, often pushing positive buttons and often enough their penchant to make feelings known press on the negative,

They have a slew of quite-taken admirers, who wish to align themselves with and fortify the Gemini-Rat’s spoken position yet too often perhaps, the Gemini-Rat , shy away and say they are too busy. There becomes an inner perspective and a shyness that makes it difficult to accept invitations and show at socials.

Still, when speaking about subjects less personal, the Gemini-Rat is still renowned for their speaking skills at the podium or while addressing someone, one on one. Convincingly, they’ll explain the nuances of a notion from theory to the application while erasing any gray areas. The Gemini-Rat is a master when it comes to presentation.

In the midst of a pitch the Gemini-Rat serves up a healthy dish of “salesmanship 101,” with part of the lesson being, don’t oversell, just shut up and write the order.

They teach others, as well as reminding themselves, be aware of a narrow passage of time to finalize matters. All small talk can come later. If one persists beating around the bush and expects some divine intervention to close the deal, just close the brief case, opportunity lost means no going back.

Because of being super sales people, when it comes to personal relationships, the Gemini-Rat needs to assure those becoming close in mind, body and spirit that their spoken sentiments have a higher calling than a sales pitch.

When engaged in intimate matters, the Gemini-Rat should be willing to go more than just halfway. Know that those who have chosen to be with you, Gemini-Rat, have always been willing to extend themselves more than halfway and at times take the back seat during the day to day.

Rather it be in business or sport, this sign is usually better off as a free lancer. The Gemini-Rat may not excel in team or group play. As an independent, the Gemini-Rat is apt to make better choices, what are their own picks, rather than go along with others within a blind affiliation. The five-day-week and nine-to-five routine may not fit into their scheme of things. The Gemini-Rat relishes freedom to march to its own tune at the beginning and blow its own whistle when they feel it’s all over for the day.


Famous Gemini-Rats: Chat Atkins, George Herbert Bush, John Cheever, Lou Gossett, Hugh Griffith, Ian Hunter, Mary McCarthy, Audie Murphy, Stevie Nicks, Gina Rowlands, Sam Snead, Jim Thorpe, Fred Waring, and Dennis Weaver.




Not one to be frivolous, the Cancer-Rat invests wisely in each and every endeavor. Always carefully monitoring their resources the desire for financial independence remains their primary motivation, Yet the Cancer-Rat isn’t shy about withdrawing earned profits as to pamper themselves and savor success. Still, such events only occur when they are assured all financial obligations are covered.

The Cancer-Rat chooses a profession early on and normally sticks with it. Many break through and go onto become recognized as experts in their fields. This sign can mix work and fun and adapts on the road.

The social graces of the Cancer-Rat are abundant. They know the schmooze and the pressing of the flesh helps, but often they prefer to remain somewhat aloof. Before there’s that cozy feeling that comes with breaking bread on a relaxed, steady basis, trust has to be built between them and others. The values of relationships are weighed out by the Cancer-Rat. They can compartmentalize relationships fitting them into that of the casual, the business interests or that of love. Few ever are privy to the inside track that drives the emotions belonging to the Cancer-Rat. Strong desires do tempt the Cancer-Rat, that nudges them at times to be more open, but too often, they just can’t and won’t explain why, even during what could be construed as revealing moments.

Nevertheless, the Cancer-Rat has tangible and intangible riches to share. They will drench treasures on those they deem worthy, in the form of love, stories, tasteful and appropriate gifts, advice and hard cash.

The Cancer may be the most benevolent of all, and that aspect of Cancer often overcomes the stinginess of the Rat. Madam Loo has stated, if there’s a combination of signs to exist with on a deserted isle for the rest of time, none might be more appealing than the Cancer-Rat. They’re sure to entertain.


Famous Cancer Rats: Louis Armstrong, Raymond Chandler, Kim Darby, Nancy Dussault, Don Drysdale, Harmen Killebrew, Don Knots, Art Linkletter, Sidney Lumet, John Turner Sargent, Todd Rundgren, Eva Marie Saint, Sally Struthers, Michael Wilding and Ferniand von Zeppelin.




Chock with self-confidence, in the view point of the Leo-Rat, no mountain is too tall to climb. Their sheer will power is relentless in order to achieve goals. The Leo-Rat is another maverick and regardless of what compromises need to be employed, their spin on their individualism is non-negotiable. Talk about Micro Management, the Leo-Rat cringes and shrieks out loud, detesting decisions made without them being informed. They desire to know all, who’s doing what, where all the parts fit, what is what from beginning to end.

These speedsters are capable of performing multi-tasks, many not related to the others, It’s as if they can shelf one aspect of their realm of life, and at a moments notice give full attention to a different undertaking. Leo-Rats are uncannily proficient while moving from venue to venue, immersing themselves in various environments, with events moving at a fevered pitch, and seemly, the Leo-Rat become oblivious to the changing atmospheres and pick up exactly where they may have left off before they scooted to another venue. It’s only when the whirlwind of events slow down that they are likely to slip up. The spinning alluring atmosphere of, busy, busy, busy thrusts the Leo-Rat into a dynamo of production.

The perception by others, that the Leo-Rat possess scruples, remains paramount in their minds. They aren’t always perceived as being so honest nor do they reveal intentions. Perhaps they don’t wish to explain reasons behind their relentless drive, that’s personal, maybe it’s nobody else’s business, but normally, they sense their call is in, “the doing,” with rewards or prestige states that just happen to be a by product of success in the scope of things. All of that built up energy and ambition they might go for naught if there is nothing in return, other than the satisfaction of doing.

Caution though, Leo-Rats can be knocked off kilter if they feel others don’t trust their judgment one-hundred-percent. In turn they should ponder on practicing what they preach about personal integrity. A Leo-Rat without self-respect is in trouble, not necessarily with others but with themselves.

Romance? Of course it is possible, early and often, yet that partner needs to be just a flexible when changing horses in midstream.


Famous Leo-Rats: James Baldwin, Antonio Banderes, Ruth Buzzi, Wilt Chamberlain, Julia Child, Elizabeth Dole, Peggy Fleming, Mati Hari, Gene Kelly, Yves Saint Laurent, Carrol O’Connor and Leon Uris.




The Virgo-Rat is a super soundboard. Not only does the Virgo-Rat listen, but they comprehend. The masses sense their gift for absorbing and perhaps that’s a reason these people are widely sought after by those who become muses.

Others sense they are on the same page and that they are making their points and are getting across while having an audience with the Virgo-Rat, at least in the comprehension stages. In summarization, the Virgo-Rat can instill confidence and send others on a path to greatness by bolstering their ambitions and speaking about creativity. The Virgo-Rat’s words can sooth and calm their friends unraveling emotions while in the throes of a storm and they do so in a level headed manner while sharing and discussing sometime esoteric methods to eliminate woes. That moral support goes a long way

At the same time, the Virgo-Rat never forgets old friends, especially those who may have listened to them when no one else would. It’s a Rat’s nature to keep some sort of scorecard. They don’t forget those who have rebuffed them either.

Where’s the “hole in their donut?” When it comes to the heart, they are ultra cautious and not one to trust the vulnerability of their emotions and those of others, even when deeper sentiments are tempted. They are apt to hold back. Within a sign that seems like such an open door, if one desires to enter the Virgo-Rat’s heart, that other sign should sterilize their intent insuring the survival instincts of the Virgo-Rat remain immune from their influence and touch. In the Virgo-Rat’s way of thinking, all is dispensable. Being a solid soundboard for a brief period of time towards others in one thing. Yet as far as the Virgo-Rat laying down its own heart and sharing its hopes, fears and aspirations to another, there needs to be iron-clad guarantees of the intangible joys, wealth and sense of being. If those attributes don’t manifest or they do not hold up, the Virgo-Rat can become so devastate it can sink them.


Famous Virgo-Rats: Lauren Bacall, Joan Blondell, Maurice Chevalier, Buddy Hackett, Prince Harry, Buddy Holly, Joan Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy, John Ritter, Leo Tolsky, Lilly Tomlin and Dinah Washington.




Mostly pleasant, talkative and with a burning ambition the Libra-Rat is loaded up with social skills. They appear to be interested in anything and everything and desire to participate in a myriad of activities. Usually they hit the ground running, rapidly assembling followers, placing them in positions of support and continually communicate with others throughout any process.

They are on duty 24/7 and others have to catch their breath and set alarm clocks early, because there’s no doubt the Libra-Rat is already on line, on the phone, or conducting early breakfast meetings.

The thrift nature of the Rat is very much alive, and if the Libra-Rat will dig into its pockets or purse, the value must have merit. They will splurge and spend huge sums of money on those they fancy and on projects or security, but those persons or items must remain an everlasting burning passion, so to have close or to manifest.

Education reigns high. Some Libra-Rats never leave school even while in the midst of raising families or attaining posts that saddle them with other responsibilities. More so than with other Rats there’s a reverence for education and it bows towards those who have attained academic degrees. They will especially beam with parental pride when one of their off springs graduates, whether it be kindergarten or by attaining a PH.D.

The Libra-Rat often embraces spirituality and lean toward religion as the answer to the challenges. A strong sense of faith often runs through their veins and revolves around them and their friends and associates.

The Libra-Rat pays close attention to what is going on in the media and popular culture. They are apt to know which movie is number one at the box office, the latest hit record and are whizzes proclaiming what are the most popular TV shows. They scan the gossip columns. They keep their finger on the pulse of pop culture. The males tend to be gentler and shy away from the boisterous and macho associates. They insist on loyalty from family and friends and remain close all their lives to blood family members. They make pretty good loving kids and are normally adored by parents in early life.

Their mates will be treated to an affable companion who maintains interest with them and all that is taking place in the scope of things


Famous Libra-Rats: Gerry Adams, Bryant Bumbel, Jimmy Carter, T. S. Elliot, Eminem, Jean Claude Van Damme, Charlelton Heston, Lee Iacocca, Olivia Newton-John, Marcello Mastrianni, Juliet Prowse, William Rehnquist and Thomas Wolfe.




Often it is difficult to know precisely what is spinning inside the mind of the Scorpio-Rat. This combination keeps much of what it is thinking to themselves unless they are writing it out to attain some sort of impact so others realize precisely how they feel about matters. We have learned that Rats have the penchant to write and many within their ranks have become icons of literature.

Something warns them not to reveal too much about themselves to others, concerned perhaps that an overt or weak moment of self-analysis, or even a confession, could be used against them later by potential foes. Privacy is paramount to to the Scorpio-Rat.

The Scorpio-Rat embraces the philosophy, winning is everything. Second place will never do and maybe being a runner up is a more brutalizing stigma than finishing last, at least by finishing last they could state, they dropped out, lost interest and just didn’t care. Even mom on a monopoly board had better pay her rent or get out of the game.

The personality of the Scorpio-Rat is usually affable on the surface. As dinner company or a shopping pal all should go smoothly and all parties will look forward to another time together. Lest we get into business or competition and the Scorpio-Rat has no time for dillydallying. They are dead serious about any contest or quest and everyone had better hold up their end or the Scorpio-Rat will be the first one to spout curt words of discontent.

Their discriminating eye and attention to detail, shown by the toils of others, will always be under scrutiny. Unless the Scorpio-Rat gives their blessing or approval, only after a white glove inspection, the anxiety levels will be high. Their thoroughness is a barometer of the power they exude and there’s little doubt when they enter any room all can sense it. People go out of their way to please this sign and to earn their respect. Before one goes to a film or makes a purchase it might not be a bad idea to run their possible choice past the Scorpio-Rat.

Mates will be subject to the same scrutiny and better be prepared to shape up, and when counted on, to do the job thoroughly. Still, love has a way of tying the tongue of the Scorpio-Rat and silencing it towards those they have deep feelings for— they might relent some, self analyzing their quips and placing them at ease when they desire affection in return.

Honest, hard-working and image creating writers, the Scorpio-Rat takes life seriously but at the same time lead full productive lives.


Famous Scorpio-Rats: Rona Barret, Dick Cavett, Prince Charles, Aaron Copeland, Charlie Daniels, Glenn Frey, Claude Monet and Fernando Valenzuela.




There are many metaphors attached to the Sagittarius-Rat’s personality like, “Take my way or the hi-way,” or “What you see is what you get.” The Sagittarius-Rat rarely budges off its spot unless they sense lady luck resting on their shoulder and even then they might ask for an unmistakable sign or collateral. This sign will rarely put on airs for anyone or anything thing. They sense they have prepared themselves for any task, from schooling, to hands-on experience and they are apt take issue if questioned about ability or qualification. They would prefer to shelve the formalities and get to the meat of the matter, not to waste time or be bothered with some of the niceties others might engage in.

“Show me the enemy and I will destroy them.” Show me were the money is and I will go get it.” Give me the keys to the kingdom and I will bring back the universe.” All are the no nonsense approach stemming from the Sagittarius-Rat.

Yet the Sagittarius-Rat enjoys the company of cohorts and admirers and are more than likely to shake hands of an opponent on the field of battle before the contest begins, only to try and knock their heads off five minutes later.

Work is where their heart lies, to remain active, never to rest on laurels, to analyze each situation, to know all the creeks and crannies of the territory ahead, or to completely understand all the intricate parts involved inside and out whether they be human or mechanical.

They are mobile and can pick up at a moments notice and head off to a job or greener pastures. Rarely attached, and maybe sorry to say, not always sensitive to the needs of others and even their own ego, it’s the success of the mission at hand that counts most.

During social functions they do blend-in and mellow-out and even the hair-trigger response of the Sagittarius-Rat is not cocked when there’s fun and good times to be had. With their children they remain caring and loving persons, but usually harbor no strong desires procreate or to have a chip off the old block and the idea of becoming a parent usually comes as a complete surprise.

Not geared to marriage or long term relationships, if one has interest in the Sagittarius-Rat had better pull out all stops and sell them that their affection and desire to be with is sincere. At first they might find it hard to fathom, knowing themselves and their ways. Still, often love can not be denied and even the sometimes salty Sagittarius-Rat can fall from the sting of the love bug.


Famous Sagittarius-Rats: Carol Alt, Kenneth Brannnagh, David Carradine, Cathy Lee Crosby, Darly Hannah, Abbie Hoffman, Eugene Ionesco, Samuel L. Jackson, Toulouse-Latrec, Tip O’Neil, Carlo Ponti and Lou Rawls.




Never likely to stray far from its roots or den, the Capricorn-Rat move on only when it benefits them. Security conscious, the Capricorn-Rat builds a power base early on and wins over admirers who they believe will stay loyal to the end. Methodic and precise they engage themselves in people-oriented activities. Perhaps at first this sign could be overlooked but after the others have had their chance and the field has been looked over, the Capricorn-Rat will be tanned, rested and ready and appears as the person fit for the assignment.

During their quest, there are fingers that have been stepped on perhaps on the way up and those detractors will be a constant and present force to deal with throughout an entire career. Their enemies have long, long memories and their inbred lust for power has always been obvious even though at times the power never materializes.

At the same time, the Capricorn-Rat’s memory might be longer than that of its enemy and the Capricorn-Rat has the tendency to reach out of their own arena of influence, to spoil any success of others who they feel have wronged them.

They could be the darlings of the corporate world or a communistic society, cornering markets and eliminating competition. They gush when pleasing superiors and segregate themselves from peers in order to climb the ladder of success. They always do what needs to be done and are reliable if depended upon regardless if they are performing for a saint or a henchman.

Only those close to them will see them express endearing sentiments and that the Capricorn Rat harbors true love for mates and their children with a penchant to take care of their own. Never one to take unnecessary risks the Capricorn-Rat scrutinizes with an unwavering attention span and is notorious for working over holidays while burning the midnight oil.

Often, at the spur of the moment, they take breaks and too often they will meddle in affairs that have nothing to do with them or what project they are working on. This quirk more than likely is a diversion from their own quest and they often look for problems of others in order to assert their authority. One can never tell if their intrusion was worthwhile and frankly, the Capricorn normally cares less as long as that particular venue was their playground for a spell. More than likely, the next day, they won’t even remember the particulars of such.

As for their mates, they should adore them and the Capricorn-Rat will shine and heap praise upon their mates for loyalty. A saving grace is that they will not deceive love interests even though there is a tendency to keep them out of the loop on matters of business. They’ll spoil their kids.


Famous Capricorn-Rats: Pablo Casals, John Delorean, Gerald Depardeau, George Foreman, Wayne Gretsky, Andy Kauffman, Alex D. Linz, Jack London, Mark Messier, Richard Nixon, Rod Serling and Donna Summer.




The Aquarius-Rat’s vision is a utopia always sensing their excesses are tolerated while rubbing elbows with the high and mighty, and doing so at different times at other more modest locations with the masses or those clutching onto the lower rungs of society. Talk about wanting it both ways. The Aquarian-Rat expects all doors are open to them. Entitlement! Their entering swagger would be the same if they were marching into a world-renowned sacred temple, or the hut of some African tribesman.

Here’s a true maverick who goes where they want, when they want, no matter. What is vogue? They hunt down innovative products or ideas as long as they’re situated on Earth. With a laser-ray focus they often bypass coworkers or associates, pedal to the metal, to attain what lies at the end of the rainbow.

The Aquarian-Rat’s dynamic charisma snatches attention. Leaders and followers listen and the Aquarian-Rat is able to paint pictures shaping out into wht looks like everyone’s best interest, except those they may have tread on and have left in their wake. “Sorry,” they’ll say, “that the way it is,” them serving notice that life’s a competitive venue.

The Aquarian-Rat will be subject to ridicule from those who sense they may have been tricked, if not out maneuvered. This sign is able to absorb the blows and take it without vengeance tempting them to retaliate, and down deep they will empathize as an opponent, because they sense the pain of defeat. That possibility of defeat drives The Aquarian-Rat to overwhelm opponents showing no quarter. Therefore, the Aquarius-Rat is not beyond anguish. Sometimes because of it all, they become cranky to a degree that absolutely nothing pleases them.

Suffering from tinges of guilt, the Aquarian-Rat will reach out for the good of mankind as a whole, and they’ll rid themselves of some of riches and do so anonymously. The Aquarius-Rat does have a tender heart. Often, after self-analyzing themselves and their action, some sort of spirituality enters the born-again heart of the Aquarian-Rat

Still, there will be no giving back or refunds. They hoard the spoils they deem theirs. Those spoils don’t have to be tangible. Wealth from accomplishment comes in many forms in the mindset of the Aquarius-Rat. Accomplishment is viewed by the Aquarian-Rat as an entitlement.

Skills abound, ardent lovers, shabby chic, an answer for everything towards the president of the bank or the building’s elevator operator, a sucker for love and one can keep going about the abundant shades of the Aquarian-Rat. Ya gotta love them.


Famous Aquarian-Rats: Alan Alda, John Belushi, Jim Brown, Don Everly, Clark Gable, D. W. Griffith, Benny Hill, Gregory Hines, Wolfgang Amadeus Mazart and Jules Verne.




The Pisces-Rat is perhaps the most introverted of the Rat family. They may have witnessed their Rat’s pack aggressive nature, a hell-bent course that rushes to riches and judgment too often in their view. Maybe it has been a turn off, or perhaps after seeing each lunar sign employ similar methods, the Pisces-Rat may determine to be a Rat of a different persuasion.

In defense of the swift Rat, from the get-go, by being number one, the Rat’s outlook on the what they envision as the feverish pace of life is forever bubbling over within them. Yet within the same veins there are sensitive emotions stemming from the Pisces and with this combination, the sensitivity the Pisces side is likely to dominate the thought process and the methods employed.

Uncommon, for most Rats, the Pisces-Rat likes to operate from behind the scenes. Rather than meeting opportunity head on, they enlist followers, send out emissaries and those who will lobby on their behalf

. Masters at middling themselves rather it between venture capitalists or between facilitators who will become front-liners, the Pisces-Rat oscillates from one to the other, as the hinge, forging parties together as this Rat does so in an unassuming manner. One-on-one with subordinates or associates, the Pisces-Rat won’t mince word and isn’t likely to be as diplomatic. They’ll say their piece, give precise orders and tell those who might turn to shock, exactly the way the game is going to be played, or there will be no game.

Still, it takes some big bumps in the road for the Pisces-Rat to resort to such tactics they will remain poised in most circumstances, especially in public. The Pisces-Rat’s enthusiasm rarely wilts. They fully understand the mission at hand and will constantly encourage their team, giving all a feeling a togetherness, which is not a normal Rat trait., It’s the Pisces taking over.

When it comes down to deeper wishes and wants, those buried in their hearts, they’d rather be at home, hypnotized in some boring bliss. The pomp of stardom or celebrity doesn’t interest them. They’ve seen the downfalls and how those who reach the top can become so lonely. Rats prefer good company, or bad company if that is all that is available, and the Pisces-Rat would never shue others away, a true Rat characteristic. Just because the children of the planet aren’t as idealistic as the Pisces-Rat is no reason to shut all out.

Preferred mates can enjoy a rich solitude with a Pisces-Rat who understands its worldly role and doesn’t go out of bounds. Mates and children feel safe and cozy with the Pisces-Rat in the den at night. For the mates of the Pisces-Rats who venture beyond their scope of limitations and grab onto the nothingness of speculation, those mates will have no choice but to scurry towards the state of exhaustion defending and protecting the Pisces-Rats ways of trespassing.


Famous Pisces-Rats: Ivan Lendl, Patriica Nixon, Knute Rockne, James Taylor and Gloria Vanderbilt.




Serious and dedicated the Aries-Ox quietly makes their own way doing so in a quiet non-assuming manner. Strictly goal oriented, the Aries-Ox is not that much for small-talk. They aren’t ones to charm the daylight out of others, not having them becoming starry-eyed with promises. The Aries-Ox seeks cooperation from co-workers as well as friends and family members. They normally close deals because of setting themselves as examples and their reputation and ability to accomplish tasks in a timely manner and within a set budget is impeccable.

Faithful and strong they remain steadfast in the present and overall they maintain a realistic grip on life. Home is where the heart is and they watch over events taking place in the household as a tireless guardian. At times the Aries-Ox’s astute attention to the home front can become overbearing for those living under the same roof.

All home life activities and those events outside the home are closely monitored by the Aries-Ox, even if the said Aries-Ox is not the guardian or head of a household. Even business tycoons who wield tremendous power at the office and provide all to their family are subject to the criticism of an Aries-Ox child on the home front who express in certain terms that it is they who surely knows best. Laugh out loud! This reversal of roles is not uncommon for those who live with Aries-Oxen.

With the ability to raise investments and grind out a profit, the Aries-Ox adhere to a famous Ben Franklin’s quote, “ A fool and his money are soon to be parted.” Their assets can be found in rock-solid real estate and conservative investments that may offer smaller dividends, but dividends none-the-less.

These people often possess deep faith. There God many not be the father in heaven, or a profit, or an icon, but they often embrace a spirit or belief of some sort. They keep this reverence on their private side and aren’t usually ones to speak of such unless they are queried.

There’s a mix here with the precocious Aries joining up with the shy Ox. The mate of an Aries-Ox will be lavishly treated by the Aries side and at the same time will be disciplined by the Ox’s serious side.


Famous Aries-Oxen: Warren Beatty, Ed Begley, Peter Brooks, Melvyn Douglas, Merle Haggard, Lionel Hampton, Karl Hampton, Jessica Lange, John Oates, Rod Steiger, and Wilbur Wright.




The Taurus Ox plods on, a true marathoner, set on completing missions regardless of obstacles. Perhaps the teacher doesn’t recognize them on the first day in school or by new playmates when arriving in the new neighborhood or when first joining the team. Yet, especially others who may harbor the same goals cannot ignore their work ethic. They are a far cry from fancy or swashbuckling, rarely flamboyant, yet their staying power and tenacity becomes noticed by higher ups.

The Taurus-Ox is the quintessential chess player, sacrificing pawns, carefully maneuvering while maintaining power pieces to be placed into action later when others tire or their mental capacities become fatigued. When time comes to make moves, they do so, orchestrating events with sweeping results, with good timing and an unbending will to win and win big.

Personally, they keep it simple, and are not ones for tinsel while attaching their sense of being to frivolous items that are draped with all the bells and whistles. Their Spartan nature and strict regimental way stay set in place even after they have reached pinnacles. With power and responsibility they are often apt to become crabby and overly bossy. Here’s a sign that doesn’t always appreciate or bask in success. Hardly satisfied they don’t let up on subordinates, acting as if all are on a survival mission and just starting out.

They differ with siblings, employees and employers and aren’t easily impressed by titles, yet do recognize, expertise and skills they witness first hand, skills tried and true that lead to success. Those traits they admire. It’s rare they’re able to take a different tack, sensing they are outfitted with a skeptical layer of protection. The constant talk of money and riches bore the Taurus-Ox. The Taurus-Ox understands the need for liquid assets but the lust for currency rarely, if ever, dictates their course of action. They prefer accomplishment the old fashioned way, hard work, and will humbly accumulate their rewards that come from their toil.

As for romance, if there’s time and a proper place, romance can fit into their schedule but only at their convenience. The Taurus-Ox needs to be careful to choose a mate they feel compatible with, or the mate that decides to be with them. And that special person should be well-aware in advance that if their going to be a union, that perspective mate needs to be cognizant of the Taurus-Ox’s bullheaded traits.


Famous Taurus-Oxen: Yogi Berra, George Carlin, Scott Carpenter, Perry Como, Gary Cooper, Sandy Dennis, Woody Herman, Adolph Hitler, Billy Joel, Trini Lopez, Jack Nicholson, Tyrone Power, Saddam Hussein, Frankie Vali and Malcom X.




Open minded, able to focus in various directions at the same time, partially describes the Gemini-Ox. These people can rise to their feet and speak their mind in a practical sense and are able to make sense of what is going on in the midst of the most chaotic situation. Havoc may be brewing all around them and others are predicting the sky is falling. With the Gemini-Ox coming to the rescue, no need for worry.

As for career . . . they roll up their sleeves and go to work, doing it by the numbers the proven way and they stick with it.

If seeking an academic degree, it’s simple for them; they bear down, burn the midnight oil and study. If it’s merely brute work that includes heavy lifting or lots of concentration, they will prevail by doing exactly what has to be done. Regardless if it’s to climb down a hole, or climb a wall, the Gemini-Ox doesn’t ask questions but takes the task at hand.

Like many Oxen, home is where the heart is, their castle, where they like to hide out and enjoy the warmth of family and close friends. The Gemini-Ox usually prefers to ignore the pressures of the outside world. It’s tough enough in their minds that they have to interact and exist out there with strangers. The home must be to their individual liking and the Gemini-Ox usually has the say about furnishings etc. Mates should be aware of this and try to keep the home just the way the Gemini Ox expects it, regardless of who is the bread winner. What they accomplish in work or romance, or from the affection of their children and siblings they have rightfully earned. Despite being somewhat aloof and seemingly unaffectionate on the surface, the Gemini-Ox has the capacity to love deep and for a long period of time.

This sign more or less scoffs at the notion of the hereafter and expresses how we have but one life to live. They also shun esoteric practices rather they be transidental meditation, Zen philosophies or most subjects deemed as spiritual. For the Gemini-Ox, seeing is believing.


Famous Gemini Oxen: Tony Curtis, Jeanne Crain, Mellisa Ethirage, Waylon Jennings, Vince Lombardi, Maureen Stapleton, Erich Segal, Pierre Sallenger, Hank Williams Jr.




As many of their brethren Ox, the Cancer-Ox maintains a consistent parental demeanor regardless of the age of their children. Even older siblings are disciplined and mother-henned by the conscientious Cancer-Ox. They parent as pre-teens, when teens, as adults and throughout their lives, if not their own children, their children’s children or someone else’s. Because of this nature sometimes trouble arises and their good-intention feelings can be hurt when told to butt out.

Reasons being, they are perfectionists at heart and aren’t satisfied until all are playing their roles as the Cancer-Ox sees fit. They take on the same responsibility in work and sport, they expect one hundred percent of teammates, and are not shy about hounding and sounding more like barking coaches when expressing how they envision the game should be played. This goes for house pets too, they’ll have to shape up or ship out.

When it comes to personal quirks of family and friends during casual times, they relent somewhat, but not totally. Their lips might remain silent but their watchful eye and close attention to detail might be scrutinizing and their mind’s spinning when judging a friend’s casting methods on a fishing trip.

Their aptitude is sharp and concentration skills seem always in fine tune. The Caner-Ox’s tenacity carries the day, and regardless of pitfalls, rejections, or a project going side ways off the launch pad, no matter, they will rise from the ashes and try again.

Only a higher calling can tear their attention away from what has their focus, This can be a plus when in the midst of a project that may be going nowhere, or a curse when on the cutting edge of something even more dynamic, that’s just has inches to go or is moments away from pay dirt. Sometimes it takes an emergency to move them off their spot, and once the crisis is settled, they will be back at their workbench. These people do make great listeners and worthwhile friends for a lifetime.

This Ox is extremely generous and usually is the first to come to the financial aid of family or friends. Better yet, they usually aren’t all that concerned about being paid back.

As for mates, if you don’t mind being told how that hat looks ridiculous on you, the Caner-Ox makes for a passionate, true blue lover. They do have egos, enjoy being appreciated and it’s a boost for them to be praised by loved ones. The Cancer-Ox gets whims, and at times they will speak of what begins at a cottage industry project into a multi-conglomerate that might monopolize a worldwide industry. They do dream and dream big.


Famous Cancer-Oxen: Bill Cosby, Princess Diana, Medger Evers, Gerald Ford, Bill Haley, Patrice Lamumba, Carl Lewis, Reubens, Red Skelton, Tom Stoppard, Meryl Streep and Henry Thoreau.




Forever organized, with a set plan, Leo-Oxen are apt to achieve most goals within sights. Their approach is usually conservative. They are quick to rid their organizations of empty heads, with hare-brain schemes. The Leo-Ox inherently separates the pseudo from the real. Their work ethic is even handed, usually without prejudice, even though stupidity unnerves the Leo-Ox to no end.

If forced to fight they are a force to be reckoned with. Not all that talkative, they tend to lead yet, issue few orders in short sentences, other than precisely what needs to be done which is very subjective and strictly in their view. Stubbornness is a trait, sometimes to their good, but other times such an iron will slows a project or has it becoming dead in the water.

When shot down or defeated, the best advice might be to rise on back, forget the loss and continue on to try and achieve. In those cases it’s good to have a short memory, other than investigating what went wrong and being ready for the next opportunity.

For them there aren’t many secrets. Their beforehand investigative techniques hold up and only the human factors and pitfalls of others is the only obstacle that winds up letting them down or standing in their way, or perhaps, reversing tides, the human factor and willing helping hands they’re able to grip onto and those human resources assists them over the top. Their sense to read others true aspirations usually carries them through.

The Leo-Ox needs to work on being able to differentiate the differences, not in people, but in the substance of their plan and its repercussions, and continue to think on their feet, adapt and sort out priorities while collaborating with others. Often it might be more worthwhile, to close shop and just go out of business and ponder a bit, because other projects will evolve. They can lose battles and absorb strategic loses but here’s a sign that rarely gambles, but when they do, they put out all chips on the table because they must win the war at all costs.

Having a mate who separates himself or herself from the day to day of the Leo-Ox seems best for both parties. The mate of a Leo-Ox can receives comfortable solace for being chosen in the first place, since we know this sign has an excellent read on people. The Leo-Ox should be aligned with a life partner who knows tactical ways around them, not for tricks, but for an affable home life.


Famous Leo-Oxen: Vida Blue, Eric Carmen, Peter Duchin, Dustin Hoffman, Rafer Johnson, Napoleon, Quasimodo, Robert Redford, and Rick Springfield.




The Virgo-Ox is often visualized as a serious hard working person regardless of often having to operate in distracting, adverse surroundings. They are diligent and tireless, redundant at honing crafts. Iron wills set the stage, judging what is best for them and others under their command. Right and wrong, black and white, if comparing, rarely is there a gray area in the viewpoint of the Virgo-Ox.

Sometimes this set-in-stone nature stifles them from obtaining the joys of life and the Virgo-Ox may miss out on fortunes that might crop up directly in front of them if their noses weren’t so close to the grindstone. Often they should scan the big picture and drop their focus without ignoring the task at hand. They can have an unrelated conversation while the bread is in the oven.

The Virgo-Ox is honest. They can become dictatorial at times, and insensitive to other’s feelings especially when in the midst of contest during those instances, it’s their way or no way. When applying good manners and practicality, their staunch perseverance does pay off and does so handsomely.

The Virgo-Ox possesses many hidden desires and the study of the human psyche have them comparing, especially if they employ imagination, like imagining the shoe is on the other foot. Others don’t always have the same aspirations as the Virgo-Ox, even those who signed on to be in collaboration. The Virgo-Ox needs to respect the wants of others and lend a hand and help them achieve such, as the other’s more grateful assistance might come to them in return.

Smile more Virgo-Ox. Take time to smell the roses. The world and projects will always be there. The Virgo-Ox can do so, but at times need to be reminded. Same goes on the home front. The Virgo-Ox may have no idea what delicious delights awaits for them that can be affectionately delivered to them by their love interests, if only they would laugh out loud.

The collective exterior acts more like some Scotchguard, because beneath the heart is vulnerable.


Famous Virgo-Oxen: Denise Darcel, B.B. King, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ken Follet, Michael J. Fox, James Gandolfini, Gloria Gaynor, Richard Gere, Alan Ladd, Lafayette, Jessie Owens, Cliff Robertson, Peter Sellers, Mel Torme, Twiggy, and Joann Worely.




Liberal in nature, yet conservative in ways-of-thinking, the Libra-Ox walks a slippery slope in order to balance two orientations. The liberal side tugs at their heartstrings while the conservative leans on their logic.

Holy-moly, what’s a Libra to do? Holy-moly what’s an Ox to do? The Libra-Ox desires an idealistic a state of nirvana, like some Avalon, that’s upscale and swank, yet the Ox side has to shake itself out of a that dream world with a reality check, figuring in a practical sense there is no state, that’s forever easy-going. Yet they want so much to believe there can be.

If only they would write the book, and they could, when considering their wealth of experiences has swung to both sides of the pendulum. The Libra-Ox’s envisions incredible bliss few ever sense, and they encounter white-knuckle moments of anxiety’s anguish that marks them with indelible scars.

They want to be the good guy and cleanse the world, ridding it of poverty and prejudice all without getting their hands dirty. The stark reality knows better and begrudgingly admits, there’s evil and scallywags and only a fool harbors such unattainable aspirations. There’s a distinct survivor here, and regardless of the ups and downs, the Libra-Ox won’t be one to become jaded. They have short memories, pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and rush back into the fray.

Fussy about cleanliness and the order nothing irks the Libra-Ox more than things getting messed up. The military may be the perfect profession, only thing, there’s little luxury and pampering and the pay stinks. Becoming a mercenary is not out of the question. But only if they can keep the booty for themselves.

The Libra-Ox suppresses its woes and rarely cries, “poor-poor, pitiful me.” In turn they are likely to write off their negative experiences and verbally recall those hair-raising moments in rich detail. Those hearing about their trials and tribulations are likely to become envious, thinking they may have missed out on having the opportunity to have overcome the Libra-Ox’s obstacles. Their tales have the sound of what legends are made of. Yet if given the chance audiences really wouldn’t relish having to go through the Libra-Ox’s gauntlet.

As long as the Libra-Ox is able to enjoy sprinkles of riches, and sees justice carried out or that there is at least empathy, they will rarely complain about the nature of life. Facts are, they chew on what life provides has provided them with a smile. At every age come crisis, at every age comes the satisfaction that goes hand and hand with surviving. Some thank God, others thank their will to prevail, and others thank all who have been with them during the darkest hours, nevertheless, the Libra-Ox always gives thanks. They can shelve woes and obligations to immerse themselves into diversions that are tasteful and colorful. They appreciate light and beauty.

An even-handed, loving mate and partner will temper mates. The Libra-Ox’s temperament remains on steady through thick and thin. They will pass down such attributes to their children, by being candid about life and its improprieties and all will be better off because of their frank view of the world.


Famous Libra-Oxen: Armond Assante, Art Buchwald, Neve Cambell, Linda Lavin, Elmore Leonard, Winton Marselis, Peter Max, Benjamin Netayahu, Bruce Springsteen, Margaret Thatcher, Gore Vidal and Sigourney Weaver.




A natural born leader, that’s the Scorpio-Ox. The Scorpio-Ox flashes a recognized air that demands respect. In the classroom, on the playing field, in the office and if immersed in politics, the Scorpio-Ox brandishes a bravado that spells out it is not to be toyed with, yet it is sure footed and each move is planned beforehand as are evasive tactics when parrying the forces of foes.

Mixing Scorpio and Ox is a potent hybrid, overwhelming power standing on the shoulders of power, brute force with a conniving will who are masters of persuasion mostly through intimidation and fear. Those they encounter won’t worry about damaging the Scorpio-Ox’s image prestige or feelings, but they should take heed and be deeply concerned about possible repercussions coming their way. Few get away with a clean win over the Scorpio-Ox. Their counter attack is furious, even suicidal. Vanquishing vampires might take less of an effort

The Scorpio-Ox understands and respects strength, respects the strength of foes and allies, respects mental toughness and has studied the exploits of past heroes who bucked the odds and prevailed.

Their body is their temple and this sign is less likely to give into obesity, fatty foods and drink. The Spartan they are, the Spartan they’ll remain, and even those ravished by the sins of alcohol and drugs are cognizant of the harm they are doing to themselves and would be the first to speak up against their negativities as not to be an sorry example to others.

Yet there is a diligent worker here and it isn’t all about being warriors carried out on their shields or storming some fortress. Like all Oxen, their method of attack is straight ahead without many secrets. The Scorpio-Ox’s ventures may not be all that swashbuckling in reality. They just outwork everybody else and seem as fresh at the end of the day as they were during the morning hours.

Privacy is very important to the Scorpio-Ox, not one to gossip and they let little out about themselves. They guard their privacy and that of their family as much as they secure their riches.

Surprisingly perhaps, there is a dry, deadpan humor pulsating beneath the armor and this sign can be comical, not necessarily in words, but in spastic actions. They have this inert timing flashing body language and facial expressions that say volumes and that can cause hilarity.

As for fairness, the Scorpio-Ox is an incorruptible judge and won’t be swayed from making important decisions regardless of association. The Scorpio-Ox won’t make a call based on relationships. They will weigh the merits of all parties then act on their instinct and often on the best interest for all at hand.

The mate will have a tower of strength by their sides, the quintessential protector who will take the brunt of everything thrown at them to shield their families and what is dear to their heart.


Famous Scorpio-Oxen: Richard Burton, Johnny Carson, Bruce Jenner, Robert Kennedy, Vivien Leigh, Andre Malraux, Jawaharlal Nehru, Meg Ryan, Lee Strasberg and Jonathan Winters.




Another icon that has the ability to wield shear power is the Sagittarius-Ox, who’s stylishly tempered with an elegant refinement and polish. The Sagittarius-Ox labors with the best of them, but rarely gets its hands dirty. Oh, they’re down in the hole all right, brandishing leadership while rubbing elbows with employees yet their work clothes remain spotless with no signs of perspiration.

Well aware of their power the Sagittarius-Ox waltzes along with a casual grace giving an impression that all looks so easy. Beneath its hide are nerves of steel that wouldn’t dare betray an air of confidence and optimism. Even during the darkest of hours, this sign holds the line, encourages the troops and registers the importance of conserving energy until the moment of reckoning. There will come no signs of panic and a cool exterior is always in vogue. The Sagittarius-Ox relies on planning and pretty much can predict how events will pan out as long as all do their duty.

Sometimes it is risky business and unlike other Oxen, they tend to gamble but one can reassured the odds would be on the side of the Sagittarius-Ox. They employ efficient methods and religiously stick to the doctrine of waste not, want not, by utilizing all tools and honed-for-action human resources for every mission.

Even while decorating the family Christmas tree, the Sagittarius-Ox will delegate authority; saying who will anchor the tree, who will put on the lights, having another hang the balls and they themselves will place the lit angel at on the top. With a sharing nature, all will participate when it comes to tossing the tinsel.

Less serious than other Oxen, there’s a jovial good-natured side. This combination of signs has excellent language and communication skills and should be encouraged to learn foreign languages at a young age.

Shedding other Ox traits, they’re a bit of a smart-ass here, a wise guy with a silver tongue plus, the Sagittarius-Ox is a revolutionary willing to rock the boat now and then more so than other straight ahead Oxen.

They still move straight ahead but are aware who or what is on their flank and they are capable of taking two strategic steps backwards before recharging with one giant step.

They respect and delve into bits of art, music and philosophy and flourish when involved in the learning process. Socially they have friends stemming from various circles of influence and more friends from a wide array of professions which make their parties or social functions a potpourri of eclectic bouquets, rich in diversity.

The home is usually jolly and the Sagittarius has much to say about the decor. Mates will find this animal as a partner in every endeavor, from the raising of the kids to deciding what vegetables will grow in the family garden. They get cases of the blues but do so privately and only those they wholeheartedly trust will witness them in such a state. No need for worry, this sign is resilient and after some handholding from sympathetic others, the Sagittarius-Ox will be back on track.


Famous Sagittarius-Oxen: William Blake, Willie Brandt, Jeff Bridges, Benjamin Britten, William F. Buckley, Sammy Davis Jr., Walt Disney, Jane Fonda, Alexander Godunov, Gary Hart, Margaret Meade and Dick Van Dyke.




“Resolute,” is a fair description of the Capricorn-Ox. One wonders if the one-word description is a complimentary term or is it describing one who is unbending. This is an Ox that won’t be budged. Right, wrong or indifferent, good or bad, what’s been etched into the memory of the Capricorn-Ox, as doctrine, remains fixed?

One might wonder how a sign can exist and succeed in a world where compromises are part of the equation? How a sign that’s shy in nature with strong convictions takes a leap of faith to get along with us all?

They harbor a distinct vision of a perfect world. But from day one they’ve had to bite their tongue witnessing favoritism handed out to the non-deserving, and the lofty status offered toward empty-headed beauty, to that of the whimsical unfairness of life itself. There’s been a life long struggle to curb the brewing anger.

Nothing seems the way it’s supposed to be in the idyllic view of the purebred Capricorn Ox. So they exist, blocking much of it out and go about life employing the talents and intelligence that has been provided. They may seek solitude or may immerse themselves into a profession, one with little outside interference.

One-way of letting off steam . . . carnal passion. Strikingly handsome and beautiful there’s an alluring appeal. The Capricorn-Oxen have reputations for amply expressing themselves towards those who find them as irresistible.

It’s not as if there serious nature is totally oblivious. The Capricorn-Ox realizes it does possess a hearty laugh that’s sequestered, and a witty sense of humor, and there’s even a silly-willy side, but the Capricorn-Ox, shakes off temptations and goes and figures, why waste that delicious side of them on this sorry bunch of human mishmash that they’ve been herded with, and that goes for almost everybody.

But there are the chosen few, and there are those succulent slices of life that are found in music and hallmark literature, and there are epicurean delights to munch on that the Capricorn-Ox cherishes, even if doing so in hermit-like fashion. So rather than flashing a hubris and bullish side towards the rest, “they’ll provide” for themselves and to those they deem as a suitible, and they’ll savor what exquisite pleasures they can eke out from what they my perceive as a sour life. Home decor, gardening, mastering an instrument or just quiet contemplation are worthwhile therapies to temper the Capricorn-Ox’s from blowing its top

It’s not all that bad, even though health might become an issue. They are fortified and well equipped with strength, x-ray perception, with better than decent looks and an introverted alluring sense of aloofness that seems to suite purpose. There’s not much room for spirituality within this sign.

Both sexes flash of that strong silent type a demeanor that will probably remain consistent throughout their lifetime. They’ll have their wins and they do seduce worthwhile, devoted mates, who prefer to shelve their serious side rather to become slaves to their passion. If the Capricorn-Ox can change some of its course and direct their persistence toward life’s lighter side they will be better off.


Famous Capricorn-Oxen: Debbie Allen, Chuck Berry, King Juan Carlos, Jim Carrey, Robin and Maurice Gibb, Anthony Hopkins, Marlene Dietrich, Mary Tyler Moore.




Often, with head in the clouds, the Aquarian-Ox ignores its practical side and envisions a utopia and then has to come to the grips with the shock when crashing down to earth. Their innovative schemes seem like the perfect fit that could enhance society and be beneficial towards the well being of all. Then a sobering stark reality comes as storming and slams into their premise casting it into never-never land and all the speculation seems to have gone for naught.

The Aquarian side has thought-provoking vision and foresees how there could be a rosier existence. The Ox side discounts the notion and leans to inevitable; mankind is lazy, greedy and unreliable. The Aquarian-Ox then must muster forces of optimism and guard against siding with unattainable illusions or giving into pathetic bouts of apathy. That’s the primary struggle for the Aquarian-Ox.

One approach or mild solution might be to take reasonable snippets from their vision and test the waters, and see what progress can be measured. When there becomes detours or their modeled plan develops a flat tire due to human nature, or human factors or just plain rejection, it’s not time junk the car, but let the Ox side get out the jack and change the tire while their pristine idea, stands on the curbside and waits for the Ox to fix it.

The Aquarian-Ox can work wonders when applying each side of their character and while doing so in equal doses. The Aquarian side utilizes the tools of compromise, that’s collective, with boundless imagination. The Ox takes stands and purges ahead, perhaps telling its Aquarian side to, “Wait, here,” I’ll take care of this.” Only when logic senses its Ox side has made its point, or has punched its way through a barrier of resistance, logic taps the Ox on the shoulder and says, “Thank you, now, let’s have our inquisitive Aquarian side get behind the steering wheel.”

Yet these two signs do walk in lock step. Outside influences are less than likely to alter their way of thinking and decisions. Between the two signs they aren’t interested about enlisting outside help. They prefer to go it alone or together, if you will, and rarely will they enlist help, other than to facilitate projects.

Having strength and vision enables the Aquarian-Ox to break new ground and go on further with a continuous stamina that rarely wilts and will only hold up the project because of a flood of its own doubt. The struggle usually comes from within. Observers are usually in awe, witnessing what this sign can accomplish in a blink of the eye. They are widely sought-after, to brainstorm or be the redeemer of a project on the brink.

As for romance, the feasibility of such has to be an automatic, easy-going, without complications. Since the Aquarian-Ox deals with the above said complications, to saddle it with the obligations and trickery that comes with dealing with the opposite sex is a little too much to ask of itself. Besides, their minds stay so busy it’s difficult to find the time to share what is going on. Mates will more or less have to be tag-alongs, make no trouble, and go with the flow types. They can be in store for cherished moments if they keep their mouths shut and butt out. If not, in that area, the Aquarian-Ox would rather be a loner.


Famous Aquarian-Oxen: Natalie Cole, Jimmy Hoffa, Oscar de la Hoya, Peter Gabriel, Jack Lemmon, Charles Lindberg, Mellisa Manchester, Leslie Neilson, Jane Seymour, Mark Spitz and Vanessa Redgrave.




Rigidness, yet tender charts the life path of Pisces-Ox. This person strives to uphold their end of bargains and are impeccably honest. Their love and adoration for children smoothes out their aloof and cold side. The Pisces-Ox demands respect and even superiors squirm somewhat afraid they may not be meeting the high standards of the Pisces-Ox.

Like most Oxen, their beliefs are set in stone and they only will give into the nouveau when it suites their purpose. They too often make snap judgments about people and those impressions are difficult for them to erase unless they go through some sort of metamorphosis in regards to the said person.

Within themselves they often sense as if they aren’t appreciated. They care more than most and the sensitivity stemming from the Pisces can have tears well in their eyes over the slightest of slights. Fast friends, they are loyal and they become friend in deed when someone close is in need.

They respect expertise and have no faith in people who don’t possess credentials. An opportunistic nature has the Pisces-Ox siding with those who have wherewithal. They make a list, a catalog of relationships, penciling in all which they can summon to assist them complete a mission.

They shed any thoughts of divine intervention while not envisioning miracles or luck turning their way. Rather than fight, they’ll basically shun enemies, exile them from their thoughts and are capable of not communicating with someone on their black list for all time.

There’s a quirky sense of humor hidden behind the serious nature but only few are privy. They enjoy sex as much as anyone but never let on they do. They’ll capitulate to the wants of their partners but won’t initiate action in intimate terms. The Pisces-Ox is an enigma, at times embracing the modern, and then regressing to classic discounting modernization and typecasting such as a fad. It depends on which way the wind is blowing.

The Pisces-Ox ages well and can be a 40-year-old, who looks 30, yet they may possess the puckered out mind-set of an 80-year-old. They have a knack to be excellent homemakers with classic tastes in decor or while whipping up tasty recipes. They’re thrifty and will save but when splurging, they go all out. Their taste lean to champagne and caviar and stupidity makes them boil with anger.

Often misunderstood, the Pisces-Ox won’t go out of its way to explain themselves; they would prefer others to figure them out. Perhaps they sense they are beyond sin, but down deep they know better.

They embrace wanderlust but realize and relish the comforts of a secure environment. Art moves them and dance rivets their souls. They have little use for stimulants, other than sugar and salt. They’ll care for the sick but “poor-baby,” bedside mannerisms aren’t their strong suite. Their method of cure might be worse than the ailment.

For mates, they’ll remain loyal and mostly true, unless betrayed. They have the tendency to forgive but a price will have to be paid. Their flesh is warm but too often their hearts remain cold and untrusting. Family and friends will marvel at their originality. Too often they think they know what is good for them and all and will shut out ideas that differ. All and all, you would want them in your foxhole.


Famous Pisces-Oxen: Robert Altman, Tom Courtenay, Patrick Duffy, Erik Estrada, Fabio, Linus Pauling, Renoir and Vincent Minnelli.





The attainments of wealth and power aren’t what motivate the Aries-Tiger. Those two byproducts of enterprise are appreciated and they are surely sought-after by the Aries-Tiger for all practical purposes. Who doesn’t desire to do well? Yet, despite the achievement of material gain and prestige, a grander satisfaction is sensed by the Aries-Tiger after completing projects. To conceive them, and have them launched under their own power, and having them holds water and float . . . now that’s what excites the Aries-Tiger.

The idea of giving also motivates the Aries-Tiger. Also, gender traits obvious in both male and female are clearly visible in the personality of the Aries-Tiger. There’s the male tendency to share; to share knowledge, to share successes, to share, stems from the Aries-Tiger. At the same time, obvious feminine traits, packed with emotion, run rampant through the veins of the Aries-Tiger. Others notice their generosity and it’s contagious.

Getting back to the wealth and power: For the Aries-Tiger it’s the challenge, the hunt, the nailing down of deals and hitting pay dirt that excites this beautiful beast.

As for affection, the genuine warmth that exudes from being with close family far outweighs the significance of the victory circle. The Aires-Tiger rarely takes pleasure, nor does it permit praise upon itself to take place without some recognition of family. Yet, at the same time, that aspect of familiar closeness doesn’t put the brakes on the Aries-Tiger’s never-ending trek and wanderlust. Home is just a phone or modem call away. The Aries-Tiger stays in touch regardless of far-away proximity.

What does get their goat is boredom, because, if or when an Aries-Tiger becomes bored, they sense no challenge. Excitement is paramount, rather it be the anticipation of forthcoming events, especially if those forthcoming events includes the idea of romance or revolution. The Aries-Tiger is mobile, able to change a life path at a moment’s notice. And lest we forget they are apt to ask, “Where’s the revolution? Just how do I get involved?”

The confidence of mates of Aries-Tigers is boosted by their presence, especially when they are on the home front. Having the Aries-Tiger at home lifts the moral of the entire family. All seems safe; all seems happy, wonderful happiness envelopes all with the Aries-Tiger nearby. Worry is often that their Tiger might have a calling, greater than than the comfy satisfaction to stay in the den, and the mates and family of the Aries-Tiger dread that phone call that summons them for a mission.


Famous Aries-Tigers: Victoria Adams, Kofi Annan, Mathew Broderick, Jerry Brown, David Cassidy, John Fowles, Alec Guinness, Hugh Hefner, Christine Lahti, Charlie Pride and Billie Dee Williams.




Here’s the true statistician. Most decisions made by the Taurus-Tiger are based upon past performances and results orchestrated by others. The first statistic that might be considered by the Taurus-Tiger is that utilizing statistics alone doesn’t always prove out. Relying solely on cold figures without the possibility of luck and timing can certainly alter results. Taurus-Tiger should also factor in and permit magic to enter the picture. Yet statistics can be convincing and tempts the Taurus-Tiger to add their custom spin on things that in their view tends to weigh on their side.

Regardless, stats or not, the Taurus-Tiger’s magnetic personality smoothes things out and protects them somewhat with their usually cheery disposition. Practical jokes, and that Tiger’s smile, during stormy times, help them out. While getting a point across they’ll utilize unusual props, costumes, insignificant objects, all germane when attached to their pitch. “Here, have a peanut butter and lettuce sandwich, with mayo!” says the Taurus-Tiger to the target of their focus.

The Taurus-Tiger is often quirky, with unusual habits, yet their down to earth approach colors them in as irresistible. Odds are, and what’s conjured up by the Taurus-Tiger, is that they’re under constant scrutiny. They know practical, fully understanding vanilla is just that so by spicing things up, they are apt to get their point across. So, the Taurus-Tiger orchestrates ruses as to throw scrutinizers off just a bit.

Still, they are in dire need of trustful allies, so to keep an eye on them, to employ those contemporaries as sound boards and to choose confidants who care about the Taurus-Tiger and have the courage to say to them that the orchestration of nothing, adds up to nothing. If all fails hitting the road is an option. The Taurus-Tiger can escape and quickly adjust to new environments.

In the view of possible mates the Taurus-Tiger has an alluring appeal. Those who fancy them are usually on the same page as this Tiger, as far as sense of humor, with the jokes, pranks and goofiness, the Taurus-Tiger and its adoring mate can be a fun couple.


Famous Taurus-Tigers: Pierre Balman, Corinne Calvert, Glen Campbell, Elizabeth II, Peter Frampton, Peter Gabriel, Snooky Lansen, Jay Leno, Joe Louis, Aytolla Khomeini, Karl Marx, Ho Chi Mihn, John Muir, Charlotte, Rai, Don Rickles, Robespierre, Meredith Wilson and Stevie Wonder.




Good looking, hot shots, the life of the party, are fairly good descriptions of the Gemini-Tiger. Sparking up conversations with total strangers is never out of the question. The inquisitive nature of the Gemini-Tiger, while probing the minds of others, is one of their favorite past times. During those inquiries, and after listening a bit, the Gemini-Tiger is tempted to place their slant on things during an impromptu give and take. Too often the Gemini-Tiger’s slant on events are misconstrued and they may face criticism for being overly overt and they should be careful just who they are speaking with and what association they could be to them. The project they could have their heart set on could be truncated by those who have turned sour and non appreciative by off-the-cuff comments.

Going public isn’t always the best policy for the Gemini-Tiger. Leaving something to the imagination of others can only add to the mix. If misconstrued, then the Gemini-Tiger can further explain.

Actually, how certain parties perceive the Gemini-Tiger is irrelevant to the Gemini-Tiger, unless what’s being said about them isn’t true. They don’t let here-say concern them, because in the mind of the Gemini-Tiger, they realize truth normally surfaces. Besides, the Gemini-Tiger is usually sinless and honorable. Gemini-Tiger rarely harbor any hints of jealousy nor do they practice underhandedness. If their opinions are off base, remember they are just that, opinions, because when it comes down to it, the Gemini-Tiger plays above board and they have forthright interests at heart and they usually could care less about differing opinions as long as their ability is recognized and their name is spelled correctly.

The ears belonging to the mate of the Gemini-Tiger will tire and become annoyed from other people talking about their Gemini-Tiger partner in not the most flattering terms. If it is a good joining, those tidbits of negative won’t matter. As long as the mate of the Gemini-Tiger is filled on events and intent they both are able to blank out the world and enjoy each other.


Famous Gemini-Tigers: Paula Abdul, Yuri Andropov, Marcel Breuer, Tom Cruise, Miles Davis, Allen Ginsberg, Joanna Gleason, Andy Griffith, John Hersey, Lauryn Hill, Jewel, Sally Kellerman, William Lundigan, Paul Lynde, Judith Malina, Barbara, McClintock, Marilyn Monroe, Don Newcombe, Joyce Carol Oates, Vance Packard, Lili Palmer, Happy Rockefeller, Susan Strasberg and Tom Wicker.




Here’s the epitome of sensitivity. It’s been chronicled for centuries how Tiger’s are emotional. This aspect of personality has been never more evident when those emotions of the Tiger are blended with that of the Cancer. Often the Tiger is perceived as tough as a tow-truck driver, the opposite occurs for the Cancer-Tiger when it comes to sentiments of the heart. The Cancer-Tiger becomes a lost cause when it comes to not being affected by love. All the advice ever assembled could be bestowed upon this sign, about keeping their heads, when it comes to romance, and even with such counseling, the Cancer-Tiger has difficulty keeping its emotions in tack. Ah, love!

True allies need to be on stand by, so to prop up the Cancer-Tiger if terms of the heart turn sour. It may not be a bad idea for Cancer-Tigers to hoard a get-out-of -jail card, in the form of a shoulder to cry on, when their heart gets locked up—that’s just in case.

Too often after falls from love’s grace, this sign becomes saddled with guilt or perhaps rejects true love and become hesitant while taking on the challenge to seduce another. It’s difficult swallowing pride to come crawling back and one can never tell if it’s the best move for the Cancer-Tiger. Yet there’s something to be said about love the second time around. As for seduction, if they sense a target of their affection is hip to their pick up routine, they become mortified and it sends them into hiding, embarrassed they have given in to such desires. Desire is one thing but to win one over just for the sake of a conquest is far from their mode of operation.

Cancer-Tigers are often the perfect company, them sharing refined tastes in music and literature. We can overlook their fussiness because they do warm the heart during cozy intimate moments. It’s cozy in their presence. They make superb traveling partners and do enjoy and adapt taking to the road, yet they always seem extra happy to get back home.

When unencumbered by issues of the heart, the Cancer-Tiger is a steady worker and a vital asset to any team or organization. They tend to be kind and children often warm their hearts. Children seems special, primarily because the children will never desert them


Famous Cancer-Tigers: Mel Brooks, Billy Eckstein, Anthony Edwards, Derek Jeter, Myer Lansky, Henry Cabot Lodge, Diana Rigg, Richard Rodgers, Jerry Rubin and Natalie Wood.




Leo-Tigers immediate needs remain simple yet their goals are lofty. The substance manifesting from attaining goals far outweigh the glitter and schmaltz that accompanies triumphs in the eye of the Leo-Tiger. Leo-Tigers are a watershed of revolutionary ideas. They overcome any underlying shyness when it comes to expressing themselves about matters that are important to them especially those concerning the doling out of justice

Handsome and brave they are, yet that bravado and good looks can play against them by jealous observers, those detractors who sense, that down deep, they can never be compared to the Leo-Tiger in either category.

Enormous daydreamers, they envision themselves, and take pride at their ability to become compartmentalized, and the Leo-Tiger brandishes an inner satisfaction knowing how they’re able to do handle multi tasks at the same time with ease and grace. Yet with the endless merry-go-round of brainstorms and new ideas filtering in and out of their minds, too often the non-stop talk of new projects has them going in circles and has them achieving little more than just conjecture.

If the Leo-Tiger bears down and focuses on just one or two missions and they don’t place too much on their plate, rather they be that of commercial endeavors or fulfilling hobbies, they are likely to achieve wonders and merge modest gains with the other good stuff they have going for them,

Their children always come first, and for practical purposes, they know what is best for them. Children will rarely go without as the Leo-Tiger will sacrifice, sacrifice their precious free time or they might sacrifice aspects of a mate’s love in their life for the benefit of their children.

As for mates, Joe Millionaire would be nice, but to capture someone with a large bank account doesn’t appear as all that appealing, even though they’ll take it. Braggers, bores, and the bourgeoisie have little to discuss with as the Leo-Tiger, who finds conceit as a major turnoff. They can barely stomach that particular type of chest thumping. They’ll chose to just run away, even if the escape included moving out of a palace so to find some serenity.

As for a more ideal company, Leo-Tigers would rather discuss philosophy, art and the humanities. The Leo-Tiger hands out compliments and embraces all comers but holds off most pursuers at arm’s length, Passions with no bounds they do certainly possess, yet unless that one person comes along and rocks their wherewithal, hardly anyone will be privy to the fruits they dream of and are capable of offering. When a Leo-Tigers falls in love usually it’s forever.


Famous Leo Tigers: Princess Anne, Tony Bennet, Emily Bronte, Fidel Castro, Isaac Hayes, Eric Hoffer, Tess Harper, Peter Jennings, Rose Kennedy, Allegra Kent, Gary Larsen, Louis Lehrman, Gary Merril, Dutch Schultz and Connie Stevens.




The Virgo side of the Tiger pegs them as quiet, analytical, the epitome of refined mannerisms. The Tiger side of the Tiger dictates passion, spontaneity and fire. The Virgo-Tiger can handle both, despite often balancing issues and temperaments stemming from both signs.

The Polar Regions apart personality is an interesting concoction. According to Madam Loo, it’s a mix that proves out as intriguing and challenging if one prefers variety.

Tiger side is hard working. The Virgo side is hard thinking. Merge those two traits as one and there’s no limit to the accomplishments that can occur with the Virgo-Tiger at the helm.

There’s a tendency for this sign to rocket beyond the commercial aspects of life. Harmony within family and the business environment they deem essential the route to accomplishment. There’s a strong, combined nature to create or hammer out compromises between feuding parties. They possess the tools to forge ironclad deals, even those on an international scope. No task, in matters attached to setting a stage for hard-nosed negotiations is not beyond their capacity. Placing themselves in the cross hairs of two parties, as a neutral, is a comfort zone for the Virgo-Tiger. The “Peter Principle, (limits on competence) will never be a factor measuring the limits for this dynamic sign.

The negative: All that energy cranked up by the Virgo-Tiger could unfortunately hook up with negative influence. Say your prayers if this revolutionary joins the wrong team or if Virgo-Tigers are overcome with an evil dominance. William the Impaler” could look like a saint if compared to a hell-bent on destruction Virgo-Tiger.

As long as the Virgo-Tiger maintains a grip on its sanity can work wonders, not only for themselves but also for the good of all.

Visually attractive, along with diversity, makes the Virgo-Tiger appealing and an exciting person to spend time with.


Famous Virgo-Tigers: Allen Funt, Elliot Gould, John Houseman, Anne Jackson, Craig Kilborn, Karl Langerfield, Dr. Phil McGraw, Kristy McNichol, Bill Murray, Sam Nunn and Duke Snyder.




Exuding grace and a fluid elegance, the Libra-Tiger, has onlookers in awe the way they flutter through life. From dribbling a basketball, or while on the dance floor, or just by strolling down the avenue, the Libra-Tiger’s fabulous looks and ease in mannerisms are surely noticed. They’re the poster-child of envy for those clumsy who desire to emulate the Libra-Tiger. They have the ability freeze events as they sashay into the fray of things. After their creation the mold that formed them may have been broken.

The Libra-Tiger is aware of their magnetic looks, who have a smooth as silk personality to go along with other assets. Obviously, doors open to them. People tend to say, “Now that’s the missing part we’ve been looking for,” or those impressed feel compelled to lure the Libra-Tiger in, even without so much as an interview anointing the Libra-Tiger as essential component in their scheme of things. The Libra-Tiger is normally open, stating with ease and a smile they are ready and available. Yet often that is where progress ceases.

The Libra-Tiger falls short on follow through. Despite being Madison Avenue’s idealistic example as to showcase any forthcoming product, don’t count on the Libra-Tiger to have a hand in the mustering of forces or the carry through. Strictly as the model, their worth diminishes once in the marketplace. Their desire to be accommodating is alive, but an ambitious desire to involve itself in operations wilts, and the Libra-Tiger would prefer to move on to other grass-roots projects.

We are all creatures of habits and the Libra-Tiger likes to jump in and make impressions, fill up the think tank of others, and then zoom off to other stations of life. Only thing, this pattern of aloof independence won’t provide long-term security and during a lifetime of being recruited, to help jump start various enterprises and possible triumphs for others, the Libra-Tiger can be deserted to stand outside in the cold.

Eventually the charm and grace gives way to age. The Libra-Tiger needs to realize the clock is always ticking in the game of life and there’s an expiration date on the freshness of shelf life. If a Libra-Tiger doesn’t siphon off profits, or middle itself to receive dividends from the enterprises they had a hand in launching, there won’t be assets to fall back on in later years.

Having been privy and on-hand as an intricate niche for the countless opportunities that present themselves to the Libra-Tiger over a career of mostly gallivanting, the Libra-Tiger might think about becoming a permanent fixture to at least one enterprise. They don’t necessarily have to abandon the part-time status they prefer, but should align themselves with someone or commercial endeavor that looks out for their interests and provides a stable home base of operations that can accommodate the roving needs of Libra-Tiger.

The Libra-Tiger’s desire to please will have their mates showered in luxury. The money comes and the money goes. Mates should take hold of the expenses and be sure to store some away for rainy days. Pleasant and caring the Libra-Tiger should dazzle their mates, who will rarely tire of them, and continue to admire their brilliant image.


Famous Libra-Tigers: Susan Anton, Chuck Berry, John Cusack, Dale Earnhardt Jr.,Dwight D. Eisenhower, Valery Giscard d’Estaing Thor Heyerdahl, Evil Knievel, Ray Kroc, Jack Lalanne, Tom Petty, Randy Quaid, Jerry Rice and Oscar Wilde.




Masters of their own destiny the Scorpio-Tiger thrives walking on the wild side. Hardly steered by the wants of others, the Scorpio-Tiger still pays attention to history and the accomplished merits of those they respect and look up to. Nevertheless this Tiger plays to its own tune and will only alter its course for mere survival or for the love of a strong other that might warn them ahead of time about destructive behavior.

Chock with talent, drop dead gorgeous looks and sex appeal, the Scorpio-Tiger is well aware of its appeal and ability to persuade others. Even those not blessed with outstanding features have that something, that intangible that gets under the skin of others, appearing irresistible when they’re on. When they are off, they can be absolutely awful, especially if conceited celebrity or mind-altering stimulants invade their mindsets.

The Scorpio-Tiger breathes confidence and will scoff at all who dares to tell them they can’t accomplish a goal in mind. Just to make their point, the Scorpio-Tiger will abandon other projects to prove they’re more than a one-trick animal and are diversified and no one on earth can predict what they have in mind or their methods. When scorned all should run for cover. The Scorpio-Tiger tracks down all adversaries and until they obtain their pound of flesh in the form of revenge they will remain relentless.

They respect the merits of education even if they choose to drop out of school early, sensing the education they obtain from life’s experiences will carry them through. Still, they are sticklers about their siblings or children attaining a proper education, perhaps them feeling those close to them may not have the same perseverance and survival instincts they possess.

They are quip with the lip and will come down hard on those they deem as rude and obnoxious. Not many get away Scot free from their wrath if the Scorpio-Tiger sense themselves or those endeared to their heart have been bamboozled or betrayed. Their friends, families and associates have a strong and trustful ally here, who will rush to their aid at the scent of trouble.

The world is their oyster and mates should be prepared for a change of venue at a moments notice. “We’re going here or we’re going there,” and the dishes in the sink can wait and who knows? Once the Scorpio-Tiger walks out the door, there may not be any going back, the steps outside could be the point of no return, so their mates might think about tagging along.

They aren’t likely to desert mates, lovers or children, it is just the call of the wild can overcome them. Challenge and doing what others have failed at intrigues the Scorpio-Tiger, so others might say in the annals of history, “If the Scorpio-Tiger would have gone in the first place we wouldn’t have all this trouble.” Give them the mission over others.


Famous Scorpio-Tigers: Kay Ballard, John Candy, Leonardo Di Caprio, Charles de Gaulle, Jodie Foster, Jean Kirkpatrick, Christopher Lloyd, Mohammed, Demme Moore, Jane Pauley, Jean Seberg, Dylan Thomas and Ted Turner.




There’s a casual elegance that goes hand in hand with the Sagittarius-Tiger. Oh, the incendiary personality burns bright in the hearth of their innards, as is the sharp tongue at the ready and there’s that delicious irreverent sense of humor, yet overall they are respectful types, especially towards elders and persons of authority. They are apt to use, “sir,” or “ma’am,” when addressing a stranger and the Sagittarius-Tiger is sure to say, “please,” or “thank you.”

There’s a sense of adventure and a distinct daydreaming side to the Sagittarius-Tiger. They dream of escapades and chucking it all, to rush away to far-way places, yet they can’t bring themselves to leave mom, the kids or the family cat. So, the Sagittarius-Tiger loses itself for a make-believer spell that parlays them to some exotic and quixotic world and when they break that trance, in their view, they’ve actually spent time in those far-away places.

The Sagittarius-Tiger is loaded with more than adequate brainpower with lightning quick comprehension skills. They have mental capacities to learn languages, codes, do crossword puzzles and figure out the settings on the VCR or DVD player. Manual labor is another thing and most Sagittarius-Tigers won’t be found fiddling under the hood of a sports car or tinkering with the washing machine that is on the fritz. They prefer to spend the money on a decent mechanic.

Their recall for past events or descriptions is sharp. They can tell someone every piece of apparel they may have been draped in at an affair months or even years from the time of the spoken of event.

Often they can become child-like, even silly, out of character perhaps, except when they take on the role of the bully.

They participate in community events, tireless workers at the church picnic or responsible when coaching the little-league team. Politics intrigues them but only as an observer and they usually vote.

The Sagittarius has some difficulty coming to grips that someone actually is in love with them. It’s hard for them to fathom another could fall for them and it might take an instant, that borders on crisis, to realize there is that special someone who they mean the world to. Once they feel secure in love, and only then, they are capable of delivering heaps of affection without losing an iota of that casual elegance.


Famous Sagittarius-Tigers: Tracy Austin, Beethoven, Richard Crenna, Emily Dicknson, Joe DiMaggio, Ed Harris, Rich Little, Leonard Maltin and Cristina Onassis.




The Capricorn-Tiger is probably the mellowest of Tigers. They take things in stride and are less likely to change their expression whether it is good or bad news. This doesn’t mean they aren’t a whirlwind of activity and they move about with amazing speed, yet it has to be at their pace. Onlookers or superiors might wish to fit them into a time schedule after witnessing their rapid movements, which is not a good idea.

Not ones to argue, as do other Tigers, the Capricorn-Tiger mostly ignores the faults of their co-workers and mates, chronicles their errors, yet keeps them to itself. The only time they might bring up mistake of the past is so those errors aren’t repeated. The Capricorn-Tiger keeps much to itself and rarely meddles into other peoples business, and will only do so if there’s unappreciated interference in their own plans.

Level headed, pragmatic and responsible, they can endure hardships and normally remain jolly before, during and afterwards. Often it’s difficult to read if they’ve won or lost. This sign would never showboat in the end zone after scoring a touchdown.

They savor victory in their own way, satisfied they rose to the occasion when called upon and it’s a humbleness that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Capricorn-Tigers are often animal lovers and do like those that are exotic; same goes for perspective mates. Unusual, striking looks or unusual habits of others intrigues them and they’re drawn to them. Their mates may dress like something out a bohemian theater and the Capricorn-Tiger gets a vicarious thrill watching others react to their mates style of dress or unusual tastes.

“Entertain me,” says the Capricorn-Tiger because the only thing that seems to get their goat is lack of activity. When the Capricorn-Tiger is inactive it could become a dangerous time, as they could fall into unhealthy habits. As long as they are on the go they and their quirky mates should live in harmony. As for the kids, the Capricorn-Tiger has no problem getting on the floor and rolling around and are interested in the progress of their children. They suffer pangs of guilt if they come to find they haven’t been all that attentive to the needs of their children


Famous Capricorn Tigers: Jim Bakker, Charro, Crystal Gayle, Phil Everly, Rush Limbaugh, Patricia Neil, Gisele Mackenzie, Yvette Mimieux, Maury Povitch, John Voight and Richard Widmark.




An innovative free lancer, the Aquarian-Tiger places its custom spin on ideals and ideas, but mostly those that benefits them. Not one to be pigeon holed the Aquarian-Tiger remains fiercely independent without cumbersome attachments to any organization or to no one.

The moment some one tries to tie them up, rather it be by a contract or marriage license, poof! They’re gone. Yet if they make a verbal commitment the pressure is off somewhat in their view and they are apt to follow through and complete obligations.

We have a media junkie here, interested in world events and the gossip columns. They are able to rattle off statistics, remember Super Bowl winners and Academy Award Oscar recipients. Art and politics are favorite subjects as is the occult. They are apt to have a personal astrologer and will often follow instructions in a flawless, obeying manner.

The personality of the Aquarian-Tiger remains affable in most cases except on the home front where they do have the tendency to be dictatorial. House decor, schools for the children, vacations spots will all have to be Ok-ed by them or it could be a fight. In matters of business they often could care less and are satisfied with their lot in life and profession without looking in other areas for new horizons.

They do dream and dream plenty in the arenas mentioned above, envisioning themselves scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Somewhere in some drawer could be their acceptance speech to be the presidential nominee.

Decent listeners, they are compassionate and friends can normally confess all and no one, other than the two of them, will ever know. They will also shy away from gossipmongers and simply state, “It’s none of my business.”

Freedom is paramount, free to travel, speak, and make friends of whom they wish, even though associates and mates may not think those friends might have their best interest. As far as the Aquarian-Tiger, the redeeming merits of their relationships are for them to decide.

Religious conviction runs strong but still they aren’t evangelical and they don’t have a burning passion or sense a vocation to convert the world to whatever they believe in.

Mates will sense their honesty and rarely will they take issue with the Aquarian-Tiger even if their revelations are startling, because when the Aquarian-Tiger spills the beans, even if it is about themselves, their aim is sincere and they wish so much to improve the situation.


Famous Aquarian-Tigers: Christian Bale, Judy Blume, William Burroughs, Phil Collins, Mike Farrel, Roberta Flack, Ray Manzarik, Boris Pasternak, Cybil Shepherd and Robbie Williams.




My, my, my, here is sensitivity personified. The Pisces-Tiger is quick to shed tears. Of course they cry because of the heartache and loss that comes with death, tragedy and failed relationships, but they also cry for joy. Even a TV commercial, with certain sentimentality, will have them reaching for a tissue. It’s not a sign of weakness in character but an emotional knee-jerk reaction that’s moves them more easily than others. Lovers and strangers alike may not at first understand their reactions to events. The Pisces-Tiger is tender, and perhaps fragile, yet they are tough and rugged and can endure harsh physical hardships whether they are mountain climbing or undergoing a serious medical procedure.

Pisces-Tigers love fresh air and sunshine and make an effort to spend as much time outdoors as possible. They also detest cold and many flock to warmer climates. They are excellent workers and rarely make trouble for their employers or coworkers. They tend to shy away from responsibility, so they aren’t threats to those ambitious types looking to climb the ladder rungs to grander heights.

The Pisces-Tiger is fastidious about the home. Dusty or messy counters are their enemy. It seems as if they spend half their time with a rag, cleaning counters, or tidying up the pillows on the sofa.

Not often does the Pisces-Tiger raise its voice and when in the midst of a frank discussion, or even an argument, they’re apt to speak low-and-slow, just to make sure they get their point across, so all is clearly understood. Then they will sprint off to their cry chamber. All and all they are to be cherished and protected. These people are unassuming and regardless how beautiful they appear they will never let on that there is something special about their fabulous looks.

Time in the kitchen is often a therapy. Cooking and baking scrumptious delights are their specialty. The Pisces-Tiger stays in constant contact with family members. They are quick to defend them if getting wind someone has a gripe with loved ones and that detractor could find the Pisces-Tiger on their door step, ready to go to battle, holding up the reputation of family or friend. There will be little tears. At the same time they are one who will let bygones be bygones, not likely to bring up the particulars of a past spat.

The Pisces-Tiger is an ardent lover and their mates will be treated to unsurpassed passions. Their children will adore them and no place on earth will seem as safe as in the lap of a Pisces-Tiger.


Famous Pisces Tiger: Charlotte Church, Julius Erving aka Dr. J, Bobby Jones, John Bon Jovi, Jackie Joyner-Kersey, Jerry Lewis, William H. Macy, Rudolph Nureyev and John Steinbeck.




The Aries-Rabbit is calm, intellectual, and definitely and one who appreciates the finer things in life. This sign prefers to be fitted into exotic, post-card settings with long-time chums, lounging around the pool or warmed by the fireplace. Natural hoarders, the Aries-Rabbit are lifelong collectors of finery and rare items, especially those from far-away places. They’ll recant a myriad of tasty stories that goes with each item.

When alone, they are apt to sit back and work over crossword or jigsaw puzzles. Their impeccable manners carries them a long way, especially in the eyes of peers.

The Aries-Rabbit pleasure-seeking side needs to be tempered at times. Greed, gluttony, an overly robust sexual appetite, risky gambling habits and other addictions can seep into their lives and destroy what may have taken years to acquire.

As long as the Aries-Rabbit feels responsibility to themselves and others, and as long as the Aries-Rabbit responds to a sense of self-worth, realizing how others rely on their wisdom and intellect, they are apt to rebuff unhealthy activities. Regardless of the said pitfalls, the Aries-Rabbit show cases resiliency and those possible downfalls may never enter into the fray of things.

With their talent and know-how, and an inherent admiration for perfection, this cultured sign can focus for long periods of time without being knocked off kilter. In the solitude of their office, laboratory or den, they plot and create formulas that can whisk them and others on the path to riches

The home front is precious and they do their best work in the confines of their dens or comfy offices with a comfy atmosphere. Plan well for the future, Aries-Rabbit, but remember, the future is now.

The Aries-Rabbit will patiently wait it out for the right mate. They are apt to go on many dates and even participate in a fair amount of overnights. But still, they are on the quixotic search to have their eyes meet that special one’s, who sparkle, with a lovely mouth and voice with a velvet texture that utters short sentences that say volumes, who have a passion for the intimate sectors of life that can match their own libido that simmers beneath flesh and amongst the bone.

Their inherent wisdom dictates all they really need is love.


Famous Aries-Rabbits: James Caan, Francis Ford Cappola, Ceasar Chavez, Regine Crespin, David Frost, Marvin Gaye, Billy Holiday, Garry Kaperov, Louise Lasser, Clare Booth Luce, Ali MacGraw, Zero Mostel, Modest Mussorgsky, Conan O’Brien, Quentin Tarrantino, Muddy Waters and Arturo Toscanini.




The Taurus-Rabbit is often seen as a corner stone of stability. On the surface they carry a demeanor advertising constant tranquility. In their view, calmness in the face of crisis is the best strategy. Color them in as composed at work or play. Quiet country living, with a few close friends nearby, rather than pushing crowds, is where they prefer to be; yet duty calls. At times it is essential they wade back out into the fray of things.

So, rather than staying at home with their nose in a book, the Taurus-Rabbit will gather themselves and venture out in the cruel, cold world to take care of pressing obligations and to do their business.

When prodded, the Taurus-Rabbit will attend social functions but normally only to make someone happy. Those functions must have merit and significance, like kissing mom on her birthday or attending a child’s wedding or graduation or to accept their Academy Award.

Still, they will squirm some in their seat in a place of honor, with thoughts drifting back to the homestead, perhaps worrying and wondering over the fourth course if everything is safe and sound. Security is paramount, rather for personal safety, financial security or if the back gate was left open or the porch light left on.

The Taurus-Rabbit tends to be overly concerned about the possibility of loss when it comes to material objects.

When speaking of stuff, keepsakes and other items of sentimentality coincides with a feeling of worth for all Rabbits, says Madam Loo. The Taurus-Rabbit likes to think it knows its stuff. Not much rattles their patience more so then when their knowledge is challenged. A boiling over righteous indignation will raise an ugly head when they’re sure they’re correct and are further enraged when challengers don’t see it that way. They can’t believe they weren’t able to make a believer out of doubting Thomas’.

Still, they error, and when proven wrong, they should further bite their tongues and not take the undressing so to heart. There’s always another metal contest of wills coming their way. Odds with the Taurus-Rabbit because of their vast watershed of knowledge and their esteem will be reinstalled.


Famous Taurus-Rabbits: Judy Collins, Francis Ford Coppola, Tony Danza, Moshe Dayan, Dale Earnhardt, Harvey Keitel, Julian Lennon, Anthony Quinn, Joey Ramone, Benjamin Spock and Orson Wells.




Smooth Operator! Now there’s a fitting description of the Gemini-Rabbit. This sign rarely sweats and flashes nerves of steel. The Gemini-Rabbit’s exterior may harden some, to fortify itself against attack. Their interior won’t be bullied into making rash decisions. The Gemini shares the surefootedness of the Rabbit, having an elusive knack to elude traps. During forecasts the spell, trouble, there will be no panic.

If there is trouble and a sense of urgency, the Gemini-Rabbit shelves its easy-going side, comes to life, eases into action, puts out the said fire while remaining cooler than the other side of the pillow. One might wonder if their actions have been rehearsed. The graceful and preciseness showcased by the Gemini-Rabbit makes it look business as usual.

Always dressed for the occasion, the Gemini-Rabbit’s suave demeanor has back up, able to intelligently articulate, in simple terms understood by all. They’re a mix of James Bond and Spiderman, making heavy lifting look like a graceful dance routine. True diamonds in the rough, the Gemini-Rabbit at times, will adjust their routine wise-guy vernacular and slip on a silver tongue that has a syrupy delivery. Those in their midst become mesmerized by what sounds like common-sense that accentuates the positive.

Their panache wasn’t developed overnight. Over a course of a lifetime they have had to crawl and trip; since they learned to walk and talk those infantile stop gaps seemed to have disappeared. They rarely make the same mistake twice, if at all. Memory wise, there’s a mind that’s photographic. As proficient artists, they duplicate, utilizing pencil, clay or on canvas what they’ve witnessed, duplicating images with preciseness.

It’s true that much is style over substance at times. So what? Most detractors begrudgingly admit there are exhilarating and memorable moments that take place in their scheme of things. The exploits of a Gemini-Rabbit have a loser’s lament from a past flow sound like a glowing testimonial.

They remain laser focused. In split seconds they prioritize .The Gemini-Rabbit’s capable of creating and then orchestrating innovative leaps and bounds onlookers perceive as mind-boggling and eye opening. “How’d they do that,” they say with gawks o n their faces.

With such credentials the Gemini-Rabbit becomes a target of many. There passions range from lust, to possession, to irrevocable devotion. Prudent decisions dealing with choice may not appear as clear-cut in matters of romance. Gemini-Rabbit has an epicurean taste and for samples of such they are apt to jeopardize their steady judgment from a stoic gaze or a plunging neckline.

Those interested in keeping them had better copy the ways of the Gemini-Rabbit and echo their words. There’s a certain vanity that intrigues the Gemini-Rabbit, being with someone who mirror themselves.


Famous Gemini-Rabbits: Allen Iverson, Saul Bellow, Tommy Chong, Johnny Depp, John Dillinger, Enrique Inglesas, Lou Gehrig, Al Hirshfeld, Bob Hope, Helen Hunt, Angelina Jolie, Richard Ludlum, Mike Myers, Les Paul, Sally Ride, David Rockefeller, Elisabeth Shue, Richard Thomas, Al Unser, “Victoria”, Queen of England, Walt Whitman and Herman Wouks.




Rabbits! There’s a homebody here. “Who wants to go out? We can have just as much fun at home. I’ll go rent a video, you make some popcorn or order take out . . .” isn’t that always it.

We have a true recluse in the Cancer-Rabbit. They’d rather do business electronically than slaving towards a sterile office space or spotlighted showroom.

The Cancer-Rabbit prefers to maintain a close inner circle. Those they permit within their inner sanctum are privy to love and closeness. In the view of the Cancer-Rabbit, out there is an uncertain world.

Cancer-Rabbits seek a life’s partner they sense are similar to them, two peas in a pod, who desire nothing more than to talk away for hours, or bask, savoring a mutual and particular life style.

Cancer-Rabbits and their love interests sip on chilled Champagne or guzzle imported beer. Whatever standard of living they’re fitted into by economists, be it some statistic stamping them as modest, or high rollers, they feel blessed over the rest of their class. Regardless of moderate status Cancer-Rabbits, seem to eke out as much luxury as feasible, admiring organized skills that enable them to obtain both practical and ambitious accomplishments.

They seek a within reason comfort zone. Having that, they might stay forever. “Who needs to go to Hawaii?”

Being on the Cancer-Rabbit’s team is not for thrill seekers. There enterprises aren’t high wire acts at dizzying heights in some gaudy spectacular. The Team Cancer-Rabbit operates without fanfare. Often the crux of an enterprise or undertaking led by a Cancer-Rabbit appears as mundane on the surface, yet who could believe a homegrown cottage industry could provide such profits? If the enterprise expands to something made up of a Fortune 500, the same steady atmosphere will prevail, calm, with a minimum of pressure, minus unreal expectations.

As for familiarity, lol, Cancer-Rabbits mate and kids might wish they could sweep them out the door for a spell. The household fixture, who is a whirlwind of activities, pushes the buttons of appliances and utilities the ways a sushi chef uses a knife. The TV and radio, fans, air-conditioners, lights ablaze, even during daylight hours, newspaper on the floor, busy on the phone and computer and something simmering on the stove are trademarks. Housemates contend with the long lines of visitors 24/7.


Famous Cancer-Rabbits: John Chancellor, Jean Cocteau, Jean Claude Duvalier, Bob Fosse, Peter Lind Hayes, Angelica Huston, Captain Kangaroo, Huey Lewis, Gina Lollabrigida, Neil Simon, Irving Stone, Cheryl Ladd, Jeffery Rush, Jesse Ventura and Andrew Wyeth.




This Rabbit knows how to assert itself and express its wishes. With crisp manners and flair that includes an often-envied maverick’s approach, the Leo-Rabbit delegates authority.

Subordinates radiate. After departing Leo-Rabbit HQ there’s a likely step coming from the visitor with a confidence and sense of self-bolstered by the Leo-Rabbit. In turn the Leo-Rabbit takes pleasure sensing they’ve fortified their muses. The Leo-Rabbit also possesses the savvy as not to insist on miracles from employees or teammates. They have drawn up the flawless plan with winning strategies that includes charm and wit. All just has to be carried out.

Often the Leo-Rabbit harbors ulterior motives. You see, they amaze themselves and achieve tremendous satisfaction motivating others while wielding a sense of command. They see most missions as slam-dunks. The challenge is recruiting faithful followers. They provide basic training testing that measures their flocks persistence, endurance and loyalty.

They won’t discuss their strategy. The rhymes and reasons of the Leo-Rabbit are strictly their business. Questioning this strategy by underlings disturbs them. The fiercely private side of the Leo-Rabbit holds fast that their motives are theirs and theirs alone. Because of impeccable manners and attention to composure, the Leo-Rabbits insides are churning.

The Leo-Rabbit sees much of this as magic and gives into what seems esoteric. They sense if the personal facts behind their desire to motivate is broken down and analyzed by others, the magic will be gone. This sign is less likely to author a “How To . . . ” book.

Curbing excesses is their baggage. They are not one to tolerate excessive behavior by others, especially those they care for. Often associates and not-so-well-meaning friends tempt them with substances. Giving in could lead to the path of destruction. Discipline should have a say in the Leo-Rabbits make up. Stay away Leo-Rabbit from addictive people and practices.

On the romantic side, the Leo-Rabbit is often attracted to mysterious types, same as them. Their inquisitive strikes something up with the sleek. Without revealing much about themselves or expectations of the heart, they probe soundness of perspective mates.

Famous Leo-Rabbits: Rosalynn Carter, George Hamilton, Fess Parker, Dan Fogleberg, Alex Rodriguez, Eleanor Smeal and Andy Warhol.




These Virgo-Rabbits blend into the scenery and are not noticed unless they expose themselves. Quiet and somewhat shy on the surface, they rarely seek the limelight. They come out of their Rabbit holes, but only when duty calls.

To show themselves as honest serves up as reason. If the moment would present itself, they possess scruples, to return anything that doesn’t belong to them. They might even invest time and money to seek out owner reacquainting them with their lost item. There’s an idealistic side “It’s part of my job,” the Virgo-Rabbit’s likelyt to answer if asked, “Why?’

Towers of strength and admired for spoken practically has cohorts flocking for advice and reassurance. Sometimes, because it’s too late, their council is no more than hand holding after a bitter defeat.

The Virgo-Rabbit offers up solid and handy advice about what’s best for their fellowship. They lift the spirits.

Voracious readers, their libraries are an assortment of magazine, journals and books, extensive and diverse. Reference books litter their workspaces. They have memorized quotes and paraphrase philosophers and the Virgo-Rabbit has long separated myth from urban fiction. Political spin on things, lame excuses and the altering of fact has them retaliating, placing none truths and those who spread them on the spot.

Virgo-Rabbits have exquisite taste and share delights with intimate others, The Virgo-Rabbit, unlikely to make turbulent waves inside the home or workplace. They handle personal affairs while avoiding friction. They prefer operating in dignified surroundings with a space providing solitude.

They prefer mates, who are much like themselves, but there are instances when they are attracted to bigger-than life people who are boisterous and irreverent. The Virgo-Rabbit enjoys a dirty joke, yet they are unlikely to ever tell one in public.


.Famous Virgo-Rabbits: Roy Acuff, Ingrid Bergman, Roy Buchanan, Elivra, Peter Falk, Arthur Godfrey, Julie Kavner, Michael Keaton, Jack Lange, Yma Sumac, William Howard Taft and Paul Volker.




Like all before them in the Rabbit family many of the similar characteristics of Rabbit are well and alive within the Libra-Rabbit. There’s the need for security, the desire for fineness, the strict segregation of friends. Yet the Libra-Rabbit can be perceived as even more introverted than other Rabbits, exhibiting even less about themselves even towards immediate kin.

Something gives the Libra-Rabbit goose bumps and a case of the willies when others warm up to them a little too quickly for their way of thinking. They shun the over ingratiating like they’re a plague. The fussy Libra-Rabbit sometimes shelves relationships, either not sure about them, or especially when there’s the idea of romance, shelving a bird in the hand, thinking that something more to their liking will come down the line. Such indecision and lost opportunity may work against them.

The Leo-Rabbit might consider speeding up the acceptance process, ‘cause too often it becomes a matter of, now you see it, now you don’t.

It’s admirable of them not to seek summary power. Are they alleviating burden, shying responsibility, stifling a chance for happiness, or are they just shy or apathetic?

If only we could get some response. Forget about it. Given time and the patience of others, the Libra-Rabbit will catch up, but the trick becomes, the Libra-Rabbit sensing they’ve mastered a newfound openness on their own and on their terms.

Nevertheless, unassuming, they’ll employ brainpower and wield artistic talents, vision, organization and formulate contacts with clout. Not one for heavy lifting, the Leo-Rabbit’s polished and quiet delivery glosses over any doubts about their way of thinking. Facts are, often enough, they are right on the money.

Maybe they aren’t Bug’s type of Rabbit, not that they don’t appreciate jokes, but sophomoric humor isn’t on their menu. This stems back to the security factor, which to their way of thinking serious business.

This could become a fat and preserved Rabbit as long as they exercise degrees of self-control. With the riches come the fruits, and with the fruits, comes a need for maintenance. When all has been attained an inner security might need to be developed. With all that’s in vogue becoming easily available, rather it be wine, women or song, constraints won’t come naturally to the Libra-Rabbit.

After achievement the Libra-Rabbit’s delivery sounds more like gospel to be absorbed by others as scripture, well that’s how they hear their own words.

The Libra-Rabbit likes to separate itself from the day to day and aren’t likely to be hands-on during all fazes of the project. They should force themselves to be more visible and at the helm, because too often their vision isn’t carried out to their way of thinking and that’s a fault that gives them no just reason to complain if the wheels come off.

When capturing a mate, remember the beforehand self-doubt and shyness and how it was overcome. Well the Libra-Rabbit shouldn’t have to be reminded what is involved to maintain romance. In this area becoming lethargic could kill the thrill. Initial romantic tendencies fade somewhat and too often familiarity breeds contempt. Lovers aren’t apt to stay around for all eternity if those initial characteristics breakdown or erode. For a Libra-Rabbit who has come so far out of its shell to be with someone special, the pangs of loneliness can again present themselves unless there’s caring upkeep.


Famous Libra-Rabbits: Curly (three stooges) Mike Ditka, Vladimir Horowitz, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Lasorda, Mark McGwire, Arthur MIller, Lee Harvey Oswald, George C. Scott, Sting, Cornel Wilde and Kate Winslet.




Cloaked beneath a cool exterior that is usually show cased by the Scorpio-Rabbit there’s a burning. Whether this brush fire becomes a one, two or three-alarm inferno depends on the extinguishing powers and discipline doled out to itself by the Scorpio-Rabbit. Various fuels add to the flame; fear, self-doubt, ill temperament, revenge, lust and a slew of other hot-button issues that spark a fiery disposition that’s mostly contained as long as the Scorpio-Rabbit is on top of things.

Don’t despair, the Scorpio-Rabbit conceals much; remember that cool exterior. Their outer armor that is spit shinned and serves as an impervious retardant. If the Scorpio-Rabbit permits the trite and little things go by, and bear down, or at least attempt to not see every event as a life and death crisis ulcers may never fester.

Centering themselves via spirituality, healthy diversion, responsibility to family, all can become therapeutic. Performance fortifies confidence and certainly influences others. Once accepted, a Scorpio-Rabbit can catapult to loftier and cooler heights. Results are impressive and satisfying.

The human traits they project when at the top of their game are silky and supple. Words like, “dreamy,” and “how suave,” come off the lips of admirers. Corralling and keeping their Scorpio side in reserve for encounters such as athletic competition, business or war, the Rabbit’s side is permitted to be influential by the fire of Scorpio and they appear as refined, easy-going and as the toast of the town. The Scorpio side can simmer and be channeled as a safe fuel to arouse the flammable passions of others. Their passions aren’t always limited to the love chamber.

Once the Rabbit spoon-feeds and proves themselves as trustworthy benefactors the Scorpio side can be dispensed, warming souls rather than scalding them. Oh, things can heat up for sure, but it’s a controlled blaze between issues that can do more good than bad.

The Scorpio-Rabbit is the king or queen of the castle. Boundaries will be set and rules put into place. What’s supposed to be in the garage had better be.

The Scorpio-Rabbits secrets from childhood will remain just that, as well as the secrets told to them by others.

Mates who have pledged their allegiance will discover the center of their life can become dictatorial once the honeymoon is over. For peace and harmony it’s healthier to play along. The Scorpio-Rabbit won’t issue orders that are impossible to carry out. One defense, the Scorpio Rabbit can be patronized by a simple acknowledgment, “Yes, dear.”


Famous Scorpio-Rabbits: Richard Barthes, Marie Curie, Lou Ferrigno, Martin Luther, Tatum O’Neil and Grace Slick.




Flashing every-man appeal, the Sagittarius-Rabbit eases itself into various diverse venues. Well it isn’t necessarily ease but more like a swagger. Smiles normally beam on the faces of those present when the Sagittarius-Rabbit makes their entrance. There’s a defiant yet amicable defiance that surrounds the Sagittarius-Rabbit’s demeanor. Sagittarius is deadeye with their aim. Rabbit flashes the moxie to hit the mark. Both make a dynamic duo that’s captivating and can grab attention and place admirers in a trance.

They lend ears and pat backs and operate as the quintessential pressers of the flesh. Politics aren’t appealing, yet to have a hand behind the scenes, contributing money, hosting fundraisers and being a liaison while venturing into untested waters can be their specialty. The Sagittarius-Rabbit will dress down, formulate a colloquial twang and eat something that looks disgusting just to fit in. They won’t fool many, but who cares, a schmoozer is irresistible, and often their message seems to make sense. Publicly they thumb their noses at the establishment and aren’t hesitant about being self-effacing but they had better be the ones poking fun at themselves. At the same time, when called upon by those in power, they’ll offer public kudos towards the establishment, when thinking it deserves such.

The Sagittarius measures feasibility. The Rabbit actions and attention to detail provides an atmosphere enabling missions to be completed. The mix of valor and honor out weighs complexity that shows through. Yet most sense, what observations that aren’t clear about the Sagittarius-Rabbit, and what could be construed as ulterior motives, may be a private matter and just the Sagittarius-Rabbit’s business Take into consideration, most animals harbor anxiety within a personal theater, filled with ticks and demons nipping at their heals.

The Sagittarius-Rabbit aren’t the epitome of a doting parent. Their kids might have to raise themselves since the social obligations tend to outweigh a parental urge to nourish offspring’s. Oh, the children will be sheltered, well dressed, cared for and fed, but they can’t count on the Sagittarius parent to be present at the game or recital.

Their social calendar and roving eye are non-stop. Fidelity . . . what words can be formulated and typed out here? Absolute fidelity isn’t a strong suite. They do love, and it’s whole hearted, except they love everybody, and sometimes too much. On occasion it’s just a passing ship thing, too often the Sagittarius-Rabbit ventures into areas and relationships they should shy away from, ya.


Famous Sagittarius-Rabbits: Christopher Plummer, Milla Jovovich, Edith Piaf, Augusto Pinochet, Brad Pitt, Hal Roach, Frank Sinatra, Liv Ullman and Eli Wallach.




Sensing a duty to become an emblematic, solid citizen, the Capricorn-Rabbit goes by the rules and portrays itself as such. There is little need or desire to cheat the system since they are equipped with more than adequate ambition and know-how. Early on they have absorbed the lessons of school and life. Still they shy away from the pressure to make quick decisions that they feel clouds any logic that being consistent.

As youths they save allowance money and siphon more off from part time jobs. As teenagers they possess bankbooks and as young adults they frugally invest. The Capricorn-Rabbit establishes a track record and good credit and maximizes that line of credit in order to parlay themselves and family towards a higher and cozier standard of living.

Their social skills and assortment of friends have the Capricorn-Rabbit moving in various circles of power. Those wide-scale associations normally involve career, yet the Capricorn-Rabbit summarizes, then cherry plucks those they deem as worthy to be their cronies and then introduce them to their other draft choices to create a syndicate that’s diverse and eclectic in nature that could create a formidable team. When ready to go into action the Capricorn-Rabbit will call upon their posse of acquaintances and unveil a plan that could benefit all.

Everything is moderation, including moderation, the Capricorn-Rabbit will surprise family and friends venturing off to take impromptu vacations when they sense they are over worked, maybe the trip to someplace different is strictly to gain appreciation for what they have left back at home. In reality home is where the heart is and more than likely the vacation is to placate mates and kids.

If issues becomes risky, heated and they reach a slippery impasse and become involved in complicated tasks, filled with personal involvement, and tempers begin to show with repercussions, the Capricorn-Rabbit will only fight as a last resort. They will exhaust themselves and others, peppering all with reason, to keep it together and continue to negotiate ‘til the end. If that fails, they will fight for their principles and reasonable negotiation will no longer be part of the equation. It’s war.

In matters of the heart they tend to be secretive, perhaps gently stalking a target, showing up as a coincident and then position themselves for some lets-do-lunch conversation. When attached, or even married, they tend to let on they’re a free spirit. Many will be shocked to discover they have significant other because they often attend socials as a solo.

They cherish their loved ones and satisfy their lovers’ emotional needs but mostly behind closed doors out of sight from others. Neighbors and those who drop by their homes might be surprised to see a bouquet of flowers sent to their mates by the Capricorn-Rabbit, with their signature on a card that’s accompanied by syrupy terms of endearment.

No position or title are beyond or closed to them. The Capricorn-Rabbit can go a long way. Within their self-built organization, even after they have departed, they won’t be forgotten and it is likely the initial concepts they put in place will still be employed.


Famous Capricorn-Rabbits: Nicolas Cage, Ben Crenshaw, Cary Grant, Oliver Hardy, Alan King, Judith Krantz, Nancy Lopez, Henry Miller, A. A. Milne, Fritz Mondale and Joseph Stalin.




The Aquarian-Rabbit is a water shed of knowledge and is renowned for being sturdy in stature. Seeking facts and figures is the nature of the Aquarian-Rabbit, curious about almost everything, delving into subjects that seem far-out in the view of their peers and that may not be germane to their day to day.

They do all with a certain glee and often their cheery demeanor might have others wondering how they stay so upbeat. The same rosy outlook rises if they are struck with some sort of physical malady, which isn’t often. They elude injury and if hit with a sickness or injury they seem to recover quickly without lingering effects.

The Aquarian-Rabbit’s, Rabbit side, stifles some of the innovative ways of the Aquarian. They prefer to employ methods they or others have utilized in the past. Their libraries and reference books remind them how those before them accomplished goals and the Aquarius-Rabbit is the first to predict how history repeats itself. They watch out for mistakes, staying true to methods and recipes that have been implemented beforehand. Still, the Aquarian side will come to life in unchartered territory and this sign will can muster nouveau ideas.

As attorneys they go to court well prepared and can rattle off cases where the precedent has been established. Being somewhat superstitious, location comes into vogue, with the Aquarian-Rabbit pointing out, how in the past, they may have began a quest from a certain spot and they’ll return to that very location to launch a new project similar in nature. “Let’s do this at the office,” or, “Don’t we always prove this part out at the lab, first.”

Relocating is rarely appealing to the Aquarian-Rabbit. Leisure travel fits their needs and this person is often found exploring in the most unusual places far from home, but when it is time to go back to their profession, you’re more-than-likely to find them at their home base of operation.

The Aquarian-Rabbit has lofty aspirations, even some that are gaudy, envisioning themselves as the orchestrator and head honcho of some off beat enterprise that others may laugh at, yet in the mind of the Aquarian-Rabbit, the sky is the limit and their product or service might have worldwide acceptance and impact.

The Aquarian-Rabbit often becomes closer with friends and associates than their own families. As children they play at the house next door where the other kids are and other than business or study, they’re rarely at home.

The Aquarian-Rabbit loves company. This sign is rarely alone. Sitting around the kitchen table with family and friends is another of their favorite activities, talking for hours, them recanting stories. Their mates are often queried and peppered with questions like, “When are you coming home, or will you be home when I get there?” They’ll also quiz their children, and unlike themselves, they will expect their children to be home at set hours while wondering aloud why they have to go out in the first place.

Later in life they are often called upon as experts in their fields, to counsel and lend past experience to a project that might be stalled or dead in the water.

Their mates appreciate their rosy outlook and good disposition and certainly respect their accumulative knowledge but they at times might have to ask their lovable Aquarian-Rabbit to put a lid on it with them no longer desiring to listen to drawn out explanations about how the lawn mower was discovered and every detail about its make up. They be better off telling their mate a joke.


Famous Aquarian-Rabbits: Edger Bergen, Tom Brokaw, Leo G. Carrol, Sheryl Crow, John Hurt, David Jansen, Michael Jordon, James Michener, Jack Nicolas and Stendhal.




Usually soft spoken and reserved, the Pisces-Rabbit is a sensitive soul, poetic in nature and mindful of its impressions on others. Somewhat shy, this sign will rarely share its slant on the world, their aspirations and lifelong passion for the arts. They open up to those they deem as worthy.

The Pisces-Rabbit prefers to have a Teflon exterior and separate itself quickly from the woes of others, not apt to desire to hear all the details and descriptions of other peoples’ problems.

They’d prefer hearing a thumb-sketch condensed version and will offer prudent advice but only if they feel as if their instructions will be followed precisely. Sympathy for others . . . it’s not that they aren’t compassionate, but by listening to the news or reading the papers they are cognizant that everyone has problems.

They often feel as if their time is being wasted if the target of their advice does not follow through and will be quick to remind them at a later date if they show up at their door step in a panic and exasperated with the same problem.

The sense of humor belonging to a Pisces-Rabbit is dry but ticklish. They obtain a certain inner satisfaction making others chuckle. The irony of life intrigues the Pisces-Rabbit. Death by unusual circumstances fascinates them. Icons who taste scandal has them lipping, “Serves them right,” but mostly in the silence of their minds in the lives of others, yet in their existence, they prefer to have calm and peace.

As for art, not only appreciating it, but the application of art is high on their list of activities. Decorating, or sculpt, or even in dress, art is paramount. They consider the arts as an essence and extension of themselves with their love of beauty.

Luxury is part of their surrounding and one can be assured the bone china they serve meals on will be of some quality. The Pisces-Rabbit admires precision and their watches or automobiles are usually top notch. They involve themselves in research before making purchases.

The Pisces-Rabbit is somewhat privately conceited and tend to be loners. Often they scrutinize the possible merits of possible mates, weighing out positives and negatives. The measurement is not just of the physical attributes of another. The credentials and positive assets of a perspective mate for a Pisces-Rabbit leaves only a few lines for black marks and they will eliminate possible mates from the field regardless of appearance or riches.

Once in the fold, the Pisces-Rabbit prefers hiding their loves away from the world. They don’t fancy their mates having too much company. The families related to the mate of the Pisces-Rabbit are normally only invited over for holidays and special events. At the same time, this Pisces, likes to skip out often on its own. The secretive side prefers not to explain where they are going or why, which can test relationships. It is not that they are going out into the world for something sinister and they are mostly true-blue to mates. They prefer to maintain that air of independence even if they just go across the street to a restaurant to read the paper in peace.


Famous Pisces Rabbits: Drew Barrymore, Harry Belafonte, Erma Bombeck, Albert Einstein, Peter Fonda, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Anais Nin, George Plimpton Kurt Russel and Neil Sedaka.




Aries-Dragons are energized, usually thriving while working towards success. No stone goes unturned, no method of operandi is overlooked, and after the Aries-Dragon scrutinizes the project’s road maps they hit the road, anticipating every crossroad.

If off to a grand start the Aries-Dragon should avoid assuming the competition is over. There’s a temptation to lose focus and presume, “entitlement,” to be crowned the grand champion before crossing the finish line. They may get cute and engage in sorted trickery, to add a dramatic effect, fake engine trouble, or try and change odds, maybe even cheat when they don’t have to, not satisfied with a clean win while seeking additional laurels.

On the other hand out-of-the-gate stumbles have the Aries-Dragons frantically searching for solutions. Outright smugness when winning should be left on the sidelines, as should the feeling total despair if not smoking the competition. The Aries-Dragon should keep with original sense of purpose, size up position and just follow the rules. An unscrupulous act could lead to ruin.

With their driving force, despite early set backs, the Aries-Dragon has to apply grit. We know they prepare well, and no sign enjoys the winner circle more. The other competition can’t be left out of the contest. They should learn, getting there is half the fun.

Handsome specimens, this sign can zoom to the top at light speed. When in the planning stages while working out preparations with associates or subcontractors, “In-your-face frankness,” works both ways. Curt responses don’t feed egos. Sensitivity wise, the Aries-Dragon cares about ruffling feathers, but something snaps their psyche too often rather than discretion. They would never dream of becoming bullies with family or friends, but in contests or business the gloves come off. It’s just they’re bigger than life and during tense moments they don’t subscribe to the notion that a tender heart becomes a drawn sword.

Their life partners should be as quick as them, on the up-take, and keep their keen eyes on them, and put their foot down, same as the Aries-Dragon likes to do, not permitting them to get away with anything. They need to be reminded by someone they love, that all parties are equal, and that the Aries-Dragon hasn’t t been anointed with privileges over others in matters of decorum. There are situations, like with everybody else, that even the Aries-Dragon has to stand in line for.


Famous Aries-Dragons: Maya Angelou, Alfred Bloomingdale, Anita Bryant, Bob Costas, Russell Crowe, James Garner, Sir John Guifuld, George Grizzard, Herbie Hancock, Marilu Henner, Gordie Howe, Ethel Kennedy, Josef Krips, Elli McPhearson, Sean O’Casey, Jill St. John and Irving Wallace.




Taurus-Dragon is a mighty sign you’ll want in your corner. Try to forget a Taurus-Dragon as an opponent. Absolutely correct and Abe Lincoln honest, this sign is a formidable foe to be reckoned with, especially if they sense they’ve been swindled.

Because of an open sensitivity, these people are heralded and emulated by others who rally to become their allies. They are despised and feared by enemies. Those in lock step with the Taurus-Dragon will gladly and willingly accompany them past the gates of hell, while those against would team up with the devil to give them a dreaded fiery welcome, but only if they thought they could get away with it.

Once embracing a cause, which is usually prompted by others, “Vidi, Vini, Vici,” becomes their battle cry. Once committed, there’s no going back, and the Taurus-Dragon takes to the cause as if it’s theirs and theirs alone.

The Taurus become boisterous and demanding and might begin to believe in what they think is their invulnerability.

Keeping their wits and their scope on the pulse of things the Taurus-Dragon should come to realize those in concert with them may not possess the same burning desires as does the Taurus-Dragon. They drive their team with the fervor of a pro-football coach. From one coup to another, in no time, it’s onto the next conquest, with no time to rest on laurels, “Hey, Boss, everybody likes a vacation or weekend off now and then.”

The great challenge for the Taurus-Dragon arrives after success, while maintaining the status quo, to remain down to earth and be as convincing as before the crusades began. Success breeds jealousy and even one-time, steady allies may perceive the Taurus-Dragon’s latest conquests as too gaudy and repugnant for their tastes.

Taurus-Dragon, what necessarily got you there, might not keep you there and on top of your game. Diversify, employ tact and stay in the present.

Choose mates with the gumption, to gently point out flaws in a loving and constructive manner.

During down time the Taurus-Dragon seems more easy-going. Casual conversation and sharing time watching a game or movie on the TV has its merit. Poignant moments will move this Dragon, and tears could well in their eyes, with a genuine good fellowship kicking in. Yet get out the backgammon or scrabble board and the persistent drive returns.


Famous Taurus-Dragons: David Byrne, Salvadore Dali, Sigmond Freud, Pancho Gonzales, Grace Jones, Laine Kazan, Yehudi Menuhin, Florence Nightingale, Robert Opennheimer, Al Pacino, George Strait and Shirley Temple.




Gemini-Dragons, with enormous vision, seem custom made to drive large-scale enterprises. They create regal atmospheres, with those in their presence sensing as if they are in a royal court or the inner sanctum of Mr. or Mrs. Big. Attaining an appointment with a Gemini-Dragon, who holds a position of power, may have one going through hoops as if they are attempting to gain an exclusive audience with the Pope. Immediate subordinates indicate they’re lucky. It’s as if those on the outside are sentenced to the cold, while invitees become enwrapped in the glory of their presence.

Their social events are full of pomp and circumstance. Meetings are summits, dinners are banquets, travel is a caravan, and a picnic is an upscale-outing with white table clothes and crystal.

The Gemini-Dragon’s scope is wide it peers deeper into the future. Their vision of a finished product dwarfs other notions and then steam rolls the competition. The Gemini-Dragon sees way beyond an introductory offer they’ll place in the marketplace. They place building blocks that become supportive shoulders to stand on later.

it only makes common sense that all Gemini-Dragons can’t become captains of industry, but parents should note, when junior or little-miss, money pants wants to open that lemonade stand on the front lawn, be concerned when your kid asks about commercial zoning.

They say it’s lonely at the top and perhaps that is one reason the Gemini-Dragon normally surrounds itself with a cadre of associates. Get involved with the Gemini-Dragon and it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner and into the night. Being alone is not a favorite venue, and when they have control over others their dominance is to have suited company.

There’s something of a fitness fanatic here with them preferring hearty foods to contribute to their overwhelming energy and strength.

No entrance by the Gemini-Dragon is ordinary. Regardless of the circumstance, be it stopping for a cup of coffee, or buying a newspaper at the local store, these peoples’ arrivals are sensed by all. There becomes a whirlwind of activity, people positioning themselves after the Dragon arrives. The word flamboyant comes to mind.

They do possess a moxie, well aware of their intimidating nature, keeping it in check and a built in sensitivity towards others tends to smooth out what could be upheaval. Gemini-Dragons know, once they have it, there’s really no need to flaunt it.

They prefer mates to be physically attractive and fit. The Gemini-Dragon will expect its partner to have a continuous rising energy level, as they do, and that the dreams of perspective partners coincide with the Gemini-Dragon.


Famous Gemini-Dragons: James Brown, Rosemary Clooney, Jefferson Davis, Che Guevara, Tom Jones, Wyonna Judd, Lenny Kravitz, Liam Neeson, Cole Porter, Isabella Rossellini, Michael Sarazon, Nancy Sinatra, Marshall Tito and Johnny Weismuller.




Here’s the quintessential. The sign that views the world while sporting rose-colored glasses, Cancer-Dragons possess faith in fellow man, some of which are a leaps of faith for an ordinary fellow. Why? The would call on themselves, envision, and expect themselves to be called upon if counted on . . . and that they normally are called upon and come through while holding onto the faith that mankind is an honorable legion and that everyone thinks on the same terms they do.

The magic is, the faith they project often occurs, primarily because a deep-rooted belief in all others stems from a pure Dragon and we understand that faith can be contagious. Cancer-Dragons make it a healthy habit to affiliate with those who aspire to do well and with those who cover responsibilities in a competent manner.

Even other animals, not apt to putout, the down-right lazy and apathetic, they catch some unexplainable spirit, rise to the occasion, and feel compelled to not disappoint the Cancer-Dragon. The ambivalent who aren’t struck by a sense of the Cancer-Dragon duty and call to arms will step aside rather than interfere with the Cancer-Dragon. They’ll be rooting for them.

Rarely do Cancer-Dragons feel slighted. They take most matters at face value and usually all faces are equal in their view. The Cancer-Dragon have the capacity and compassion to lend their ears to all sides. Neutral, they seek peace and understanding.

If confronted, they’re immune from intimidation or threats. Even during accusing outbursts, the image mouthing off reflects that of their own. They see themselves in the other guy’s shoes. The adage comes into play, “One can’t cheat an honest man.”

They are aware of their Dragon strength mellowed by Cancer’s benevolence. Their downside crops up when they fail, or witness others fail. They have trouble swallowing how the road to hell has been paved by the best intentions. When privy to others who’ve failed or fallen from grace, they’re suckers for tears. The Cancer-Dragon can’t stand the sight of sadness.

Humanness is a sterling attribute. The Cancer-Dragon is not oblivious or brain dead, realizing the skeptical and cynical exist yet clinically, with in their lab of humanness, all test tubes are labeled as hopeful and positive. Often they shout, “Only if.” Their take, if there were no jealousy, greed or no laziness, the world would be their oyster.

Cancer-Dragons prefer gentle compassionate mates. When returning to the home front they desire to rid their minds of the messiness taking place within the outside world. Home is where the heart is, and the Cancer-Dragon prefers their dens to be peaceful oasis, that are calm, with someone nice there waiting with a welcoming kiss.


FAMOUS CANCER DRAGONS: Dan Aykroyd, Pearl Buck, Julius Caesar, Johenes Gutenberg, Olivia de Havilland, Helen Keller, Peter, Lore, Courtney Love, Pablo Neruda, Wilma Rudoph, Tokoyo Rose, Haile Selassie, Ringo Starr and Robin Williams.




The Leo-Dragon is another Dragon hell bent on success. Careful though, Leo-Dragon, mustn’t become disillusioned within what they perceive as their own greatness. Sure, they’re good team builders. Many are tempted to follow, envisioning the the Leo-Dragon’s bandwagon as on the road to the big time, but sometimes the trials and tribulations the Leo-Dragon put their associates through don’t always endear them to others.

Often the Leo-Dragon caravan becomes a storming crusade with wheels spinning so fast they are about to fall off. Leo-Dragon needs at times to hold up their onslaught to permit those bringing up the rear of their enterprises to catch up.

With talent and an unbending will, “not to compromise” the Leo-Dragon increase assets and their social status, yet sometimes there’s a hideous wake of twisted casualties left behind.

After attaining a pinnacle they tend to share and be loved and sometimes, no matter how hard they try to lasso affection, others won’t forget how many the Leo-Dragon stepped on while climbing the ladder leading to material gain.

Afterwards, and once they understand the big picture, they’ll spend countless hours and oodles of energy attempting to patch up differences and desire to be just one of the gang like in the good old days. This tack is usually impossible and usually there’s no going back. What happened? Still, not to totally fret, almost everything is repairable.

After a few doses of humility and love in their lives stemming from trusted admirers they can come to grips that they are just one of the spokes that makes the wheels of life turn and they alone are not necessarily the one driving force. Whatever their debt to society, they should pay it early and often. Remember who got you there, Leo-Dragon, Loyalty is a worthwhile virtue.

Having a mate who understand them and totally understands their wants and desires, or is willing to look the other way, suits the Leo-Dragon. Yet what suits the Leo-Dragon isn’t always what is healthy for them. They need someone who sees through their weaknesses and loves them anyway.


Famous Leo-Dragons: Count Basie, Barry Bonds, Sandra Bullock, Valerie Harper, Stanley Kubrick, George Bernard Shaw, Martin Sheen and Andy Warhol.




Blessed like other Dragons, with the best of looks, the Virgo-Dragon seeks the eternal fountain of youth. Body maintenance remains a priority for most Virgo-Dragons. No sign seems to lose more self esteem when out of shape. The Virgo-Dragon looks and performs in top form when physically and mentally prepared, but even more so, when they sense they are.

Yet, we understand that overdoing anything is unhealthy, and the Virgo-Dragon should have a heaping scoop of ice cream now and then, a big piece of apple pie, because the nuts and berries and a Spartan lifestyle will be back on the menu come tomorrow. The same goes as far as wasting some days away, by being a couch potato; that five mile run can also be put off for a weekend.

When considering others for various tasks, from a gardener to a perspective mate, the Virgo-Dragon might think about shying away from stereotyping. The idea of books judged by covers has long been dismissed. Virgo-Dragon might peer deeper into the credentials of those they associate with, for the positive or negative.

There are instances when the Virgo-Dragon jumps to conclusions. Consider having someone around they respect, a voice of reason, to remind them to take it easy. Often riled up over nothing. This sign burns up energies that could come into play later. Time can be wasted on trivial matters. No matter. When real-time and urgent crisis arise, Virgo-Dragons are usually the ones with the cooler heads. It’s the little things that sometimes unnerve them. And to think, they’ve been instilled with an inherent self-confidence that fits their needs.

There’s a tinge of vindictiveness here that enables them to run up the score or stick it in a competitors face. Sometimes when dealing with friendly competition they permit the get-even trait to go overboard. It can be just a game. “What goes around comes around,” is an adage for the Virgo-Dragon to keep tucked away for rainy days. Some righteousness and get-even might come their way at the hands of others and those others could become mates, siblings or children who won’t forget.

Still what of it? They’re difficult to pin down and there’s not response out of them win or lose. They are less likely to discuss their drive and genuine feelings, other than when they go ballistic, if the cap isn’t on the toothpaste. Yet other buttons in their psyche are constantly being pushed and they might think to be more expressive with people they trust about pressing matters that can affect performance.

Soothing the ego of the temperamental Virgo-Dragon can become a challenge for mates. The Virgo-Dragon has to measure those special intimate relationships and keep them in the fold because along the road to success there are setbacks and they will need a caring partner.


Famous Virgo-Dragons: Frankie Avalon, Rosanno Brazzi, Dr. Joyce Brothers, James Coburn, Jimmy Connors, Brian Di Palma, Roddy McDowall, Bill Medle, Kenau Reaves, Raquel Welch, Mae West and Paul Williams.




Who’s the greatest competition for the Libra-Dragon? . . . Why it’s the Libra-Dragon! The whimsical ways of Libra are influenced by the hell-bent on success Dragon. For the Libra-Dragon, the idea of failing . . . well there’s no such. The Libra-Dragon won’t let itself down. There’s a subconscious prodding constantly, nudging the Libra-Dragon, to make that sales call, to get in shape, to get to work. Neither side renders to the other a moment’s peace.

The shy side is challenged by the precocious ways of the Dragon. The fiery ways of the Dragon are tempered by the Libra’s panache. Outward, this seems like a perfect balance, but inward there’s an onslaught of tugging emotions. The Libra is thrilled to be invited. The Dragon can’t envision anything taking place without them. The Libra wants to see justice. For the Dragon justice isn’t a priority. The Dragon sees most things in black and white. For the Libra much is a gray area with many sides of arguments making sense.

Creativity stemming from both signs pave a path that moves forward. This sign suspends areas of their strength and banishes their well-chronicled weaknesses, to find a middle, that can coexist with others, but mostly to coexist with themselves. Those in tune have long been hip to this personal dilemma. By shedding the extreme parts of their personalities they’ll be able to conform, to be accepted. While in the throes of competition, with extemporaneous actions, they can let it all out. Those dormant parts of them are just that. They’ll awaken the full brunt of the Dragon’s power when called upon while self sensing and delivering a soothing touch of Libra’s compassion.

The Libra-Dragon’s aim is true. The smiles, the tears, the compliments, and the wide range of emotions are normally genuine.

People oriented, this combination of signs prefers not to go it alone. Once the Libra-Dragon understands the nature of their dual personality they’re apt to team up. They have a knack to recognize positive merits. The Dragon’s side tones down their intimidating nature making a Herculean effort for others to feel at ease. The Libra rustles its ambivalent side, to show enthusiasm towards subjects, and even towards others they could care less about, to pay mind, ‘cause they need affiliations.

The Libra and the Dragon clamor, contour, manipulate, using smoke and mirrors, with the Libra-Dragon pulling out all stops. Compromise becomes part of the equation. They will share time, material possessions, profits, ideas and lovers. However, sharing power is out of the question.

This sign appreciates beauty. When Libra-Dragon needs soothing if perplexed, they’ll take in a sunset, the garden, or museum in order to savor the best things in life.

The emotional needs of the family are often ignored. The quests loom large and focus dictates with them tending to forget others, who they should be concerned about. When they do realize they’ve shelved the affections and desire to make it up, it could be too late. The Libra-Dragon must shake loose priorities and pay closer attention to those seeking their time for all the right reasons. Family and relationships need to gain parity with professional accomplishments.

As for mates: The Libra-Dragon should have that ace in the hole special one, not related to any of its outside endeavors. Having such company, who can serve also as a mentor, and serves as a good time out, enables the Libra-Dragon to recharge the batteries. If convinced a significant other has their interests at heart, the Libra-Dragon can settle a bit and listen without outside interference and they can work their charm not just for the other they fancy but to entitle themselves a sense of peace.


Famous Libra-Dragons: Sarah Bernhardt, Angie Dickinson, John Lennon, Nietzshce, Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Reeve.




Powerhouse, bigger than life itself, colossal, are fitting descriptions for the Scorpio-Dragon. Anyone knowing of Scorpio realize they go for the jugular and knock people silly until they stop to wonder, why are they doing all this? That is the knee-jerk reaction, to attack first and ask questions later. Combine the Scorpio with a thermal nuclear power of the mighty Dragon, and we have the preverbal bull in the china shop. Don’t give this sign mind-altering drugs or speedy stimulants.

Not that others combinations of signs aren’t challenged, it’s just that the Scorpio-Dragon has been constantly challenged and is aware of its overwhelming strength, cognizant of its lust to conquer and covet with a Scorpio thirst for vengeance, armed with its sharp tongue and the brutal ways of handling disagreements.

Besides getting through school, getting a job, finding a mate, raising a family and having a life, the Scorpio-Dragon deals with it and is saddled with a volatile disposition.

The Dragon’s attack, it’s heavyweight. The Scorpio is cunning with killer instincts. Talk about responsibility. This combination of signs can bring on self-destruction before hitting puberty. Or else this sign will be blessed with a sage’s comprehension, it has discovered on its own, that controls its eruptive emotions and this sign will bloom into a passionate gentle giant. If “life” is a test, the Scorpio-Dragon was dealt a doozy of a challenge with a high degree of difficulty.

What also comes natural is the Scorpio-Dragon’s ability to pay attention to detail. Having a fix on the way people think is a help and by fine tuning themselves, then by going with the flow, up to a certain extent can place this sign in calmer waters. The Scorpio-Dragon does have options, to go one-way or another and latch onto deeper convictions owed to themselves, primarily because they are on their own and hardly anyone counts on them to go the distance. They can opt to destroy themselves or to conform.

If they make the wisest choice, all their passion and strength isn’t going to disintegrate, not likely. There’s that fire down under. A battle tested Scorpio-Dragon learns to dispense to itself doses of emotions, contusive to particular situations. That explosive force, if you will, can be called upon at a moment’s notice yet the Scorpio-Dragon can harness those emotions for the wellness of all.

A Scorpio-Dragons who master themselves might just become masters of the world.

Love? The Scorpio-Dragon’s mysterious, delirious desire to give way to the throes of passion, weakens the knees and debilitates both Scorpion and Dragon. A mountain of gold could be ignored for an ounce of passion. All could occur in seconds flat.

Mates are subject the Dragon’s hot-breath lust that includes tenderness and love, and then also included are the Scorpio’s piercing stings inflicting pain or perhaps arousing. Their mates, same as them, had better be up to the challenge. If survivable there can be a joint life that boasts magnificent rewards.


Famous Scorpio-Dragons: Louis Brandeis, Walter Cronkite, Francois Mitterrand and Roseanne.




Relieved of complexity, the Sagittarius-Dragon clearly broadcasts exactly where others stand in their viewpoint, they like you or they don’t. With those they take a fancy to will be warmly treated by an enthusiastic attractive beast, strong in stature, clear minded with aSagittarious-Dragon’s tender and generous heart.

Hearty laughs can be shared by all. Joint concepts, by this fertile-minded sign and their cohorts, solves pressing problems or can set into motion the idea of profitable enterprise. The Sag-Drag takes care of his boys, fortifies them with faith while injecting courage and plants in minds confidence having the Sagittarian-Dragon as enormous back up. Oh, it’s a grand time and a cozy comfort zoned compared to many alternative relationships.

Being perceived as the family’s or organization’s tower of strength has this Dragon beaming with pride, providing them a sense of purpose, as a guardian, head-honcho an intricate part of a whole. Their diversity enables those stand-up guy’s traits to enter various professions. She’s the head nurse you want on your staff. When the Sagittarius-Dragons play the role of subordinates, under the command of others, they ‘re not shy about speaking up, to tell the boss what’s going wrong. And they get away with it, mostly because their criticism is constructive.

Not all that verbose, yet in simplistic terms, they’ll voice alternative measures and become counted on as steady watchdog voices of reason. All their lives family members, coworkers and friends will flock to the Sagittarius for prudent advice on matters. Their blessing or sign off on matter are often sought after.

Enemies? Enemies are just, that. They are faceless, motherless and shadowy, to be dealt with in a ruthless fashion. The Sagittarius-Dragon’s friend’s enemy is their enemy. No explanation is needed. The Sagittarius-Dragon’s offensive is a tour de force that dwarfs and crushes all and everything standing before it. Without emotion, without sense of conscious, the Sagittarius-Dragon puts its righteous might into motion and stamps out all resistance without quarter.

The saving grace is that the Sagittarius-Dragon possesses an inert reconstructive plan. They can make treaties of course, only after unconditional surrender, forget the past and patch things up. One-time enemies are welcomed into the folds of the Sagittarius-Dragon, a place that’s normally gleeful and just.

Mates of the Sagittarius-Dragon will be relieved of worry in protective matters. It’s a nice cozy feeling to have an impervious security blanket under the covers with you.


Famous Sagittarius-Dragons: Louisa May Alcott, Francisco Franco, Chuck Mangione, Michael McDonald, Richard Prior and Melisa Tomei.




Capricorn-Dragons, they’re the coach’s sons, the eagle scouts, crowned princes who will take responsibility serious and employ the responsible methods that are taught and handed down. The female corps of Capricorn-Dragons is often first in a class or noted often as the first female to . . . If it weren’t for gender gaps Prime Minister, or President or Pope might be place in front of Capricorn-Dragon’s name.

Mentally, this sign is stable, level headed and studious. Not to be compared to rocket scientists, because in-depth knowledge isn’t their forte, nevertheless, merge their adequate raw intelligence with tenacity and ramrod straight leadership and the Capricorn-Dragon is primed for greatness.

They’re the dream dates of gah-gah admirers, and the dream date of future mother and father in-laws to have their sons or daughters hook up with. It’s too good to be true. True? All idols have clay feet, as does signs like the Capricorn-Dragon possessing strong points and flaws. But lets continue to focus on the positive.

They get dressed for Halloween and go out with their kids, decorate the tree and have to hold themselves back from blowing out their own kid’s two-year old birthday cake’s candles. They kiss babies, dance with brides and weep with friends at family funerals. They RSVP, are punctual, and bring a spare bottle to the party just in case. Often, they and their mate are first to arrive, in order to help, and last to leave after cleaning up the kitchen.

Loyalty and honor are words they don’t take lightly and they’ll hang in there until the end, either as a leader or team player. As in all Dragons there’s a resonating voice inside.

Ready? When deals or relationships are turning sour, they won’t ‘fess up. An inbred Capricorn-Dragon’s pride can’t fathom flashing an iota’s tinge of weakness. “I’m sorry,” or “I was wrong,” won’t be heard by mates, subordinates and loved ones. “I can’t say,” and “I don’t know why!” are cowardly paralyzing strangle holds that overcomes them, statements they absolutely know that when uttered makes no sense, but nevertheless, they say them. The Capricorn-Dragon has trouble coming to grips, realizing at times we all have to reach out to someone. Inside they know better, they’ve been trained and readied, but to come clean with what’s on their minds and to explain actions are beyond their capability.

Sensitivity should stem from mates. The Capricorn-Dragon arrives as a sturdy gift box decorated with a fancy ribbon. Packed inside, there’s a glorious heart, precious and priceless, it’s just there’s some sticky wrapping paper gunking up the heart inside, that needs to be carefully peeled away as to not tear the heart’s fragile skin. Mates should ask the Capricorn-Dragon to trust them, the way they themselves have put faith in and trust the Capricorn-Dragon with their and their children’s’ very lives.


Famous Capricorn-Dragons: Joan of Arc, Joan Baez, Neil Diamond, Faye Dunaway, Martin Luther King, Pamela Sue Martin, Aaron Neville, Gregorio Rasputin and Woodrow Wilson.




The Aquarian-Dragon sees all as brothers and sisters. This brotherly and sisterly love remains intense. So intense, while showing its love, the Aquarian-Dragon will kill ya to prove it. . . Now, that’s love, baby. They don’t really desire everything to turn out so morbid, but those placed under their care will come to fine out their true feelings regardless of means applied.

Perhaps that explanation’s somewhat extreme, but never doubt the intensity of the Aquarian-Dragon as to get their point across. Equipped with lightning quick comprehension they sense they possess the know-how to administer to any situation. The Aquarian-Dragon relishes crisis and conflict, so they can come to the rescue, issue crucial orders, shore up the weak and rally the hopeless. They pinch hit, double on sax or man the griddle, barking orders for all to get in line and shape up the operation.

Thriving on quick results, they won’t let up and then will pump up the volume and turn on the offense, expanding operations and condensing redundant programs. Speedy and efficient, the Aquarian-Dragon sets the pace and keeps the petal to the metal. Nobody gets left behind and the Aquarian-Dragon offers one and all opportunity to excel within their given assignment.

To a fault perhaps, their passion for conquest and never-ending litany of orders only has meritorious effect for so long. There isn’t much room in today’s world for benevolent dictators after the revolution. The Aquarian-Dragon needs to begin to trust the very systems and work ethic they’ve forged in place. After gaining more than a foothold and during reorganization, their job might be best to delegate authority and perhaps only surface at headquarters to heap praise and render bonus checks or exercise authority by giving walking papers to those not towing the line.

The Aquarian-Dragon attributes gleam at the edge of the sword, yet their influence at the swordman’s handle, with their didactic ways, having the palm sweat to lose its grip.


Famous Aquarian-Dragons: Susan B. Anthony, Neil Diamond, Matt Dillon, Placido Domingo, Chris Farley, Diane Lane, Abraham Lincoln, Jean Moreau, Roger Mudd, Ayn Rand, Smokey Robinson, Shakita, Stephanie of Monaco and Roger Vadim.




With emotions in tact and tongue firmly place in cheek, the Pisces-Dragon just may be the most charming of Dragons or even that of Pisces. You see, not that much gets beneath the thick skin of the Pisces Dragon and if things do become testy they rely on their sense of humor to smooth things over. Having tremendous looks and robust health and a regimental devotion to physical routine, the fast moving Pisces-Dragon doesn’t stay long enough in one place to feel the heat.

Dragon fortifies, the quick to cry and ultra-sensitive side of Pisces, and Pisces, mellows the larger-than-life might that can be wielded by the Dragon. They sense need for order and justice. The sentry stands at the ready and will muster its forces and rush into action when alarms do sound. All and all they prefer to stay away from both extreme measures and prefer middling themselves and staying away from harems way.

Messy family matters are a giant turn off, as are politics in the office. The Pisces-Dragon prefers to hit the road, go to work and remain immune from the day-to-day hassles. The Pisces-Dragon would like to meet a new person each day, make new friends, and continue the relationships. They remember birthdays and anniversaries and phone friends and family with merry greetings or to console.

The Pisces-Dragon likes to take the lead when organizing events, double checking preparations and openly ask what more needs to be done?

Practical, all goals are within reach, as is the goals of their mates and children when they lead the family. Junior doesn’t have to make team captain, just let him make the team and no one is expected to excel beyond their limitations. The Pisces-Dragon handles disappointment in a clear-headed pragmatic manner. They analyze the situation, judge repair feasibilities, yet aren’t beyond trashing the project and beginning all over again from scratch. “It will just take a little longer and we will start over,” they’ll say without a trace of emotion in their voice.

The leadership of the Pisces-Dragon seems to excel when things are going south. During gains they tend to remain quiet, non-assuming and they never count on victory and its spoils beforehand.

Their appealing looks attract many, but the heat department lacks some, not that they aren’t capable, it’s just that type of overt one-on-one mushiness embarrasses them.

It is during times of immense joy, or witnessing and sensing loved ones pain that the Pisces-Dragon loses it’s cooler than a cucumber edge. They’re suckers for feelings and often they are noted for composing and writing out the merits of dear friends at their funerals but won’t be the one’s to read. Their mates are treated to touching sentimentality on mother or father’s day. No birthday card merely has a signature, there is usually a touch than goes beyond and rattles the senses.

Animal lovers! Did I say it? The back door of a Pisces-Dragon is where a lost puppy might want to show up. Cats and dogs and other domestic or farm animals take to them, as do children.


Famous Pisces-Dragons: Edward Albee, Prince Edward, Rob Lowe, Glen Miller, Gregory Peck, Freddie Printz Jr., James Earl Ray, Mr. Rogers, Dr. Seuss and Irving Wallace.




Here is where opposite personalities merge. The Snake side is cool, calm and collective a sign that often shies away from crowds. The Aries makes obvious entrances, who’s precocious and who desires to pitch in and help, stays busy, joins affiliations and does well.

The Snake prefers to be cautious and the Aries relishes the opportunity to take chances.

What’s an Aries-Snake to do . . . Fall in love? Now love that is the ticket that intrigues both sides of this combo of a sign, no matter if they throw themselves into a profession, a project, a life partner or whatever. By giving their devotion and full focus wholeheartedly with decisive actions enables both sides of their dual personalities to automatically kick in. The Aries sign rises to the occasion, as does the temperament of the deep-thinking and dedicated Snake.

A satisfied bliss arises after the successful pursuit employed by the Aries-Snake. Maintaining a solid relationship carries them a long way. The love they receive, they return, them doing so multiple times. Family becomes paramount. They overtly show affection towards parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, cousins, friends and those special lucky lovers.

Only thing, those on the other end of their offerings never seem that confident or remain quite sure the Aries-Snake’s affection is bonafide. Sometimes those on the receiving end of their warmth feel as if they are just maybe being placated and are merely receiving handouts, as an almost thoughtless charity given towards them by the outwardly generous Aries-Snake.

Since the beginning of time we have been told about the Snake’s charm and we’ve been warmed about its deadly venom. There was a film where one actor asked another, “Would you rather be loved, or feared?” The Aries-Snake does so much desire to be loved back. They see their sentiments towards others as since but practically, how far can they go and still be feared. Down deep, they forecast there’s a chance their love or devotion could be lost if not appreciated. This applies to personal relationships and those of business.

Attracting suitors and venture capitalists will rarely be a problem for the strikingly beautiful Aries-Snakes. Yet because of an erotic nature they need to take heed with those who desire them to become merely a trophy or notch in the belt of conquest rather than being a romantic partner or in business. The Aries-Snake should always consider separating terms of business from terms of endearment.


Famous-Aries-Snakes: Julie Christie, Clarence Darrow, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Martin Lawrence, Sara Jessica Parker, Ryan O’Neil, Andre Previn, Pete Rose and Bobby Vinton.




There’s not much of a gambler here. The Taurus-Snake rarely enters into unknown territory unless they’ve summoned up the situation and sense what’s perceived as a sure thing. Rather it be driving around the block, looking for a parking space, to a sports bet, or sentiments of the heart, there has to be no doubt for the Taurus-Snake there’s no risk, but a slam dunk. Not taking a chance and unless assured by inside information the Taurus-Snake would prefer to just pull into the parking garage and pay the fee, decline the bet on the World Series, or pass on calling up someone they fancy to ask for a special date.

The Taurus-Snake peers into the future and envisions the messiness created if events don’t pan out. Considering, when speaking of parking, they might be late for the curtain call or crucial appointment while searching for that elusive parking spot, or then have their hearts broken see their favorite team go down to defeat along with losing money, or, have their pride roughed up and confidence shaken while rebuffed in romance.

So, what do they employ? They do what they know how to do. The Taurus-Snake’s smooth as silk sales pitch is more of a charm than going for the jugular. If they ask for the sale prematurely, and find themselves on the receiving end of a, “No,” the Taurus-Snake realizes they could be at a dead end and out of options.

The Taurus-Snake prefers the softening up process first, a bombardment that melts away doubt and lays the ground work for opportunity. They have the ability and stamina to heap praises towards their focus, a tried and true method that often has their clients leaning towards and thinking, “yes,” before they’ve even asked for something.

As for personal tastes, the Taurus-Snake appreciates music as one of the great pleasures. Perhaps they know hardly anything about music theory, or they may not be able to play a musical instrument, no matter, music warms their hearts.

They possess fabulous senses of humor. Those close to them are privy to doubling over with laughter moments.

The Taurus-Snake slivers and prefers to ease in on things, create a work ethic, to be competent and achieve small gains. With the atmosphere established, all adds up to having them being the one chosen to carry the guide on after they have prepped themselves for leadership.

In matters of the heart the Taurus-Snake tends to sit back and be noticed, even though their hearts might pound, desiring to have the right possible mate come along, one who recognizes their beauty and sensuality for what it is and for what it is worth. Oh, they do detest phonies.


Famous Taurus-Snakes: Burt Bacharach, Tony Blair, Johan Brahms, Pierce Bronson, Raymond Burr, Daniel Darrieaux, Fats Domino,, Henry Fonda, Audrey Hepburn, Ann Margaret, Joan Miro, I. M. Pei and Toots Shore.




The Gemini-Snake’s attractiveness plays well with a demeanor that remains poised and where to them that every location feels like home. They maintain a dainty touch. Their graceful ways are contagious and when in the presence of a Gemini-Snake, even the clumsiest of sorts pick up on the vibrations of the Gemini-Snake and all remains calm and neat.

When in pursuit of opportunity or favor, the Gemini-Snake is more apt to seduce the apple cart’s owner, rather than upset the cart, in order to get to those juicer apples on the bottom. That old cart owner will dig deep in the pile for a nice ripe one.

This sign exercises great restraint and self-control, even in the midst of the most tumultuous circumstances. Steady at the wheel, careful not to ruffle feathers, the Gemini-Snake at the command will issue orders that sound genteel, regardless of the urgency of the matter.

The welfare of the family comes first. The pursuit of money remains strong, but the Gemini-Snake is unlikely to sell their souls and dignity for the sake of a deal.

Great poker play here; other player’s sense the Gemini-Snake has to be bluffing? That’s the strategy; to have others speculating and doing the guessing, meanwhile, the Gemini-Snake sits pat, quietly raising the stakes without fanfare, Knowing all the while it’s the others making errors in judgment.

The Gemini-Snake is the master of having others make the mistakes. They’re keen and observant and measure where the competition went wrong. Then the Gemini-Snake adapts, contours their own plan alleviating potential pratfalls. With their grace and charm and with a foolproof plan it is then easier for them.

Such methods instill a confidence in the Gemini-Snake with them accepting facts they don’t have to be trailblazers. Often trailblazers go over the cliff. The Gemini-Snake acts when the time is ripe and victory is assured.

The acceptance by family members of their mates is of the utmost importance to the Gemini-Snake. They are more than likely to take a family poll, asking relatives if they think their new mat has promise and can fit into the families’ scheme on things.


Famous Gemini-Snakes: Chuck Barris, Charles Collingwood, Bob Dylan, Ann Frank, John F. Kennedy, Stacy Keach, Cindi Lauper, Dean Martin, Harry Nilson, Cole Porter, Jean Paul Sartre, Brooke Shields, Beverly Sills and Charlie Watts.




“It’s not the man, it’s the clothes,” that’s just part of the said by them self-analysis and make up of the Cancer-Snake. The Cancer-Snake usually is outfitted in timeless tweeds and wools during winter. During summer, its woven cottons, prim and proper. Digging deeper in their closet is probably a tuxedo at the ready, mourning wear and a wedding gown. The Cancer-Snakes wardrobe may not be extensive, but there is an enough of a coordinated mix and matches that showcase the look of an extensive and stylish closet.

Fancying being the host-est with the most-est, while orchestrating grand events for family and friends, no detail by them goes unnoticed. When the Cancer-Snake is in charge everything will be well accessorized including Her Majesty’s ensemble.

Even during modest of times, when it’s chips and pretzels, bound to be served over caviar, the Cancer-Snake desires all guests satisfied. In some creative way they’ll spruce up the mood even if it’s during a rainy camping trip. The Cancer-Snake show cases exquisite taste with smashing accessories. Those accessories or maybe Christmas decorations are usually appropriate, not that they have to be expensive, but the Cancer-Snakes insists they’re authentic rather than something plastic-like. The Christmas tree is more likely, not to be draped with electric lights and tinsel, but rather, classier matching-colored ribbons and balls,

There’s some of absence minded brewing within, or maybe, when they seem oblivious to events taking place right under their nose, it’s as if the Cancer-Snake has gone into a trance on their own terms, with some self-imposed space-out dictating what should be remembered and what should be forgotten.

The Cancer-Snake on the outside, and in the view of observers, rarely changes their pace regardless of what could be the end results. Rather it be in time of peril or that of leisure, The Cancer-Snake’s approach and methods remain constant. A deep-seeded, “everything will turn out all right,” attitude, maintains the Cancer-Snake, enabling them to block out negative consequences. They won’t rush when late and won’t brood or pick up the pace if down 10-0 during a picnic softball game.

Creatively: Mix and match is the forte of a Cancer-Snake, creating a bookshelf from used bricks laying around the outside, turning a dump into a doll house or sporting a stunning outfit and assembling such out of what others might think are out of date duds that have been plucked from a second-hand store.

Gossip does not interest them. Honesty counts. The idea of sensual passion gives them reason to live. They should always know the difference between telling a fib or that of a lie.

Their mates might have to do without when it comes to the latest model, but whatever brand comes into the household, it will have a track record of good service. The practical side normally rules, yet under the covers, their mates will be pleased to discover that no passion towards them will be spared.


Famous Cancer-Snakes: Phyllis Diller, Lena Horn, Elizabeth Hurley, Dorothy Kirsten, Peter Mass, Ashley Montagu, Buddy Rich, Liv Tyler and Andrew Wyeth.




Blessed with boundless energy, the Leo-Snake’s task is to control the pace while having a strategy and remaining fixed on the course. Rather than constantly having the pedal to the metal the Leo-Snake might think to save the acceleration for the curves before the engine blows and wheels fly off.

Rather than forcing issues, despite harboring strong convictions with proof to back them up; easing up might be the key . . . so, ease up a bit Leo-Snake. The Leo-Snake’s confidence and eventual performance won’t be deterred by thinking ahead or by conserving energy for the last leg.

When it comes to how they perform under pressure, adversaries with opposite agendas try and turn the tides of opinion against the Leo-Snake, and we know perception is everything. The Leo-Snake needs to guard that its strengths aren’t turned against by such ploys. It’s logic, them harnessing and conserving their own power.

Often it becomes difficult for the Leo-Snake to realize they’ve won and the pursuit by others to beat them out is basically over. Call it, “rub it in your face,” or make them, “say, uncle,” the ego of the Leo-Snake insists on unconditional surrender and total capitulation before they let up on the attack and ceasefire.

Their motives none-the-less are truly benevolent, even if the Leon-Snakes method at times in the midst of conviction can be somewhat bent, “I’ll have to kill you to prove how much I love you, brother,” much like the Aquarian-Dragon.”

Still, there’s a deep-seeded wish to enrich, enlighten and become the savior to the masses, and for the world to see the scope of things the same way they do. Such desires drives them all their lives.

Remaining attractive over the years, their sense of an idealistic loyalty and their exuding warmth colors them as ageless. In the eyes of the rest they are often seen as forever young.

They prefer all things genuine, detest fakes, and can freeze the competition with a moments piercing glare.

When enticed by a possible life mate the Leo-Snake will use every trick thought of to capture a heart. Those attracted might need to do the same if only to catch up with their never-ending, social schedule.


Famous Leo-Snakes: Gracie Allen, Paul Anka, Peter Bagdanovich, David Crosby, Cecil B. DeMille, Hulk Hogan, Jimmy McCulloch, Robert Mitchum, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Buck Owens. J. K. Rowling, Martha Stewart and Vira Miles.




Always discreet, the Virgo-Snake is the true plotter. During times of pressing responsibilities, mental unrest and woeful woes, those maladies won’t interrupt the Virgo-Snake’s concentration on what they perceive as priorities. The plan, to project and to perform, and holding fast to the notion, that no matter what, the show must go on.

Virgo-Snakes have the ability to remain cool and proficiently operate on the surface regardless of whatever emotions are stirring beneath their skin. Hardly do we ever see the Virgo-Snake panic or become exasperated. This can be described as nerves of steel or just being able to constantly maintain a laser focus.

Actually, the Virgo-Snake is such a planner; they have a scenario ready even in the face of a less-than-likely defeat.

Quiet and industrious they analyze situations, envision various angles and carefully chose which are the routes to success. They’ll maintain time- tables, not to strike too early or show too late. Systems are at the ready to implicate after an initial onslaught and during transition periods. Thought of also, are exit strategies.

Ardent and passionate, beneath that cool exterior, they’re capable of exciting themselves or their partner or both, to some dizzying height of out-of-this-world sexuality.

The ingenuity skills of a Virgo-Snake could crank up an old engine left out in the rain for, “Who knows how long?” Puttering is their playground.

Virgo-Snakes prefer to keep burning issues of malcontent within the ranks in the family in both social and business matters. Those in business with them are rarely part of the family, Not all that trusting, they do place enormous faith in immediate blood, including those who become trustful cornerstones of an extended family.

This sign possesses a wanderlust, to travel but normally it has to be first class. Equipped with language skills many Virgo-Snakes are bilingual.


Famous Virgo-Snakes: Yasser Arafat, Claudette Colbert, Elizabeth I, Mel Ferrer, Goethe, Greta Garbo, John Lee Hooker, Bob Newhart, Arnold Palmer and Otis Redding.




Generous and affable the Libra-Snake can go a long way. They recognize bases of power and often are drawn to it and the Libra-Snakes are terrific facilitators for grateful power brokers. They are whizzes at sizing up situations, where some shoring up needs to occur. For their employers they’ll recruit others and then educate, apply systems and check to make sure all understand and are fit for the task. There’s a strong sense of loyalty, even though some of their employers are less scrupulous, but the Libra-Snake generally ignore those aspects of the boss, not to be judgmental and be as fair as they can be towards those directly beneath them.

Even though they play limited roles in the entire process both sides appreciate them. By playing limited roles, we mean, they don’t make the decisions. The Libra-Snakes are needed to a certain extent, as the middleman, the negotiator or the bearers of news. They will carry out the mission without personal involvement other than trying to soothe egos while trying to alleviate messiness.

The Libra-Snake normally makes their deal up front and is amply rewarded for a job that is somewhat unenviable at times. They do treat other peoples business as if they are their own. Competence and honesty rank as supreme in their book. The Libra-Snake sporting a robust good sense of humor and can gloss over touchy situations by applying such.

The Libra-Snake knows how to promote enterprises and is not beyond handing out flyers, making calls and politicking for those of which they affiliate themselves. They know how to press the flesh, pat backs and give compliments.

Most belonging to the Libra-Snake parade are blessed with nice looks and sturdy bodies. They like being athletic and participating in sports, especially team sports are a place they can both blow off steam and participate in good fellowship.

The Libra-Snake likes the good life, name brand items, better model cars, and possess household gadgets with all the bells and whistles. Their dress is normally stylish, leaning to the conservative, but with enough sparkle to have them noticed and noticed they are. There is a tendency for them to be sloppy and hiring a cleaning lady once a week isn’t the worst idea.

Libra-Snakes rarely do their own laundry, they’ll send it out and you can forget about them washing windows. They coined the expression, “I don’t do windows!” Their love life is usually uncomplicated and they normally have attractive mates such as themselves, yet they aren’t looking for Ensteins, but mostly the Libra-Snake appreciates someone pretty or handsome with good senses of humor.

Left over troubles from past relationships being shared with them by new mates is a turn off. They could care less about the past and are primarily interested in the now. They are fast to compliment their mates and do make them feel special when in public. There is somewhat of a treasure hunter here or at least they are someone always willing to listen about some new opportunity that has recently come down the pike.

They are family oriented, maintaining lifelong contact with parents and siblings. They could even share a house or room with them later in life remembering and trying to bring back the good-good feelings of home sweet home.

There is a likeness towards youth and children, but the Libra-Snake might prefer to be that favorite uncle or aunt rather than raise their own.


Famous Libra-Snakes: Jesse Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi, Mario Lemieux, Linda McCartney, Thelonious Monk and Patrick Roy.




There’s the heat and sting of Scorpio, mixed with the aloofness and reserve side of the Snake, that’s eagerly pumping through the veins of the Scorpio-Snake. The Scorpio-Snake is private, very private and they detest people snooping into their lives. They could be speaking with an associate who has decided to elope the next day, and the Scorpio-Snake won’t breath a word.

Whenever anyone unveils them something personal about themselves that not be to their liking, they are apt to ask, who said that? and regardless of the nature of the comment, positive or negative they steam somewhat within themselves, annoyed their business was being spoken about by others. It’s not as if they don’t care to be popular, oh, they do, or they don’t like laurels or jealous statements being spread about them, about their exquisite looks or accomplishments. It’s just they prefer being the ones doing so.

Still these people are very inquisitive about subjects or individuals. They are so interested they’llconduct a full-scale investigations, of course, always under a veil of secrecy. Their homework is to find out everything, to research and use gum shoe tactics so they possess as much information as possible. Obviously, they detest surprises.

The Scorpio-Snake wields a certain amount of authority, even though they may not have been deputized. They will tell total strangers they can’t use a staircase or an exit in a public building or that a certain elevator is to be used just for the privileged. They’ll bark out warnings with conviction as if anointed to be the watchdog or guardian over an area or person they have little to do with. It boils down to that they don’t mind bossing others. If their authority is challenged, there will be a problem. The bad feelings might not surface just at the time of an affront, but we know the Snake is patient and it won’t forget a brush off, even if it was benign and rest assure that somewhere down the line there will be a price to pay for whom they deem as an offender.

Scorpio-Snake like most Snakes and Scorpios are attractive in look. They’re fastidious about their dress and looks and goodness, never touch their hair. They will check themselves out in the mirror a minimum of a half dozen times before leaving the house and they never met a mirror they didn’t fall in love with.

Mates too become objects, fitting images for the distinctive tastes of the Scorpio-Snake, fitting a visual image appropriate in minds as one that’s worthy for the Scorpio-Snake. On the home front they are less likely to delegate authority while demanding all purchases and decor be run past them first for approval. The same goes for their children and they don’t believe their children should assume anything, just because all the other kids are doing it. They must be shown respect and first asked if it is ok to participate in any event scheduled outside the house.

Anyone who crosses a Scopio-Snake is in trouble.


Famous Scoropio-Snakes: Charles Atlas, Dick Clark, Fxodor Dosoevsky, Indira Gandhi, Henri Gault, John Keats, Grace Kelly, Dennis MIller, Alfred Nobel, Pablo Picasso.




Dignified and with a solid sense of itself, the Sagittarius-Snake sums up situations and remains self motivated. The Sagittarius is industrious but not to such a degree that their enterprises consume every moment. They are time efficient and can compact their professional lives in order to enable themselves time for leisure.

There’s an obvious casual approach to the mission yet no important details of the plan are left out by the Sagittarius-Snake. They normally don’t jump to conclusions and aren’t as hell bent on success as other Snakes, yet their desires remain strong and ambitious. Quick to smile, quick to console, the Sagittarius-Snake is sensitive towards others and won’t harp on subordinates when they are down on their luck or outside interferences are nipping at their heels. The Sagittarius-Snake boss is more than likely to tell their employee to take some time off and to pay attention to their immediate woes and then come back rested and ready to go.

They create an air of calmness and leadership but still, have long before prepared themselves to react under fire. The Sagittarius-Snake is quick to offer advice and just as quick to ask for it. They don’t keep everything bunched up inside them nor or they ever go onto the brink. They seek experts, whether it is someone at the top of their field or the parish priest, depending on where the problems lie. Their style and delivery of speech won’t sound like an SOS, but more of, “What would you do if . . .” The Sagittarius-Snake will take in the advice, probably place their on spin on things and then act accordingly to alleviate tumultuous situations.

Physical in nature, this sign likes the outdoors and nature during all seasons. As they prepare in business, they prepare the same for sport or hobby. Their exhibits or installations are neat and well thought out and if they chose to act in a community theater, they’ll always be on time and have memorized their lines. Convincing actors, well maybe not, but nevertheless all will be thrilled they are part of the acting company.

The Sagittarius is a welcome member in any organization, primarily because they never bully and can be counted on to be a voice of reason.

Family responsibility comes first while mates and children will be secure and cared for. They nurse the sick and encourage the healthy to be all they can be. Their praises for mates and children will be generous while their criticisms will be constructive and rarely heavy handed.

Perspective mates will have to be clean and organized. There is a sort of test that takes place beneath the surface. The Sagittarius-Snake, in romantic terms, has no time for scatterbrains or those they perceive as disingenuous. Those with a weak moral fabric and will be quick to eliminated as candidates. Mates will also be both judged and tested and the scrutinizing might take place without perspective mates even knowing the test is taking place. Often they don’t hook up at all, with them envisioning problems that could lie ahead because of differences.


Famous Sagittarius-Snakes: Kim Bassinger, Beau Bridges, Tom Hulce, Pope John XXIII, John Malkovich, Jon Stewart and Ben Stiller.




Brash and articulate the Capricorn-Snake dazzles observers with an unorthodox grace and style that’s rarely witnessed. There’s usually a veil is humor flashed by this sign, yet beneath the ruse, the Capricorn-Snake is dead serious about achieving goals.

They don’t take exception kindly. They can dress down an employee, team mate or manager and all hear such and think of the blistering attack as just good natured razzing and fun, except the Capricorn-Snake and target zero. They won’t mince words and there will not be the slightest sense of loyalty stemming from the Capricorn-Snake if they believe their welfare isn’t paramount in the view of associates. They live by the, “What have you done for me lately?”

The Capricorn-Snake does not seek or need approval or look for friendly counsel. Frankly, they don’t need anyone to tell them how to go about what they’re seeking, not the friendly uncle or anyone else who attempts to preach to the Capricorn-Snake that their interests is at their heart. They will reach out for helping hands, mostly in terms of financing, but as far as applying their skills and the timing of such, they alone are masters of their own destiny.

Often their decisions can strike fear and doubt into their own ranks, with contemporaries afraid they might be pushing the envelope and all could be lost. Yet the Capricorn-Snake remains the perfect tactician and often counts on taking one-step forward, then two steps forward, and if there is a trace of them backing off, it’s surely just a tactical retreat and the brutal counter attack will be quick to come, be fierce and decisive. “How did they do that?’ will spring from the lips of observers, because not only does the Capricorn-Snake talk the talk, but they do of all signs, walk the walk.

When their ship comes in, it’s wine and roses, champagne and caviar for all around them and they will hoot to the heavens, “I told you so!”

There’s not much room in the heart for sentimentality brewing within a sign so focused on themselves and their quest. Often those close are left to the wayside and mates and children have little choice but to shelve their wants and the only ticket out might be to jump on the Capricorn-Snake’s bandwagon, and prepare themselves for a quick exit and take only what they can carry.

The Capricorn-Snake will turn its back forever towards those who in the first place never believed or those lost faith in them. Those people have no choice but to forget the Capricorn-Snake forever. This person will prevail, with or without allies and those who predict their eventual destruction will be disappointed. Love them or leave them.


Famous Capricorn-Snakes: Buzz Aldrin, Lailia Ali, Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawkins, Mary Higgins Clark, Howard Huges, Martin Luther King, Sarah Miles, Aristotle Onassis, Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Ripley, Howard Stern, Mao Tse-tung and Regine.




Amazingly adaptable, more so than most, the Aquarian-Snake often waits to see how things pan out before taking a stand. Or, if they show their colors beforehand and things begin to slide, they can contour their approach and methods to meld into and align itself with the winning side. Yet their choices for commitment and allegiance aren’t blind and normally without emotion they make practical decisions beforehand.

There’s a realist here the Aquarian-Snake measures feasibilities. Also, more open in thought and speech, the subterfuge side of the Snake is smothered somewhat about Aquarius’ free spirit that bubbles in a more overt manner.

There actions are more pragmatic than their often whimsical ways of thinking, which is healthy, because after studying the situation they can truncate a grandiose scheme “adapt” taking into account of things and go with backup plans. Those backup plans may have been on the storyboard first, yet they gave way to that dreamy utopia the Aquarius-Snake likes to live in, but when self-shaken out of it, the Aquarius-Snake then resurrects the initial plan. All and all the Aquarius-Snake would prefer to perform on the high wire without a safety net yet hopefully they will be surrounded with accomplices who bring them safely and soberly back to earth.

There’s a lot of heart in this sign and the thought of repercussions from their actions forges their final decisions. Perhaps they are willing to go through the hardships and endure to no end, but they don’t desire their contemporaries to suffer on their account while being involved in their theater. On matters outside their own scope, they too are benevolent and will hold up on and delay their own mission to console friends or family having a hard time. They’re generous and caring and follow up promises with concern and genuineness with a distinct humility.

As for mates, the Aquarian-Snake must be allocated lots of space and a cynical mate should never crush their free spirit. Dreams are delicious and often steps need to take place before those dreams can take flight into reality. A mate who doesn’t appreciate the Aquarius-Snake vision will just cast a shadow of doubt over their sense of worth and the Aquarius-Snake might feel stuck in the mud, thinking, if they can’t convince their significant other, that they are on the right track, then they may as well just forget it. Remember if you’re a mate of an Aquarius-Snake, it is a sin to assassinate the idea of happiness.


Famous Aquarian-Snakes: Christie Brinkley, Dick Chaney, Charles Darwin, Richard Gephardt, Carol King, Abraham Lincoln, Chaim Potok, Sydney Sheldon and Oprah Winfrey.




Their heart too often is ice cold. Yet we’re talking about a species whose flesh seems warm and sensuous with a smile and attitude that normally lights up rooms. The Pisces-Snake shields the cold portion of its heart from most others as an inbred protection. Their outward kindness and aloha is surely noticed and amply bestowed upon others by an insurmountable warmth. They hand all that warmth out in equal installments.

During chilling revealing moments they flash a gloomier view to unfortunates or those who have betrayed them during icy instances filled with tension when the Pisces-Snake lets it be known. “I don’t love you anymore, or I never did!”

Towards children, grand children and parents, there’s a lifetime of an all-encompassing affection, which never diminishes. Yet those who have deceived them, despite at one time them being lovers, their outward erotic nature and riveting touch can and will turn to unemotional stone.

Unlike most Pisces, who are normally outwardly sentimental, the Snake takes control here and rations out emotions with absolute caution. The Pisces-Snake remains ever so cautious and their mates yearn to be assured and to hear loyal terms of endearment. It’s not as if the Pisces-Snake may not sense all encompassing closeness, but they are less likely to express such, perhaps reluctant because they don’t desire their mates to be placed in such a comfort zone and become complacent. They keep lovers and mates thinking.

Besides having grace and beauty, the Pisces-Snake is self-sufficient. One job, two jobs, three jobs at once is not out of the question. They’ll keep up with the Jones’, not as if they’re involved in upmanship in a contest to achieve more material goods than the other guy, but rather to provide themselves and family with items that everybody else has. They don’t want to be perceived, regardless of economic status, as not capable of paying their own way and providing for themselves and family.

This sign loves to laugh and be surrounded with those they deem as close. Sharing is no problem and the Pisces-Snake is always willing to roll up their sleeves to chip into help, either doing extra tasks at work or assisting neighbors.

They have a deep seeded desire to love and be loved, it’s just they experience much during early years that unfortunately galvanizes a mind set that the pains from heartbreak aren’t worth going through more than a couple of times during a lifetime.


Famous Pisces-Snakes: Desi Arnaz, Anthony Burgess, Robert Lowell and Andrea Segovia.




The Aries-Horse possesses a plan to launch every project and to climb every mountain. Nothing is impossible. But who is the Lancelot going to orchestrate the Aries-Horse’s elaborate plan? That’s always the question and the Aries-Horse’s dilemma.

The Aries-Horse is armed with lightning quick comprehension. They’re fast to enlist and organize, forecasting a rosy future that whistles a fine tune into most ears.

The intellect and comprehension skills of Aries-Horse can envision the dreams and aspirations expressed by others. After a few sentence of explanation both parties are on the same page, the Aries-Horse, encouraging the schemer acting as a driving force so they can sketch out a bigger picture. Bravo, Aries-Horse!

There will be a deal in the works in no time. What the schemer doesn’t know, the Aries-Horse knows about everything, piece of cake. Then the Aries-Horse deal manifests, homage is expected to be paid to the second part of a new coming deal about to be struck.

All started out so well for others but the Aries-Horse is apt to hear, “But, boss, you didn’t tell me about the land mines, and there’s too much heavy lifting!”

The Aries-Horse jumps the tracks with their grandiose, the-skies-the-limit schemes and too often prefers the sound of their hyperbole over common sense. Their first round draft choices of employees become thumbs in the dike rather than fortified buttresses. Some ultra cautious people just don’t trust them. Then to think, in the benefit of the Aries-Horse, if those pertinent instructions were carried out flawlessly, that ole Aries-Horse would have been right on the money . . .

Yet when off base it seems unfathomable. It’s like they never listen to their own advice that is normally right on.

Going in search of, and finding an honest mate, does wonders for the Aries-Horse and much more. Of any sign, a favorable hook up with a worthwhile mate relieves the emptiness sensed from lack of love then propels the Aries-Horse on to true greatness. No sign sees the little picture or one of grand scope clearer.

Quiet reflection is always a worthwhile therapy for the Aries-Horse. Looking back on accomplishments and how the pace of things was handled during meritorious quests should be duplicated rather than untested methods.

Regardless of preparation, the best-laid plans won’t pan out if participators quit.


Famous Aries-Horses: Pearl Baily, Betty Ford, Aretha Franklin, William Holden, David Jansen, Erica Jong, Nikita Krushchev, Herbie Mann, Marsha Mason, Steve McQueen, Sandra Day O’Connor, John D. Rockefeller III, Bessie Smith, Tiny Tim and Michael York.




Paying attention to the various facets of life and as students of history the Taurus-Horse is fascinated by it all. From crib to casket their sense of the past enables them to adjust to the fluctuating lifestyles and trends of society as a whole.

The Taurus-Horse is comfortable in the skin of the world’s audience, playing a small part of its universal cast. Then the Taurus-Horse might be apt to take leading role, becoming an intricate member of a squad, or maybe, they will situate themselves as being in a inside circle of influence as both an observer and player, to try to insure where things go or to just see what happens. There’s an enigma sort here.

The Taurus-Horse carries its own bags regardless of their status. They rarely complain. Yet when the Taurus-Horse leave their seat become part of the plot they desire to be spotlighted and expect to be amply rewarded.

Having ego boosts aren’t that sought-after. When motivated, the Taurus-horse simply does their job, get their pay, and move on with little fanfare.

Employers find the Taurus-horse is difficult to pin down, and are reluctant about making long-term commitments. Christmas Help is how they like to be pegged, or be held in reserve, called upon if urgently needed. Not ones to make history, rather they prefer be part of it as voyeurs to society, the Taurus-Horse remains ambivalent to what’s usually occurring unless they sense a timeless trend rising.

They enjoy company and usually don’t go it alone, rather it be social or business. Many keep domestic pets so they don’t feel alone, ever. This Horse desires the home life. Family and friends will prod them to attend affairs or functions. Either they’ll pass, or make a face and then begrudgingly accept. Once there, they are ok.

The Taurus-Horse is a voracious reader and prefers documentaries over sitcoms.

Their life mates should share the same interests, or perhaps lead completely different lifestyles to be on hand for the Taurus-Horse to share unrelated intimate times. These can be precious moments between the two often cause, outside life and interests are rarely discussed one on one. They’re a perfect for being one who enjoys their own independence.


Famous-Taurus Horses: Stephen Baldwin, Jason Biggs, Cint Eastwood, Ella Fitzgerald, Ulysses S. Grant, janet Jackson, Cloris Leachman, Nikolai Lenin,, Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Streisand and Mike Wallace.




When the routine becomes dull, the Gemini-Horse’s mood goes from bored, to distraught. Nothing is less appealing to this mover and shaker than inactivity or if there is no anticipation of something exciting about to take place.

The Gemini-Horse thrives on being busy and having their hands in a number of projects taking place at one time.

Some stress arises, primarily if another focus grabs the Gemini-Horse’s attention, pulling them away from one project and having them dive headfirst onto another. This practice can be unfair to others and often unnerves partners and associates.

Travel’s a priority no matter what they’re involved in. The Gemini-Horse finds the road to be adventurous rather it is on long drives or taking an airliner. The mysterious idea of what’s in store for them keeps their inquisitive juices flowing. There are notions; new opportunity or romance may be waiting for them at the next rest stop or airport lounge. The Gemini-Horse expects significant events to occur, on such a scale, that those impromptu events just might alter their life. Cross roads are appreciated, and the feel of the force, from destinies wind, they prefer, to perhaps be whisked away in some nirvana state and then, just to see what happens.

Eternal optimists, the Gemini-Horse do have a read about the significance attached to their life. They seek omens offering direction and they’re eager to throw caution to the wind and go for the gusto. Speak on the phone with a Taurus-Horse over two days. Each day that call might come from a different continent.

Ardent lovers they are. The sense of adventurous spirit and how they react to touch excites their mates. Yet all of their own arousal may stem from the very idea of the, Gemini-Horse, being in love with the idea of love itself. The sensation raises their spirits, and being so self-centered might have them coming up small for the person on the other end of the supposed, two-way affection. Too often it’s the welfare of their state of love, rather then caring for the heart and soul of another. That indifference lends to problems in relationships, especially for Gemini-Horse. They need to hammer home to themselves, that issues of the heart, are a two-way street, and no crossroads should come into the picture when it comes to decide what’s best for a couple.

Often for the Gemini-Horse, all is in the hunt, the chase and the eventual seduction.


Famous Gemini Horses: Josephine Baker, Jim Belushi, Dashiell Hamett, Paul McCartney, Freddie Prinz, Zoe Saldana, Billie Wilder and Brian Wilson.




The Cancer-Horse places those they love way above them. Theirs is the shoulders to stand on, caring as much as to offer their lifeboat’s seat on the Titanic. Service and loyalty, along with personal sacrifice, are all part of the complicated make up of the Cancer-Horse.

The Horse side of this sign wishes so much to shine, to be noticed, prompting “oohs” and “ahs” from an appreciative audience. Then the Cancer side seeks a humble and inspired sense of worth, anointed as the indispensable one, the tower of strength, to be counted on, which becomes a self torment, to be recognized as much as the Horse’s side.

That type of denial and deep-rooted desire streaming off the mane of from the Cancer-Horse brings about a distinct sadness; yet the Cancer-Horse feeds on the deprivation, a lacking that drives this complicated soul. Their quest: To be loved and understood; yet too often they aren’t. The Caner-Horse often asks itself, “Only if, only if only they understood and could actually sense what I’m willing to do, only if, . . . then maybe . . .”

The enormous ego of the Horse, chews at the bit, anxiously awaiting the spotlight in order to show their stuff. Then the Cancer-side, restrains the Horse-side, embarrassed about the harboring such wants that shows as obvious. Each side of the sign holds the other back, yet it’s ironic perhaps, that both sides of the Cancer-Horse yearns for the exact same results; to be called upon, appreciated and showered with unconditional love.

Rarely does a combination of signs have more honorable goals then those of the Cancer-Horse. Nevertheless, skepticism arises from others, who sense the sadness and witness a stalled stallion with contagious maladies that might stifle those other’s with waning faith in the Cancer-Horse.

On the very-very positive; those intrigued, the fertile-minded, those with the insight to recognize the brewing brilliance and compassion, will find the Cancer-Horse irresistible and welcome them in open arms. The sole price of admission to be part of the Cancer-Horse’s life is unconditional love.

Forever caring, the Cancer-Horse detests the sight of suffering. Any sense of someone else’s peril jumpstarts their desire to rescue.

Cancer-Horses can help themselves by self medicating themselves a healthy dose of selfishness now and then; shelve the Cancer-side, snatch the limelight and not to worry so much for others. The Cancer, can pull on the Horse’s reigns and anonymously perform random acts of kindness.

The Cancer-Horse remains ultra sensitive. Breaking up relationships of any kind is difficult for this sign. Clean breaks are best, hopefully eliminating lingering problems or feelings of guilt.

There’s always tomorrow and tomorrow can mean a fresh start.


Famous Cancer-Horses: P.T. Barnum, Ingmar Bergman, Edgar Degas, Mick Fleetwood, Harrison Ford, Ann Landers, Nelson Mandela, Satchel Page, Rembrandt, George Sanders, George Steinbrenner, Arthur Threacher, Mike Tyson and The Duke of Windsor.




The Leo-Horse is a sign of action. This Leo is a workhorse. When captivated this sign’s capable of continuous work, day-and-night, night-and-day, or around the clock. It is prudent advice to the Leo-Horse that more attention should be paid to recreation and health. All work renders the Leo-Horse as less productive, capable of working away at their health, especially for white-collar Leo-Horses with desk jobs. Physical workouts of any nature should become part of the Leo-Horses life-style.

Those whose job description spells out, “it’s physical,” might consider centenary diversions during down time; attending spas, a hobby, joining a team, going to the movies etc. Healthy activities, away from primary projects, are rejuvenating for over all conditioning.

There’s fame attached to winning a local sports tournament. Diversion vacuums the mind while providing lighter focus, so when the Leo-Horse returns to the workbench they’re recharged.

The Leo-Horse leans to the optimistic side, envisioning their sunny forecast as an essential input that’s the winning edge. Holding fast that attention to detail and tedious work overcomes glitches. Smaller glitches and delays do arise from a yet to be perfected system and often wreaks havoc with the psyche. That’s why a spirit of optimism reigns as supreme for the Leo-Horse. They will work through the process and look to eliminate mistakes by trial and error.

Yet with optimism does come frustration, wishing and wanting more at time than performance. The desire is always there, yet at times there is no more fuel left to burn.

The temper also needs to be curbed. Here is one sign whose temper doesn’t earn points or makes them appealing regardless of merit, or even if there’s eruptive reactions because of righteous indignation. Not a pretty sight, the Leo-Horse brooding and lashing out.

Mates should be flexible to an ever-changing schedule. Family should take advantage of leisure time with the well-liked Leo-Horse. Mates should be the constant reminder urging the Leo-Horse at times, to take it easy.


Famous Leo-Horses: Neil Armstrong, Kobe Bryant, Davey Crockett, Robert Culp, Leo Durocher, Jerry Garcia, John Huston, Aldous Huxley, Ros Perot and Princess Margaret.




Aware of its sensuality, realistically aware of its beauty, fully informed, mostly by intuition about what’s taking place between the sexes, this cautious Horse isn’t’ the one to take advantage of their wide-spread physical appeal.

There’s a practical side, an alternative, that seeks goals they deem more worthwhile than frolicking with those who fancy their look, or to serve themselves up, to be explored by libido brewing beneath other peoples skin. These people often shelve those temptations that also have the capacity to arouse their own flesh.

Their higher-planed aspirations are brainier, more so than dilly-dangling. Then there are risks, tying up their heart. that could create setbacks they’d rather eliminate while in the fray of things.

Their rapidfire intellect and good looks not only enables them to seduce, but to be persuasive and convincing and able to perform within a myriad of activities. Virgo-Horse flashes both style and substance.

Dealings both personal and business remain above board. The Virgo-Horse makes strides at being punctual and reliable. They’re observers at first, who quickly become involved and then admired after offering helping hands, sold and assured of their commitments and responsibilities.

Genuine love for children, nephews and nieces shows as apparent. They’re every kid’s favorite uncle or aunt, making a fuss, desiring to listen and heaping praise, while spoiling everybody with gifts.

The Virgo-Horse pitches in, first to arrive to see if they can help, hanging out later to see if there is any cleaning up that needs to be done.

This sign has some trouble balancing books, at times a spend thrift and needs a stingy guidance managing their money. The money comes via a solid work ethic, but it gets spent just as fast by the Virgo-Horse’s generous nature.

As for love and the art of lovemaking. The Virgo-Horse desires to learn the needs and wants of its significant other, and even will go out of the ordinary in order to please them in all aspects dealing with physical and carnal pleasure.

The Virgo-Horse is rarely crabby and welcomed by all.


Famous Virgo-Horse: Leo Bernstein, Warren Buffet, Sean Connery, Elvis Costello, Allen Drury, Ben Gazzara, Paul Harvey, Sameul Goldwyn, Adam Sandler and Ted Williams.




The Libra-Horse is the civilized survivor. No moves, no methods, no ways of thinking will be seen by observers as of a barbaric or savage nature in order for them to prevail. Even if urgent situations surface or ones of a desperate nature, no one catches the Libra-Horse in a sweat or notices a drastic change in the Libra-Horse’s demeanor.

The Libra-Horse will surmise the situation and make adjustments and then usually employ thoughtful and peaceful tactics resolving the stickiest of situations. They will gather contacts, of past and present, bring them up to date, and calmly state the mission ahead and what needs to be done on their or their team’s behalf. They will communicate with all sides, ally and foe, painting a realistic picture and speak of the negative repercussions if havoc continues.

After a Libra-Horse has been given a forum, to say their piece and implore for peace, only the stubborn and thick headed won’t see things their way. The Libra’s sense of justice desires fairness for themselves and even those with other ways of thinking. They clearly define what outcomes could be in store all if things go astray. They make sense and present a scenario as if they are all in the same boat.

Never powerless, the Horse side backs them up, silenced for the moment, yet heed should be taken and understood that the Horse’s power could be unbridled as a last resort. We have the true negotiator here.

When all is calm they prefer to retire to their stables and high-falutant elegant stables is what they prefer. There’s a lighter side to the Libra-Horse, when they will veil their calmer nature to become buoyant and festive, so to laugh out loud and actually horse around in playful ways with friends and families. The Libra-Horse has the ability to shelve and blank out unwelcomed interferences to take time out for jovial times.

The Libra-Horse is attracted to people with purpose, those who have theories and ideals they can latch onto and become passionate about. The Libra-Horse is interested in every facet of their friends or associates beliefs and opinions. If they disagree, they aren’t likely to take issue, yet have no problem becoming the devil’s advocate, asking questions like, “What if?”

Libra-Horse has ample room in its heart for tenderness, fully realizing that tenderness can lead to passion. Passion is essential part related to an intimate relationship with a Libra-Horse, yet others can enjoy a warm chummy relationship with this sign even though sensual intimacy may not become part of the equation. For some, eluding those aspects of relationships it’s a relief, to be with someone like a Libra-Horse who’s sole desire, is not to seduce, but perhaps to intrigue.

This lesser self-notion that others find refreshing, often opens up doors for the Libra-Horse that are not threatening and become more satisfying than the art of seducing and conquering. No weepy, pitiful aspects of the Libra-Horse’s personality surface and if they’re burdened with problems they’re less likely to dump them on friends or lovers.

Children of Libra-Horse will sense they have a steady soundboard to go to when they encounter the everyday problems of life. They may not prompt a slew of compassion but they will be on the receiving end of good and prudent advice from the parent Libra-Horse which will take them a long way.


Famous Libra-Horses: e.e. Cummings, Rita Hayworth, Penny Marshall and Stevie Ray Vaughn,




There’s an air of invincibility and smugness exuding from the Scorpio-Horse. They often appear as serious in nature while blessed with stunning looks. They are widely recruited because of their outward demeanor and appearance regardless if they have documented credentials to actually do the job. For those in tune, the Scorpio-Horse’s lack of experience is no problem. They seize an opportunity to mold the Scorpio-Horse to their way of thinking, by informing and educating, arming them with essential tools to complete almost any mission. They appear like natural born leaders with perception being everything and the Scorpio-Horse can be saddled with responsibility and bring home the bacon.

Of course for those who the Scorpio-Horse shuns, and their are many, or those who lose out on utilizing the talents this sign can bring to the party, well those people tend to become jealous, jealous they don’t have the merits and look of the Scorpio-Horse in their camp. Thus sometimes enemies are created, perhaps not an outward declared war, but others will wait in the wings desiring more to see the Scorpio-Horse fail and fall on their face. It’s an occurrence that isn’t likely.

The Scorpio-Horse has the grit to deal with detractors. Frankly they could care less, because once they do make an allegiance, their minds are set. Scorpio and Horses aren’t ones for across the board sentimentality and when justice is doled out they can stand by as observers and come to conclusions that “That’s the way things turn out and so be it.” When it comes to them being on the wrong end of events, they will take their whooping and usually not complain.

Their honor and dignity must remain in tack if they are to make a comeback, no crybabies here. Exuding style and grace comes natural. The herd of Scorpio-Horse can remind one of a Quarterbacks convention, cool and composed, nothing out of place and their uniform is sparkling. As stated they are standouts.

It is only when the Scorpio-Horse goes over the top with unfeasible ideas and ideals that rarely exist, do they ever get in trouble. You see the Scorpio-Horse is more of a facilitator than a brain trust. They are better off employing tactics drawn up by others. All the mental faculties are in place to contemplate yet that’s not what they are best at. The road to success for the Scorpio-Horse is to be on a team with a long-standing reputation for excellence, so they can lend their hand and learned expertise.

The home front is an oasis to be enjoyed and a place to shut out the outside world with the ickiness that comes with it. With children and loving mates they can forget some of that charm and get down on the floor and play horse.


Famous Scropio-Horses: Art Carney, Michael Crichton, Bob Hoskins, Paul Simon, David Schwimmer, Teddy Roosevelt and Yanni.




The Sagittarius-Horse is a bevy of activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s work or play, the Sagittarius-Horse wholeheartedly throws themselves into projects and events. They perform at a high caliber to achieve success regardless of pressures even if there are daggers thrown at them. They remain mostly oblivious, yet they are soberly aware of the distractions, and realize they have to be dealt with. They possess an inert ability to block them out.

Their dress often reflects their impervious nature to the spoken of pressures, the shoes will be shined, the hair won’t have a strand out of place and god forbid if the lipstick is crooked. Not a chance. That bedroom or bathroom left behind might look as if their has been a tornado has gone through it, but no matter, no one will be there during the working hours and the Sagittarius-Horse will return to tidy things up, eventually. Their schedules are jammed with appointments from morning ‘til late at night and often they truncate wonderful visits indicating they must be off to the next meeting.

The sign sees a silver lining in every disaster, often rationalizing it’s better events took a turn for the worse, now, rather than later. They try to see the opportunity immersed within problems, to solve them, or patch things up, or take a newer more dynamic course of action to set things straight and get back on the right track. Mates and associates will and will not appreciate their zest to save the day by altering the course. Those who have their ideas set in stone aren’t always so willing to give an inch yet those who do appreciate their multi-faceted view on things will find the Sagittarius-Horse as a welcomed relief pitcher who will hold off the tides of defeat while a new plan is formulated.

Cheery on the outside and open to most, this sign does possess a vindictive nature, not just if they sense they’ve been wronged, but they’re willing to declare a open state of war against foes of their friends and associates. Almost Snake-like, they will go behind enemy lines and even congregate with the said enemy while collecting vital information that can be put into effect in the next battle.

Balancing life, career and family and providing time for all, the Sagittarius-Horse plows onward and outward but rarely inward. If they did, the scope of responsibility they have taken on might shrink their sense of vitality. If they get to wonder how much gas is left in their tank it could make their palms sweat with anxiety that they may not be able to achieve the tasks at hand.

Yet their energy, like everyone else’s, does need to be replenished and it would be healthy for this sign to escape the whirlwind of activity now and then, to go hermit or maybe hideaway with a trusted other. They normally choose one love or a few trusted friends to take retreats with and those times can add vigor for the days ahead.

These people often choose to have children and family during a later part of their lives. Once they sense they have launched a career or finished sewing oats so to speak, they then feel comfortable enough to shed some of the added responsibility to take more time on the home front. As older parents they make terrific mentors and examples, nourishing the young and bringing them along to become more-rounded people.


Famous Sagittarius-Horse: Leonid Brezhnev, Dick Butkus, Arthur Feedler, Nelly Furtado, Jimi Hendrix, Sinead O’Connor, Otto Preminger, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Andy Williams and Joe Williams.




It’s not much horsing around for the Capricorn-Horse. Definition: the mantle of seriousness encases This Horse. Even if they aspired to be a stand-up comic it would be serious business. This is the teammate who’s still fretting about fundamentals when your team is winning 50-0. They can’t help it.

It’s not that they don’t see the glass half-filled, they just know what an empty glass looks like and taste like, so for the Capricorn-Horse, it’s defense, defense, and defense! They may have had Noah’s Ark all built beforehand, just in case and if they’re roomed at the upper floors of a hotel, you can bet they know where the fire exits are.

On the surface the looks and athletic coordination are apparent, making the Capricorn-Horse a proper fit as a nice-looking, eclectic, bouquet of blooming people. Their appearance and willfulness has them welcomed in various circles of influence. They show promise and deep-rooted desire. They appear as non-threatening, good for one, good for all. Yet at the helm they will insist on other’s, all others, to adhere to the mission as if it is holy war. They rarely let up and despite admiring them, and loving them deeply, that sort of consistent intensity can wear down even the most fervent support.

The Capricorn-Horse means well and their firm grasp on matters stamps them as sober minded and vividly stuck to the present. The Horse traits are kept mostly in the stable, yet they’re alive and kept mostly out of commission due to the controlling aspect of the Capricorn. The rich and sometime deliciously erratic spontaneity can rise from time to time. When the Capricorn-Horse merges its pragmatic side with the suave faire, the Horse’s energy and alignment with career and personal relationships can take quantum leaps and provide the Capricorn-Horse with riches more so than the material and status.

They’re less likely become bitter and choose to endure yet the maladies and broken bones will leave scars. Going the hard route has never been a problem for the Capricorn-Horse. They can do the job everyone else shuns.


Famous Capricorn-Horses: Aaliyalh,Tia Carrere, Robert Duvall, J. Edgar Hoover, James Earl Jones, Janis Joplin, Kevin Kostner, Annie Lennox, Dave Mathews, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Andy Rooney, J.D. Sallinger, Anwar Sadat, Kiefer Sutherland and Denzel Washington.




Have ticket will travel. Always ready for adventure. The Aquarius-Horse follows trends, joins movements, or is hot to trot for action, any action, like taking the quickest boat to China. Many Aquarian-Horse were the kind of kids who felt stuck in the house with their faces pasted to windowpanes. They just can’t wait to group up, grown ups are so lucky to be able to come at go. The Aquarius-Horse has an early sense that lures them along with a persistent call of the wild.

First out the door in the morning and last to come home, the sense of wanderlust pretty much stays with the Aquarius-Horse and they don’t worry about it. There’s action out there and god-forbid they miss one night, they could miss something big and that would be awful.

They’ve paid the price over a lifetime but nevertheless, as kids punished for coming home past curfew, and they’ve felt the wrath and have lost the affection of mates and others who have felt neglected and flabbergasted the outside street seemed more important than them.

What’s an adventurer to do? Destiny sweeps away Aquarius-Horse and with their resilient nature they’re apt to fit in anywhere. They’ve chopped wood for a winter with sturdy men of the north, did it on a whim, and were quick to make friends. Jacks’ of all trades, the Aquarius-Horse shows up at remote locations, perhaps on their own knowing no one, without resources. Soon enough they surmise what’s needed, where’s the nitch and they’ll provide a valuable service. They can become maestros at enterprise. Their sense of need is remarkable, coming up with what at first might be perceived by observers as off the wall ideas, and don’t you know, the Aquarius-Horse winds up successfully pulling them off with magic and flair.

More than likely after a short period of time, the Aquarius-Horse will sell, give away or just abandon what they will start to envision as yawning status quo related to their ad hoc activity and just move on with nor regrets. They may have read about a huge demonstration to take place in a nation’s capital or a concert that might be bigger than Woodstock and they’re off, perhaps to never return to that neck of the woods during their lifetime.

Face it, they’re Gypsies, or if for some reason they never choose to escape and go nowhere, they hold on to the state of a Gypsy’s heart. their sense of adventure might surface from within. They and their families will be thought of as interesting . . . laugh out loud. They’ll have the strangest hobbies and weirdest pets. Most in the family will mold themselves after the Aquarius-Horse, begin to dress like them, talk like them, and take on the same views as them. These immediate family members admire the Aquarius-Horse’s swashbuckling nature, a nature that presents themselves as fiery independents. Aquarius-Horses are often paraphrased by those close to them.

Carefree, the company of an Aquarius-Horse is fascinating, and many do desire to stick with them through thick and thin, but that’s the trick. Those who fancy the Aquarius-Horse had better be mobile and be ready to shed roots themselves. The Aquarius-Horse will lead its family onward to events and scenes that the price of a ticket can never buy.


Famous Aquarius-Horses: Jack Benny, Ernie Kovacs, Gene Hackman, James Michener, JohnTravolta, Chris Rock, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Robert Wagner.




Moderation, in moderation is the casual nature of the Pisces-Horse. There’s a comfortable steadily balanced make up here. Neither side of the Pisces-Horse makes an effort to dominate. They ease out to the world shinning attributes stemming from each of their signs. Upfront demeanor and curiosity of the Horse is always in vogue, while the sentimentality stays alive inside heart of their Pisces and rarely takes a day off.

The Pisces-Horse prefers art and music and willing to become students of drama. They lean to be involved in those fields either professionally or as a hobby. The Horse side of them has them sporting fashionable avant-garde outfits, of course to be noticed, and the more reserved Pisces side of themselves blushes when complimented, hiding their eyes, yet their insides have turned to jelly, thrilled.

There’s a deep-seeded aim to please brewing. Often the aim becomes distorted with the Pisces-Horse aiming their energy in the wrong directions. Detractors and those without their interest at heart, too often can sense their desire to appease and take advantage, with the Pisces-horse subject to unfair criticism from a boss, stage director or disingenuous lover. Their children can pick up on it too, and if not disciplined and have the tendency to drain the energies of the giving Pisces-Horse. Criticism hits hard and deep at the Pisces-Horse and can debilitate them, have them place projects on hold, paralyzing all aspects of progress.

The Pisces-Horse needs to realize everybody gets criticized and they should fend off temptation to give in and take so much to heart. They desire to perform, they desire to be recognized and reach out for respect. Easier said than done, the Pisces-Horse should shelf their emotions and measure their value and sense of worth of which there is plenty.

The love they dispense; their sense of heart felt compassion, their giving nature is appreciated and admired by the genuine within their lives. Seeking recognition in the wrong places for the Pisces-Horse is a slippery slope. They’re apt to fall into nasty habits. Alcoholism, drug or gambling addictions could become a dangerous byproduct from associations with bad affiliations that can provide a terrible price to pay, just to try and please people who aren’t worth it. The Pisces-Horse has the wherewithal to sense all this beforehand and must gather strength and not fall into temptation.

Once they realize such, who’s good for them and who’s bad for them, the skies clear. Healthy diversions, family, hobby, art, their love for music and creation and to get lost in a utopia fitting for such a sensitive figure are peaceful places where they are much better off.

Mates who understand and so appreciate their refined beauty and dainty touch will boost the Pisces-Horse and provide the assurance that catapults them to a higher plane. They can absorb knowledge rather than doubt and achieve everlasting love without regret. The grass will always look greener on the other side to the Pisces-Horse yet if they take stock, they are provided gifts and surroundings that are worth so much more. Remember, moderation in moderation.


Famous Pisces-Horses: Chopin, Ron Howard, John Irving, Lord Snowden, Mickey Spillane, Vivaldi and Joanne Woodward.




The Aries-Goat strives for universal happiness. These people possess a one-world agenda and are baffled that Twenty-First Century global harmony hasn’t already occurred. The quintessential cheerleader, the Aries Goat encourages those they care for through thick and thin. Willing to take the back seat, and shelving their immediate needs including a healthy Aries ego, they willing to play the role of a radiant hub acting as the hinge linking potential leaders, mentor or protégé. There’s satisfaction being an intricate part of the mix and or at least making their entrance within a flamboyant entourage.

The Aries-Goat doesn’t situate themselves out front, in the vanguard of change, but one can count on them in the background whispering in the trail blazer’s ear.

They only wager on sure things made up of thoroughbreds or proven winners, or at the least, those flashing vast potential.

If only the Aries-Goat was perhaps a little less condescending or flippant towards the drones of the world. Even though ordinary workers aren’t always attention getters

the necessity for pawns and the immense role they play should never be discounted. Just because someone isn’t in the winner’s circle after the last race doesn’t mean they’re a perennial loser. It’s just the Aries-Goat hasn’t admiration for those with the penchant to come up short. It’s a trait the Aries-Goat can work on.

They’re fast to jump off any bandwagon way before the wheels come off. They can smell forthcoming scandal and the sinking of fortunes. Some radar kicks in.

The Aries-Goat is a neat freak, insisting co-workers and mates dress cleanly and keep their items in order. If not the Aries-Goat looses a certain amount of respect for them.

The mate must live up to standards and will be subject to the rules of the Aries-Goat. The Aries-Goat is usually the boss in personal relationship. Rewards for their mate’s can be substantial, if mates don’t mind constant scrutiny and supervision. Mates strong enough about their own convictions and ways of doing things might have to straighten out the Aries-Goat. This yearning the Aries-Goat possesses for universal harmony needs to take place in the home first. Aries-Goat does well rendering advice in the office on the campaign trail, but don’t always carry off the deed on the home front.


Famous Aries-Goats, George Benson, Nora Jones, Kate Hudson, John Major, Leonard Nimoy, Joseph Pulitzer, William Shatner, Christopher Walken and Bob Wodward.




Surrounding themselves with beauty, and usually they’d prefer them at pristine locations, is the lifelong pursuit of the Taurus-Goat. Mostly the grandiose desire is more of a daydream. Yet if immense riches don’t manifest, they’ll still indulge while staying within their means, even if it’s within modest terms.

The driving force behind such pursuit is love. The Taurus-Goat desires a sharing relationship more so than most signs. It’s not always necessarily intimate love, which is appreciated, but a love of family or that of humanity.

These people come up with tremendous ideas and methods to orchestrate ideas into tangible enterprises and they achieve through defined action.

With heaps of ability and know-how, including a willing drive to be successful, they also have a penchant to bask in the glory and go ahead and splurge on profits on themselves and those close.

On occasion the Taurus-Goat show keen interest and begins their pursuit a tad early, jumping the gun so to speak, regardless if the pursuit is material gain or someone’s heart. The Taurus-Goat has a tendency to be impatient and won’t wait of the green light. Such premature moves can kill any deal or idea of romance. Plus often the Taurus-Goat hasn’t actually made up its own mind if the pursuit is worth the price to pay. Sometime things don’t pan out. A saving grace and better to have cleaned the slate, the Taurus-Goat has no trouble abandoning the pursuit plus the comeback ability to begin all over again, taking a different tack.

As stated, the Taurus-Goat needs to show patience rather than be patient. The future always arrives one way or another. Early defeats or losses shouldn’t deter the Taurus-Goat from going for the golden ring later on when well into the game of life. It has been chronicled that many Taurus-Goats are late bloomers.

Mates should share the same dream. If plans don’t work out, well they can lick each other’s wounds, recover together and go onto better things. Teamwork has proven out for Taurus-Goats. Rather the support comes in the form of caring mate, or constructive editor the Taurus-Goat and their pillars of support will again join forces satisfied they have accumulative knowledge and will launch again on the right track. With faith in others and faith in themselves the Taurus-Goat could wind up with that pristine beach house.


Famous Taurus-Goats: Tom Ewell, Katherine Hepburn, Sugar Ray Leonard, Liberace, Willie Mays, Tim Mc Graw, Laurence Olivier, Eva Peron, Ezio Pinza, Pete Seger, Toni Tennille, Rudolph Valentino Debra Winger and Bob Woodward.




Regardless of surroundings and upbringing, the Gemini-Goat’s impeccable manners and a flair for sporting proper attire can parlay a Gemini-Goat into circles of wide sweeping influence. Powerful, with deep pockets can enhance the merits of the Gemini-Goat with their connections and assist them at attaining what they are in search of.

An artistic aptitude has the Gemini-Goat appreciating the richness of finery and enables them to articulate as an authority some of the finer and insightful nuances of art, rather they be related music, theater or other visual arts.

The Gemini-Goat always show cases superb taste, usually steering away from trends or what is supposedly in vogue, rather they prefer displaying something never seen before, a new horizon or resurrect something tried and true that has been in a dormant state.

The Gemini-Goat picks up on unique aspects of items or dress, items that will become immensely popular in the near future. They ferret out first the need, measure the marketplace, recognizing the missing taste that’s mouthwatering, a potential mega hit in the near distance. This trait makes the Gemini-Goat a valuable commodity on a plethora of research teams.

Gemini-Goats are born flirts. Even when involved a serious relationship the temptation to be cute overcomes them. Mostly the flirting is harmless because all and all they stay true to their mates, or at least desire to. On that note, they should wind up with a life mate who keeps them on their toes and bolsters their ego and helps them plug along to the finer aspect of life rather it be material or the esoteric.


Famous Gemini-Goats: Douglas Fairbanks, Susan Hayward, Nicole Kidman, Robert Merrill, Joe Namath and John Wayne.




The first love for the Cancer-Goats is the children. They adore them, all aspects of them, even when they become unruly and screaming-meme headaches for themselves and others. The caring Cancer-Goat understands children and are childlike themselves

They experience a greater joy having the love of children spring back towards them. It goes without saying they make superb parents and terrific teachers. Their inbred altruism and generosity towards youth enables them to share, share all, knowledge, riches and opportunity.

This constant dedication to children and their causes does have its downside. Certain life partners, business associates and perhaps others, vital to the Cancer-Goats existence, don’t always embrace such children crusades and at the same time, not ones to appreciate taking back seats for kids.

At the same time, unusual for the Goat, sensitivity reigns high. Quick to cry, quick to react, the Cancer-Goat might think about having a better grip, and curb their emotions somewhat, especially when they erupt in the midst of the disinterested. A Cancer-Goat might bolt out of an important meeting or cancel an event because little Joey won’t take his nap.

Embarrassed by such behavior, valuable yet disinterested allies might turn backs and important bridges can be burnt, because of their emotional swings. Renegade passions, don’t enhance the Cancer-Goat, seemingly categorizes them as loose cannons and perhaps they become thought of as flakes.

Those who permit themselves to appreciate the Cancer-Goats link to sentimentality and not scoff at it, discovers a tireless cohort who will be ever-so gentle in approach towards business and society. Hard nose business isn’t for them. Representing products that are environmentally favorable and healthy for all are ideal professions for the Cancer-Goat. Non-profit causes are even more favorable.

We all have to pay the rent, and the Cancer-Goat does what it has to do in order to survive and at times even prosper. A Cancer-Goat with dispersible means will be a robust supporter of education and the arts.

Most people have places in their hearts for children, just not to the extent of the Cancer-Goat and take into consideration they alone can not save the entire next generation.

Family comes first and their mates appreciate the loyalty with caring mates bolstering the spirits of the Cancer-Goat after the rest, despite their worthiness, have sapped their strength. Regardless of the stresses that occur on the outside, when at home, the Cancer-Goat can leaves behind all the messiness.

Success or failure hasn’t much bearing with the way the Cancer-Goat coexists with those close. Rags or riches aren’t part of the equation. They love others for themselves, not for their material assets or a sense of security. If fortunes dry for themselves and others, the silver lining is witnessing the true qualities of the Cancer-Goat. They are apt to become more loving and sensitive to others during tough times, they in turn toughen up, become steady and actually encourage the downtrodden all is not lost. Even in the midst of turmoil the fires of romance burn brighter and hotter involving themselves and their mates. Not that we should wish for such, because the life of the Cancer-Goat is often smooth sailing. Yet those endearing qualities sparkle in times of need.

A sense of love and devotion comes to light in the face of defeat; rather it is heirs or someone else’s. Love conquers all.


Famous Cancer-Goats: Pamela Anderson, Arthur Ashe, Jack Dempsey, Buckminster Fuller, Oscar Hammerstein II, ir Edmund Hilary, Franz Kafka, Frida Kalho,Christine McVie, Slim Pickens, Geraldo Rivera and Barbara Stanwyck.




Normally fiercely focused, knowing precisely what they desire the Leo-Goat will not rule out employing any person, any prop or any method. Able to measure the size of the quest Leo-Goats considers the plan of attack and exactly what resources will be put into action. The Leo-Goat’s pitch, tempts, challenges and pushes every conceivable button when conveying to others that their ideas can hold water and lead of profit and glory. “There’s money, adventure and I am counting on you to be an intricate part!” says the Leo-Goat to perspective recruits.

They wield all this with tenacity, even more so in the face of defeat. The Leo-Goat has Plan B up their sleeve serving as deal-saving aces in the hole. Others aren’t always up to the Leo-Goat’s speed. Sometimes, at first, their vision and elaborate schemes are rebuffed or just waived off, yet somehow they’ll sell the idea of a prototype or get a blessing from authority to introduce a most enterprise.

Once they’re able to show small gains and then come tot light and position themselves in the view of movers, shakers and benefactors at lightning speed, the Leo-Goat not only have the titans of industry eating out of their hands but also will have converted as fervent followers the peanut gallery of the masses

Few signs possess such convincing power that show promise . . . of course none of this can come into play if not given the chance yet the Leo-Goat has the knack of creating chances.

Therefore Leo-Goat is always on the lookout to position and align themselves with gatekeepers so to let them in. That receptionist, or administrative assistant, or second in command should be acknowledged, respected and won over, perhaps by the Leo-Goat before the they can have their audition. The Leo-Goat realizes even the elevator operator or parking lot attendant might have the ear of Mr. Big and they can nudge the Leo-Goat get to the main stage of influence.

It is often difficult as the mate or close in hand associate of the Leo-Goat. Mates and business partners may not sense the same passion for a project as the Leo-Goat. Others involved in their lives may not possess a similar verve. They can’t always be counted on to blindly go along with the Leo-Goat.

The Leo-Goat hip to their own enthusiasm, which sprint ahead of others, keeps their some of their loftier ideas under wraps to and only reveal them to those they trust at the last possible moment. Protecting and copyrighting ideas or formulas are a must. Too many instances, their breakthrough concepts have been swindled by others before the true identity of their originator can be give credit.

Still, they show case warmth and care. Down deep they understand others may not have the same penchant for goals as they do. They’ll swallow rejection and the word, “No,” likely to perhaps grunt but the utter, “But.” Remember that Plan “B,” “C,” and “D.” Their sunnyside smoothes out their obvious hunger and desires.

It is essential remaining true to their most feasible goal, not to let up on the gas on the super hi way to success.


Famous Leo-Goats: Melvin Belli, Geraldine Chaplin, Coco Chanel, Willem Defoe, Dino DeLarentis, Rober DeNiro, Malcom Forbes, Willima Goldman, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Mick Jagger, Jean Claude Killy, Benito Mussolini, Deon Sanders, Willie Shoemaker and Orville Wright.




At first, the Virgo-Goat judges almost everything on the surface, often preferring not to dig deeper. Perhaps it’s the superficial luster and glitz, with the Virgo-Goat judging most books by their covers. It’s the glowing presentation influencing the mind set of the Virgo-Goat. And the Virgo-Goat senses that judgment works both ways. If it is they who are under the microscope, even when things might appear bleak, with their rent behind, or down and out, the Virgo-Goat’s lawn will be mowed, the beds will be made and their clothes will be clean and pressed in the view of the outside world.

Consummate actors, the Virgo-Goat has the ability to paint a masterpiece on a piece of cardboard. And even if this dynamic sign sinks to almost rock bottom, their resiliency along with a positive attitude will still be noticed by others who will help them out of their funk because they have witnessed and then admired the Virgo-Goats approach when it comes to adversity.

By placing themselves in a virtual state, the Virgo-Goat, acquires experience, plays through the scenarios that galvanizes a dignified state even if bullet riddled, as if they are spitting in the face of failure, “ . . . been-there, done-that, I will prevail.”

The Virgo-Goat must be careful not to go hermit and sequester themselves away from the action if there’s just a spark in the fire of their innards. There’s a risk they and their glossy methods could be forgotten. They need to maintain that Teflon aura, face the music and calm what support they have still standing by their sides. Going public during stormy times and being clearly visible on the teetering decks of life, in view of all, is a must. With that they’ll continue to pursue of what they envision as noble. By taking a stance the Virgo-Goat is shown in an admired light. Passenger and crew gain a newfound respect and once again admire their jury-rigging qualities to make chicken salad out of chicken s… . No doubt, there is something honorable witnessing those who brazenly scoff at disaster. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. They gussie themselves up figuring style over substance. It carries one a long way but only so far.

Those inclined to be attracted to the Virgo-Goat, primarily because of the said attributes, will remain close by the Virgo-Goat as long as the Virgo-Goat maintains those virtues. The mates of Virgo-Goats should show case much of the same as does their partner, by flashing a sunny disposition and remaining neat and tidy throughout the relationship.


Famous Virgo-Goats: Ann Bancroft, Brook Benton, Cass Elliot, Mitzi Gaynor, Faith Hill, Jessie James, Valerie Perrine, George Wallace and Roger Walters..




Idealistic, opinionated, up-to-date stylish, beyond generous and loyal to causes, the Libra-Goat’s diversified life path takes leaps and bounds that’s chock with adventure. They grow up in places like Alabama, but ship off early and wind up parachuting into infernos to fight forest fires in the great northwest. The next thing you know their living in Southeast Asia leading a life of mysterious intrigue.

The Libra-Goat is capable of globetrotting, and while along the way they’re picking up a myriad of experiences and trades. They become a bar owner in Alaska, start house building company and move on as a taro farmer in Hawaii. Normally their professions fits their personal needs. They’ll begin that construction company to eventually be able to afford to build their own home.

The Libra-Goat’s resourceful and apt to put in long hours. Yet the Libra-Goat will not deny itself. They prefer spiffy gadgets, and utilities and vehicles that are upscale, usually the latest models. Caviar is stored in the pantry and a bottle of Baily’s is likely to be in their fridge. Yet, despite earning for material gain, they aren’t slaves to profession. For a righteous “cause” that grabs their attention that they embrace, they’re apt to go ahead and l toss what they’ve worked for, away, or contribute it all towards a movement and join the ranks of the under privileged for a sense of justice.

Principal is high on their list and the Libra-Goat who begins to embrace a spiritual calling will extend their chests and develop an evangelical zeal to spread what they then believe in. Despite remaining close and having life-long friends, who they communicate with around the world, on matters of cause they will separate themselves from all in search of an inner peace.

Highly opinionated, the Libra-Goat isn’t shy about taking issue with friends and associates, debating to no end about their beliefs. Yet a saving grace is that regardless of their dedication and verve to a cause they’re able to separate love and friendship from their beliefs and won’t turn their backs on them. Beyond generous they give and share.

On the fun side, this sign loves to laugh and participates in social affairs wholeheartedly with a rising spirit and is likely to show at the Halloween party duked out in an outstanding costume. Nothing, friends or material possessions, can be labeled as chintzy surrounding the Libra-Goat. It’s beyond name brand for them more like swank, upscale etc. Their high expectation won’t make room or anything that’s considered slip shy. They sense those who harbor greed in their hearts and usually the Libra-Goat will have little to do with them.

As for relationships, their style and dress, normally the latest, and the Libra-Goats attractive looks and sturdy bodies attracts others. Yet their wanderlust and forever changing of professions insists a significant other have a similar make up, one who’s mobile and flexible, who can handle moods that swing towards depression, a common trait for someone who always strives for perfection?

Honest and forthright their impeccable scruples holds them back from anything that is underhanded. They’ll walk away from opportunity if they believe something shady could be taking place.

If they produce children they’ll make efforts to stay close, but more so in the heart because more-than-likely they’d rather not be burdened with the day-in day-out responsibilities of parenthood. Children will never go without and the love will remain strong, but the Libra-Goat parent often prefers to be estranged. They accumulate life long friends and it isn’t unusual to hear from them on birthdays and anniversaries or getting a call from them out of the blue with the Libra-Goat stating they just wanted to touch base and say, hi.

All and all, despite their penchant to latch onto to movements and causes the Libra-Goat will remain close to people they see as honorable and down home.


Famous Libra-Goats: John Le Carre, Miguel de Cervantes, Chevy Chase, Catherine Deneuve, Julio Ingleses, Buster Keaton, Franz Liszt, Yo-Yo Ma, Mickey Mantle, Juan Peron, David Lee Roth, Mira Sorvino, Pierre Trudeau, Desmond Tutu and Barbara Walters.




We’ve learned through Chinese Astrology how the Goat has great intuition. They can smell a great deal in the making. They just have to become involved. They sense they’d be instrumental, as an intricate part of an organization or plan. Yet the Goat also insist upon its own pace. At signs of hedging or weakness they are quick to review their loyalty to project and person, then be off as fast as they arrived.

The Scorpio side of the Goat tempers some of the sign’s personal ambition. The Scorpio asks hardball questions and measures the intuitiveness of the Goat, looking and seeking substance. And rather than being a mouth piece or the think tank, a role the Goat’s comfortable in, the Scorpio-Goat isn’t afraid of doing heavier lifting and immersing themselves to seek the right answers, more so than their other Goat cousins.

The Scorpio-Goat can face confrontation and quickly make choices to cut losses, negotiate or to stand and fight. An independent thinker, taking action rather than strictly relying on conjecture tend so sum up this combination of signs. All the Goat’s curiosity and desire to break down what’s behind what shows on the surface remains alive and well, yet the Scorpio side of them provides an additional driving force to take mere conjecture steps further.

Others are curious what’s on their mind. The Scorpio-Goat is more than likely to merely spoon feed inquirers, not dispensing total information, realizing their own sense of worth in the eyes of others might wane if they tell all. No one is totally sure of exactly what they are thinking or when their concepts lose their shelf life and lapse into the land of the antiquated.

At first glance the Scorpio-Goat doesn’t always appear as the knight in shining armor. They may not chose to wear the uniform or mold themselves into the quintessential right-hand, steadfast of a person who can fit the bill. Appearance shouldn’t be perceived as something that measures their ability and spirit. Rather it be pursuit of goals, rather they be material, or ones of the heart, the Scorpio-Goat should never be discounted or eliminated from candidates. In the long run they have much to offer and desire to contribute, even though they aren’t apt to discuss personal aspirations or flaunt their ability but would rather play along as one of the team.

Like most Goats they desire luxury and admire art while paying close attention to trend. Yet the Scorpio insists on substance with a tad more than just intrinsic value that will give them a valid sense of accomplishment rather than just providing appreciated money and prestige.

Towards mates they will extend freedoms for them to pursue their own interests. Too often, certain mates can’t handle the independence doled out by the Scorpio-Goat, and too often, their openness is misconstrued as a weakness and the fools take those doled out freedoms too far.

The same goes for their children, who will be encouraged by Scorpio-Goat parent, but less likely will they lead their children every step of the way by the hand. The Scorpio-Goat as a child enjoys learning on their own and they latch onto adults. All their lives the Scorpio-Goat are seen as equal peers, well at least in their minds. They will expect their children to take the same tack, so despite two-way affection they’ll remain somewhat distant. The same goes with relationships with mates.


Famous Scorpio-Goats: Lisa Bonet, Stephen Crane, Bill Gates, Joni Mitchell, Mike Nichols, Julia Roberts, Morely Safer, Shah of Iran, Maria Shriver and Judge Walper.




Having a hand on the pulse of things is a life-long pursuit attached to the personality of the Sagittarius-Goat. With expanding vision the Sagittarius-Goat is a combination of a day dreamer and Action Jackson. The Goat side either knows the formulas by heart or will do the lab work to investigate for answers, mostly on conceptual terms, yet the Sagittarius has a deeper vision and once formulas prove right, the Sagittarius-Goat takes aim towards anticipated goals.

Their never ending curiosity and sense of imagination has them picturing what the final product will look like and how it will function and meld into the marketplace. Often their vision is a product or service that is break through but sometimes they desire to just improve the grip of a paper clip.

When on the quest of enterprise or adventure schedules are irrelevant and they’re apt to be sticklers to what they’re doing in time frames that could last night and day. The Sagittarius-Goat thrives on audiences, less interested about impressing, but rather desiring to recruit attractors as back up to substantiate their concepts or at least pay for them.

The Sagittarius-Goat should come to depend on reliable devil’s advocates or voices of reason, as logical soundboards, because despite their aims’ being true, often they get too far-out to a degree in the conjecture area and need to be brought back to earth, them too-often depending on hunches rather than what’s in-depth research.

Having mates, with both means and common sense, will protect the Sagittarius-Goat enabling them to pursue the practical side of their dreams, and also, those grass roots, down-home resources can provide a reserve.

The Sagittarius-Goat relies on solitude in order to contemplate. Interference tends to unnerve them. These people detest being burdened with other peoples personal problems and are resolute about voicing they don’t want to hear and won’t become involved, even if they include people in their own family. Quiet living, away from the hustle and bustle, suites the Sagittarius-Goat. Even noises from household appliances or din from radio and TV tends to annoy them.

The affiliation attached to power, that many other Goats desire, has less of a draw on the Sagittarius-Goat. They can go without all the fanfare.

As parents, the Sagittarius-Goat makes a terrific mentor and using their minds can savor show patience, desiring to teach their young sharing with them the wonders. By studying the good and bad traits of off springs they instill values they sense might be missing.

The tongue in cheek, deadpan humor is alive and well within the Sagittarius-Goat. There sometimes of- beat spin on things that pokes fun and is irreverent, surfaces often, as a complete surprise, in the midst of what might be perceived as a serious moment. Not often envisioned as the funny person, tickle your funny bone humor can be spoken or written.

As long as the rent is paid, and there’s food in the fridge, and their minds feel free to create, the Sagittarius-Goat should remain productive. As for mates, if the Sagittarius-Goat can maintain their independence and free to come and go, and their visions aren’t stifled by mundane chores, they will remain affectionate and caring but only on their own time frame.


Famous Sagittarius-Goats: Jane Austen, Andrew Carnegie, Randy Newman, Jim Morrison, George Seurat, Anna Nicole Smith and Mark Twain.




The cantankerous side of Capricorn is stymied by the fun loving part of the Goat. Capricorn is the conscious, the part of them that dictates that all is essential and that life is serious business. The Goat side says there has to be dreams and goals that are fun oriented and heaps of luxury should be involved.

Capricorn has been molded to endure and strive to greatness over insurmountable odds. The Goat looks for the least resistance and prefers the downhill. The key for any Capricorn-Goat is when to press matters and when to take it easy and coast. Put either traits of the two-sided personality into play for the correct situation makes for gratifying accomplishment. The trick is, when to apply the strengths, and when to shed the weaknesses stemming from either side.

The two sides involve themselves in all aspects of the Capricorn-Goat’s life, in education, profession, social life and romance. Rendering prudent advice and then practicing it themselves permits the Capricorn-Goat to measure the extent of their influence. Sensing the challenge and having a hands-on experience of what is really taking place in the fray, can substantiate, if a quest is worthwhile. The Capricorn-Goat will become wiser, if they seek to discover if their ideals are realistic, to embrace what is functional and then trash what is a one-sided slant on things.

Along with the Capricorn-Goat’s enigmas luck and timing plays a large part in their lives. Seems opportunity suddenly appears and “that fast” can dissipate. The Capricorn-Goat has to utilize its breeding to withstand the tribulations that takes place over a marathon, while at the same time, to permit themselves to be swept away by a wave of irreversible trend rather than fight it. Sometimes, if it “feels good,” is all that matters, then on other occasions, ”instant gratification” lasts but an instant.

The two-sided sign makes for stricter parents and set-rules will be in store for children as well as mates. The Capricorn and Goat are sticklers for cleanliness and manners, and if mates fall short in either category, it can be the end of the romance. On the romantic side, the Capricorn-Goat is not overt about displaying their passions and devotion other than with their riveting touch. They make up for lost words in actions. Mates should be on guard to a degree with the Capricorn-Goat having a roving eye and placed in situations there’s a tendency to stray.

The raw intelligence and knowledge of what is good for all parties usually brings a sober Capricorn-Goat to their senses. They know what is good for them, and despite sampling forbidden fruits, they are less likely to make them a steady diet.


Famous Capricorn-Goats: George Burns, Cab Calloway, John Denver, Mel Gibson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ben Kingsley, Reverend Moon, Jimmy Page, Betsy Ross and Sophie Tucker.




Depending how you see it, here lies a timeless and tireless combination of social and spiritual energy. Their cup runneth over, as long as others are pouring, enabling them to consume copious amounts of what they sense as endowed entitlements. Quick on the uptake, zeroing in on the source of power, the Aquarius-Goat elbows or grapples their way to the center of attention, to be noticed, and to become part of the entourage, to eventually become influential conciliators at the core.

Breaking through the secured outer bubble that often surrounds fortified entourages of any magnitude is not beyond them. They gain entry, often by climbing the fence, or sneaking in the back or by capturing an ear. Yet mostly they are brazen enough to stroll by security with a confidence that says, “who would dare?” They normally achieve by association and a determined networking. Romancing benefactors as patrons is never out of the equation. Their spoken of ideals have a righteous ring but those ideals will never outweigh desire to attain comfort and security. They normally don’t conceive a plan or dream, but wish to be attached to an ongoing one that’s often off center.

In between, they spend a lifetime chasing trend, catching up to it so to become part of the leading edge of fashion. As the ultimate groupie the Aquarius-Goat places icons of arts and philosophy on a pedestal and to them no idol has clay feet. Often the Aquarius-Goat will shelve professional aspirations to be part of a chic movement. Fan club personified they echo the words of their heroes as devoted muses. The play their music or display their art and do it with evangelical conviction.

The Aquarius -Goat can become relentless and overwhelm the ears of anyone who will listen with barrages of hyperbole stemming from some newfound philosophy.

They tend to believe in esoteric findings rather than the status quo and do so with heart and soul and are not likely to publicly abandon such beliefs. If they begin to doubt a doctrine they are likely to just let it fade from their memory as if it never existed. This sign will only adhere to personal criticism when it is private and gentle. They will rebel against any discipline whatsoever.

One might wonder how this sign survives? It’s that survival, is their primary focus, and each and every action by them is their way of surviving even though it appears they are not keeping score, yet you better believe they are.

Households showcase a sentimental side of the Aquarius-Goat that doesn’t seem visible. Flowers on tables, burning candles and incense, love for animals and photos of friends and loved ones decorate their homes.

Many voice how they loathe them but at the same time wish they could be more like them and brazenly voice their wants with the upfrontness of the Aquarius-Goat. Yes, they are selfish to an extent and will drop anyone who can no longer lend to their happiness. Its been said their hearts are like hotels because over a lifetime many do check in and check out.

It’s almost impossible to tell when an Aquarius-Goat’s heart is broken. They will never let on with lost love being their cross to bear in the privacy of their own heart. Like us, well maybe a little bit more, all this sign really desires is peace and harmony and an everlasting love that’s upscale.

The Aquarius-Goat should make room in their persona to be less brash and eruptive and be considerate of the passions goals and sensitivities of others. Not everyone is as tough as them.

The desire for children and at home responsibility might surface later in life but the Aquarius-Goat may shun those balls and chains to be able to travel at whim and be a gadabout visiting friends in far away places.


Famous Aquarius-Goats: Brandy, Thomas Edison, Laura Dern, Charles Dickens, Federico Fellini, Zsa Zsa Gabor, De Forest Kelly, James Michener, Toni Morrison, Joe Pesci, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth and Eddie Van Halen.




Tender and sincere attributes highlight the personality of the Pisces-Goat. This sign might be too good for all of us and one might wonder, how can people like them remain demure amongst all the muck. There’s a sense they envision everyday as sunny. Cheery in disposition (well almost all the time) there’s a pure sentimentality that oozes from the innards of Pisces-Goat.

They see a world that’s nice and peaceful, without brutes and barbarians, where children are nourished and the environment is not polluted. Yet they are realistic while holding fast to their optimistic platform.

Becoming filled with rage, even if there’s a justifiable righteous indignation, or becoming jaded, isn’t likely.

Unlike other Goats, the Pisces brand doesn’t make itself the squeaky wheel for attention. Their tack is to spread goodwill, be entertaining, give them a dance if you will, so that their charm enables opportunity to present itself. With manners and grace or just by being humble, people do take notice.

There’s a distinct awareness of culture brewing within the Pisces-Goat that they turn to, with their bruised psyche often soothed by beautiful art and wonderful music. Prose made up of heart piercing words rock their souls. Both rich ones and poor ones will travel for the sake of a cultural experience, just as long as everybody is nice.

Like all Goats, the Pisces-Goat knows how to accept and loves invitations. Yet rather than being escorted to a rock concert, they would prefer an outing to the art museum, or forget that fancy restaurant for an intimate picnic under a tree or one taking place on the beach. Low key and private venues suite them. Nature and beauty and the scent of fresh air stimulate this sign so it can immerse itself in peace and harmony.

By now you can tell this is not a sign that would adhere to the 9-5 routine, and god forbid if they had to begin at 6am, unless it was to feed their favorite farm animals, where casual work and an easy-going lifestyle is more refreshing than dreaded blue collar.

Regardless of loves who enter their lives, rather it be one or many, they will continue until the end of time to love them all in one way or another. Any lucky lovers of a Pisces-Goats’ will find themselves swept away into a dreamy state that shimmers. Those discovering and privy the passions of the Pisces-Goat will either discover or rediscover their own desires for carnal embracing second to none. Current and past lovers will savor to reflect considering there is or has been such a state.

As gentle and as loving and as caring and as tender as this sign is, and they do love their children and adore them, and speak kindly of them the Pisces-Goat hold-off children at a arms length. The Pisces-Goat contributes to children’s charities yet in the day to day within their discussions, their interplay, they prefer adults as company. Down deep they would prefer children study them, learn their ways while gaining knowledge in concert with harmony and then later on, when those children reach a maturity they are invited to be in the company of the Pisces-Goat, but only on their terms.


Famous Pisces-Goats: Alexander Graham Bell, Kurt Cobain, Nat King Cole, Kelsy Grammer, George Harrison, Mikail Gorbeshev, Sheldon Leonard, John McFee, James Madison, Michaelangelo, Rupert Murdoch, Gary Sinese and Tom Wolfe.




The essence of making the deal is what reigns as paramount for this sign. The Aries-Monkey being trend oriented with heaps of enthusiasm, tags them as super sales people while immersing themselves in the midst of transactions. Their angle is to be on hand and remain visible and on the line, as long as there are fish biting and people buying.

For the Aries-Monkey, it’s all in the game, and the game should be both competitive and entertaining or much becomes a bore regardless of the stakes. At the same time, it may not be a bad idea to organize and employ mop up squads to tie loose ends together. There’s a tendency that once the deal is near fruition the Aries-Monkey loses their attention span for one project and they drop almost everything and move onto the next. The devil is in the details, they say, and without service and follow up fought for gains can dissipate. Shaking hands and verbal contracts don’t always hold water. The Aries-Monkey needs to stick with it until the “Ts” are crossed and “Is” are dotted with the signature being on the bottom line.

For coworkers and associates keeping up with the Aries-Monkey is the challenge.

When not hammering out deals the Aries-Monkey likes to dabble within the mysteries of the esoteric. The Aries-Monkey is drawn towards people and systems affiliated with the para normal like the moth towards a lit candle. Careful the Aries-Monkey must be not to get hoodwinked or embrace superstitions that aren’t proven out. The Aries-Monkey too often seeks solutions that don’t exist. Good luck and fortune do come their way, normally coming to fruition because of the Aries-Monkey doing things the old-fashion way, by the numbers, the way they’ve been taught, yet they forget and too often discount their training and those of others they’ve entrusted in the past for the right reasons. Placing their faith in astrology or other mystical practices can taint reality checks.

Blessed with tireless talents, the Aries Monkey should rather rely on their decisions of past experiences when they’ve flashed grit with ability to muster the right resources and employ the correct sales tools in order to accomplish. They’re automatically armed with savvy and their training has provided the know how, not only to sell their products but also to utilize their immense talents that can be instrumental when introducing fine-tuned systems and methods.

Their passion for ideals has a way of adding to their sex appeal especially in the eyes of perspective mates. When sensing there’s a mutual attraction they become ultra visible in view of their attractors. Every time you turn around they pop up. They’re persistent while in pursuit, being the one to call first, the one who invites, the one showing spark, not shy about displaying romantic intentions towards those they fancy to vie for their company and perhaps for their heart.


Famous Aries-Monkeys: Patricia Arquette, Howard Cosell, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Ren Descartes, Celine Dion, Joel Gray, Loretta Lynn, Wayne Newton, Anthony Perkins, Sir Michael Redgrave, Debbie Reynolds, Diana Ross Ravi Shankar and Omar Sharif.




Practical and spunky often describes the Taurus-Monkey. One glowing aspect of the Taurus-Monkey’s personality—they can be counted on. The Taurus-Monkey will drop everything and shelve their-own responsibilities coming to the rescue. They won’t fret at the opportunity to lend a helping hand and do so with a cheery disposition.

The inquisitive side has the Taurus-Monkey cracking the toughest puzzles. They’re reliable and make the perfect recruit to give marching orders towards, to go and make the most difficult of sale’s call, to negotiate or patch up differences between arguing sides. The Taurus-Monkey’s spirit of cooperation often comes into play, with them taking on the role as the levelheaded voice of reason. They’re quick to cut through the muck bringing sides together. They have an intangible gift to place adversaries at ease, with them in the middle, having both sides sense of importance related to their issues. Both sides tend to compromise.

There’s also a tendency to please the Taurus-Monkey, whose words make sense and besides the Taurus-Monkeys’ personal sacrifice towards providing a solution becomes apparent and appreciated.

Such a method of operation can have its setbacks. Detractors often become jealous and don’t want to understand how taking such a practical, down-to-Earth approach can solve anything, and those detractors, if given a chance, will try and throw a monkey wrench into the revamped plan of the Taurus-Monkey. The Taurus-Monkey must do its best beforehand to eliminate the negative side of other individuals from being at the negotiating table so to eliminate them from eventual interfering. That’s often the tricky part.

Yet the Taurus-Monkey is a trickster, making the significant appear as insignificant and visa versa. They’ll offer one side the benefit of the doubt, perhaps a clearing up what was thought of as a sticky point in the midst of what seems like an non compromising argument, catching the unsuspecting off guard. Their sweeping powers are mesmerizing and appear to come out of nowhere. With what seems like the main issue settled, the opposition has been softened up. A common sense fills the air, then enabling the Taurus-Monkey to secure details of what’s important to their side. Often they will just call a bluff, doing so in a nonchalant and matter of fact manner. Again one side may be startled by the offer and may then decline the easily handed-over authority to them by the Taurus-Monkey. Taurus-Monkey is the father of the, “win-win” situation. They see the game and all of its nuances in total.

Their gentle touch has most coming around to their way of thinking, not just because it’s usually the right course of action, but because the Taurus-Monkey’s spin on upcoming events seems practical and in actuality their could be less strife and more fun and profit.

Mates and children attached to the Taurus-Monkey rarely become tired of their song. The Taurus-Monkey tickles their mates with saucy humor. They flirt with their eyes and their sincerity is rarely doubted. They make promises they keep. When a Taurus Monkey says the family is going to Hawaii, or even that that they’ll be home early for dinner, rest assure it will come true. The Taurus-Monkey keeps their word.


Famous Taurus-Monkeys: Jill Clayburgh, Joe Cocker, Leonardo Di Vinci, Lionel Hampton, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Lucas, Edward R. Morrow, Pope John Paul II, James Stewart and Harry Truman.




Here are the rouges, often the irreverent mavericks, one in a lot resisting conformity, doing so in an irresistible, swashbuckling manner. The Gemini-Monkey shuns pomp and circumstance. To them it’s all so stuffed shirts. Thumbing their nose at authority, Gemini-Monkey prefers to toy with the world. Keeping all on their toes with antics that can carve fits of laughter out of otherwise faces of stone.

Consummate “wise guys,” they aren’t ones to pal around with the goodie-two shoes’. They’d rather yuck it up with the bad boys, rubbing elbows, drinking into the late hours while poking fun at the establishment. Isn’t it all about beating the system?

But when it comes down to them they remain an enigmatic mystery. They’ never think about squealing, especially on themselves. They’re closed mouth, fiercely protecting a vulnerable side, never to expose what makes them tick, Also, the Gemini-Monkey rarely voices wants and needs. They’re suspicious and skeptical of those sitting in judgment, a common trait for one preferring to be an outsider. They sense that sort of judgment will scoff at their aims, the notion the Gemini-Taurus possess a higher calling that hardly anyone fathoms. They possess such, big time.

In matters dealing with commerce and home they’re able to pry themselves away from negative elements. The other side of the tracks has that lure serving as the Gemini-Monkey’s playground.

Setting a smoke screen the Gemini-Monkey gets away with shenanigans in the cloak of the charming rebel. Still, these people don’t pay a parking tickets, wait in lines, preferring short cuts that aren’t always perceived as charming. Yet the Gemini-Monkey pays their price when caught, them giving way to remorse, well not too much, but they’ll pay the piper and voice, “I’m sorry.”

The Gemini-Monkey possesses compassion for the downtrodden. Playing out characters like Zorro or Robin Hood are just bit parts for when they become Superman. If the situation presented itself, the unassuming Gemini-Monkey might be the one to save the day. The Gemini-Monkey’s first mission is to survive then be at hand in case they’re needed. No volunteer here.

Corralling or jailing the Gemini-Monkey could cause upheaval and a laughable riot on the inside, reminding one of, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Their children and mates will look to them for comic relief. They’ll also marvel at their methods and make efforts to copycat what’s usually the winning strategy. I f there is a way to make love and laugh out loud at the same time, the Gemini-Monkey posses the key.


Famous Gemini-Monkeys: Mel Blanc, Bjorn Borg, Ray Davies, The Dutches of Windsor, Ian Fleming, Paul Gaugin, Rudolph Giulani, Marvin Hamlish, Gladys Knight, Joe Montana, Jim Nabors, Rosaland Russell, Boz Scaggs and Marqui de Sade.




Cancer-Monkeys possess two superb characteristics; they’ve smart and very nice. By being clever this sign eludes trouble nor does the Cancer-Monkey cause it. Of course like all others they have their venial sins. If they do get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, it’s difficult to become cross with them, their adorable side discounts thoughts of punishment. It’s difficult to remain angry about this irresistible combination of signs.

The Cancer-Monkey’s keen sense of timing also enables them to earn on investments. They’re apt to invest in a stock prior to a rush on the market, borrow on equities to capitalize on opportunity or sell before the bottom drops out. Where they situate and a sense of precise timing has much falling to their best interests along with ability to make quick decisions

Not one for frills for self-adulation and with a distinct simplicity with the heart in the right places, all adds to the Caner-Monkey’s appeal. Pleasant and generous they remain enthused for others, all others, a caring that’s sincere without a tinge of jealousy. You can stop them on the street brag about relatives or pour out your heart and the Cancer-Monkey is apt to give you a high five or cry you a river. It’s a trait that endears the Cancer-Monkey to most. Mates and family are often reminded, out of the Cancer-Monkey’s earshot, how lucky they are to have them.

The Cancer-Monkey is clever and theirs a self-admittance of their Salt of the Earth persona. They like it that way. Yet they remain unpretentious and take nothing for granite.

What endears them to mates is that softness and open heart. Mates will find them sharing their joys or consoling them after downfalls. The sincere nature of the Cancer-Monkey wins out. The house feels empty without them. They light up rooms

There is that temper but it quickly dissipates. Like no one staying angry about the Cancer-Monkey they don’t harbor bad feelings.

Employers won’t deny requests or suggestions by them that are practical and within reach. Employees usually won’t let them down either. Only the despicable will attempt to trick a Cancer-Monkey. Yet even scoundrels turn into saps in front of such to move on and find another mark.


Famous Cancer-Monkeys: Jeff Beck, Milton Berle, Yule Brenner, David Brinkley, Lord Byron, Calvin Coolidge, Mario Cuomo, Tom Hanks, Michelle Kwan, Thurgood Marshall, Isaac Stern, Della Reese, Oscar de la Renta, Nelson Rockefeller, Barry Sanders, Issac Stern and Amy Vanderbuilt.




Rare to flash contempt, the Leo-Monkey holds fast to a good disposition. Even when distracted or annoyed, they tend brush off affronts and tend not to lash out and publicly undress detractors. It’s an attribute that does not go overlooked. Yet in the privacy of those close to the Leo-Monkey they’ll say how stick and stones does break their bones and perhaps they will bleed their souls in need a shoulder to cry on when sensing irreparable harm.

As a busy bee, the Leo-Monkey possesses a curious nature, having them investigating the nature of all kinds of things, some of them offbeat. They ask lots of questions. Their persistence sometimes gets under the skin of those not appreciating the prying. When asked, “What are you writing a book?” they’ll smile and say, “Oh, sorry.” Nevertheless they won’t be thwarted and will continue their investigations, perhaps in a less obvious manner.

The Leo-Monkey also smoothes things out and loosens it up with Monkey-business humor. It’s delicious and contagious. Their slant of humor is original and oscillates from deadpan to absolutely outrageous difficult to ignore and often delivered at what seems like the most inopportune time. No person or situation remains impervious or exempt from the fun oriented routine.

When applying tools of their trade, they are precise, finding the answers and leading enterprises some of which blossom onto a grand scale. The Leo-Monkey has the capacity to separate fooling around to getting down to business.

As for mates, the Leo-Monkey likes to attach themselves with someone who is more serious. There’s challenge to make them laugh, but more so as a protection who will remind them when stop with the comic routine. They can blame themselves when their playful side doesn’t tickle their lover due to the Leo-Monkey usually choosing someone opposite as them. Mates get a handle on the Leo-Monkey and also discovers the Monkey-Leo’s humor is actually a insulation to protect themselves. As for mate in tune with the Leo-Monkey remains concerned, often needlessly, that other’s may try and swipe the tender feelings of their loving Leo-Monkey if they aren’t jokers. As long as the Leo-Monkey senses concurrent feeling from mates and usually stick it out, so therefore, they have nothing to worry about. Yet if they are rebuffed or their outgoing gestures aren’t appreciated, they tend to look in other pastures.


Famous Leo-Monkeys: Bella Abzug, Salvador Allende, Halle Berry, Ray Bradbury, Charles Bukowski and Michael Franks.




Here’s an ape with a photographic memory. One fleeting glance by them, rather reminded of the glimpse hours or days later, can have the Virgo-Monkey recall every detail about the subject at hand. The Virgo-Monkey is almost impossible to trick and those who are unscrupulous and try to take advantage of their recall are in for a surprise.

Such a talent comes in handy when involved in business affairs. Each intricate part of a proposed deal has been played out in their head beforehand. They aren’t ones for surprises they don’t expect and usually are able to forecast exactly what will transpire.

The whimsical side of them sees much of life’s game as a joke, but for the sake of order they play along and stick to the rules for the sake of conformity. As for judging and interpreting rules, they don’t. The Virgo-Monkey will be the first to say, the law isn’t about justice but it’s about the law. That’s the practical side. This sign makes terrific attorneys or arbitrators. Give them a road map and they’ll follow it precisely. They aren’t swayed off course by intimidation or threat. They’ll investigate all possibilities, create doubt when it is helpful and expound on the positive and practical nature of issues when those aspects need to be brought to light.

They will not be sold by bogus statistics with no back up, public opinion will mean little, same as false testimonials and just because someone says, “everybody is doing it,” has no influence on the stand they’ll eventually take if they have to take a stand at all. The Virgo-Monkey’s game is “the middle,” taking some and giving some back until everybody has gotten their deserved piece.

Often the Virgo-Monkey likes using their hands. Rather it be piano playing or assembling the parts of a watch, they enjoy the process and hand-on hobbies relieves them of stress.

Those they permit close to their hearts must have some of the same attributes as does the Virgo-Monkey. They can feed off one another, come to terms and often work as a team.


Famous Virgo-Monkeys: Jacqueline Bissett, Jim Capaldi, Ray Charles, Patsy Cline, Peter Cetera, Macauly Culkin, David Copperfield, Michael DeBakey, Salma Hayek, Lyndon B, Johnson, Fred McMurray, Charlie Parker, Mike Piazza, Mickey Rooney, William Saroyan, Jack Warden, Roger Waters and Barry White.




We have learned, if we’ve happened to delve into the Monkey, that they are consummate dealmakers. They never met a deal they didn’t somehow fall in love with. When it comes to negotiations, the Monkey’s relentless, and will scan its brain to think up, dangle and provide something from their side of the table to offer the other. For whatever the mission, there’s usually something the other side wants, a reason to negotiate or string it out, split hairs, if anything to exhaust the other side. They themselves will be tempted to give way to exhaustion, but won’t.

Now add the Libra. The balance of Libra provides and even handed give and take in the process of negotiating. The Libra side of a Libra-Monkey acts as a traffic cop, while at the bargaining table, directing and filtering the many options running through the Monkey’s mind. The Libra sorts out and judges shelf value of their own assets, chucks some to the other side as a trade off. More than likely what they voice as being generous is actually in their view, give away junk.

The Libra will remind the Monkey not to offer two weeks in Florida towards the subject they’re negotiating with, when their targets reside in Hawaii. The Monkey is looking to make the deal, have the down payment, the go ahead, and signature on the bottom line. That’s the lust of many Monkeys. The Libra-Monkey waves a carrot at the Rabbit, and a ham sandwich at a Pig. The Libra is feasible, remember, better balanced and they only become whimsical after they’ve arrived. Facts are, the tenacity of the Monkey works well with the pleasant demeanor and sharing nature of Libra. The Monkey’s drool isn’t as apparent.

Challenge for that Monkey is to follow up what they promised in the first place after they’ve gotten their way. They promised they would study two hours a night if they could go to that week-night dance, and now they’ve been pounding the books for fifteen minutes and they’d rather play games on the computer.

Actually, to do the right thing is a constant challenge for the Monkey, and the Libra assists this Monkey do that, with the Libra’s sides even temperament reminding them that bad Monkeys ALWAYS get caught.

The gift for gab and zeroing in nature of the Libra-Monkey has them finding interests in areas one wouldn’t think of them frequenting. They may shock family and friends stating how they spent the afternoon as the museum or zoo, or attended a Hari Krishna meeting to see what it’s all about. They will dazzle listeners with a complete rundown of their activity that day. They may never venture off to a museum, zoo or Hari Krishna meeting again for the rest of their lives. That’s the initial inquisitive nature of the Libra-Monkey, to be both learned and well balanced. Such experience gives them something to talk about when they desire to impress others, especially those they might fancy.

There’s a chance for plenty of romance during the younger years. Yet the Libra-Monkey won’t give in as to take those romances seriously. They’ll conduct the right amount of negotiations, that goes without saying, but too often the follow up on their lipped terms of endearment won’t be all that forthright. As time goes on, they shift to the other way of thinking, almost making deals with themselves and as the clock is ticking and the sands of their lifetime drop through the hour glass and they prefer to have that one steady force in their midst that adds up to long-lasting love.

The Monkey and Libra a combined trickster with a sincere heart. Great soldiers they make and good parents too. It’s ok to steal the show but not the spirit of another.


Famous Libra-Monkeys: Ashanti, Michael Douglas, John Entwistle, Carrie Fisher, F. Scott Fitgerald, Kenneth Galbraith, Linda Hamilton, Richard Harris, Martina Hingis, Timonthy Leary, Carol Lombard, Martina Navaratilova, William Penn, Mario Puzo, Eleanor Roosevelt, Damon Runyon, Will Smith and Christopher Wren.




Here’s where opposites may not come close to attracting. The outer capsule of the Scorpio-Monkey is usually something to behold. Nature equips the Scorpio-Monkey with looks and smarts. It’s the inner turmoil that doesn’t mix well within them.

The Monkey pays attention only when it wants. The Scorpio is on duty 24/7. The Monkey doesn’t always remember what they hear and say much of what’s needed. The Scorpio forgets nothing and they read something into every word uttered in their direction. The Monkey doesn’t remain broken up or vindictive about lost love or disagreements. The Scorpio can’t erase the loss and sharpens its blade. You get my drift?

Scorpio-Monkey finds itself in an emotional ambush. “Attack!” Attack is taught in military colleges when ambushed and attack towards where the fire is coming from. Early on, or when and if enlightened, the Scorpio-Monkey will have to come to grips with their inner dilemma. Many, to smooth this inner toil over, they seek leadership in group activity. it helps, giving the Monkey side a sense of responsibility. Scorpio needs no responsibility, it’s inbred, but they might shy away from group activity and seek solitude dealing with few, as few as possible in order to achieve their mission in life.

We could find the solitary scientist locked away or one as the leader of armies out front. They’ll make a choice and stick with whatever the vocation turns out to be and it’s for their sake. They’re not looking for approval but somewhere along the line the Scorpio-Monkey has to get it all out. They could tell all in the arms of a strong and understanding lover, in their autobiography or vomiting it all out in some prison’s psycho ward. Whichever, confidants will get an earful, the Scorpio-Monkey’s reasons and whys they have chosen so.

When at the helm, the Scorpio-Monkey is dead serious, no matter if they’re driving a bus or the principle technician at a nuclear power plant. All business, they drive that bus like it’s theirs, as do they watch over the precise controls and sensitive monitors of the power plant while holding onto a strict focus. They won’t be shy about telling anybody or putting anyone in place, regardless of title. There’s no Monkey business when they’re taking on responsibility and their curt sounding wrath may not be in civil terms.

Scorpio-Monkey isn’t looking for the nice guy award. Yet the Scorpio-Monkey is mostly trustworthy, efficient, timely and well studied. There’s a tendency to use others and leave them in a wake, then there’s a way the Scorpio-Monkey will reach out with a helping hand. By surrounding themselves with as many righteous people as possible will enhance a Scorpio-Monkey leaving them better off for having worthwhile examples. The wide range of talents works well in camps of good. All that power, know-how and influence being delivered in the wrong camp can create havoc, not only to others but also fall in the lap of the Scorpio-Monkey.

Brooding and self-doubt, or the irritating factors of all the world’s imperfections (did I mention that yet) can be soothed in romantic endeavor. Enwrapped in steamy satisfying lust or even deep love melts away the inner freeze of the Scorpio-Monkey. The time out from the constant personal theater clears the mind and rejuvenates the Scorpio-Monkey. With such intimate activity reality also comes into play.

Parenting comes natural. The Scorpio-Monkey is the leading fixture in the household. Even as children they take on a role of authority, sometimes silent and seemingly disinterested, nevertheless, family members seek their approval. It’s just that others feel compelled to have the Scorpio-Monkey’s blessing or there could be hell to pay. Sharing is no problem with mates and family, unless it’s something the Scorpio-Monkey covets. Then nobody else gets any.


Famous Scorpio-Monkeys: Captain James Cook, Alistair Cooke, Bo Dereck, Danny DiVito, Ruth Gordon, Emily Post, Sinbad, Sammy Sosa and Jan Vermeer




The Sagittarius-Monkey is blessed with qualities of leadership and the understanding mind set that somebody has to do the job usually by soldiering. The leadership side of the Sagittarius-Monkey knows what orders to give and the soldier side carries those orders through.

If catching a spirit, this sign could begin a movement and then march out into the world as its lightning rod. They rarely appear, when on the quest, as some starryeyed idealist, who just discovered a guru or newfound philosophy, or a giddy muse and new president of the local Brittany Spears fan club. They are likely dressed for the occasion, while having their facts at hand, with reasons and whys totally prepared to be quizzed. Regardless of what they are selling, the Sagittarius-Monkey will appear as stable, articulate and with a serious message.

If rebuffed, they won’t fret, make a fuss or cast ill feelings. Likely they will thank their audience and move on while not leaving a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. The Monkey’s tenacity says there’s always tomorrow and the Sagittarius side has made notes to improve the sales pitch or recruitment tactics during the next drive. Memories of others will define them as the leader of the group. That’s the type of long-lasting impression the Sagittarius-Monkey displays.

The Sagittarius-Monkey prefers envisioning events on a universal scale. Coming up with, or inventing a product, or method, must have worldwide encompassing results or why bother. They’re looking to recruit the masses.

Speaking of masses, the Sagittarius-Monkey feels more comfortable in crowds than most. One-on-one often has them sensing a feeling of awkward, unsure when to speak or when to listen. There’s a comfort zone speaking in crowds or turn to others while involving themselves healthy rounds of give and take. The Sagittarius-Monkey seems more upbeat, productive and at ease bouquets of other folks.

Home is where the Sagittarius-Monkey hangs their hat. Travel is a major, and they are either out in the world working for others or off on one of their righteous crusades. Over time they develop many friends and associates around the globe and door are usually always open to them. The Sagittarius-Monkey, if finding a significant other, should have someone as mobile as them. Those significant others, may, or may not have the same vocation as does the Sagittarius-Monkey, nevertheless they should be equally versed about the agenda of the Sagittarius-Monkey.

The Sagittarius-Monkey should listen to the views of their mates and encourage them as should the mates of the Sagittarius-Monkeys do the same. Gently yanking the work shoes off of a Sagittarius-Monkey can provide moments that are insightful and intimate. Get ‘em during down time and making points when even the Sagittarius-Monkey is in need of a time out from all that they do is perfect timing At that moment, the Sagittarius-Monkey is vulnerable, a healthy vulnerable, that permits them to kick back and forget the day and let somebody else make decisions.

As parents the Sagittarius-Monkey makes for a good soundboard. They tend to listen and will work with children to figure out what they are seeking. Advice they give is both loving and practical.


Famous Sagittarius-Monkeys: Christina Aguilera, Larry Bird, Ellen Burstyn, Dave Brubeck, Ric Felix, Brendan Fraser, Ira Gershwin, John Milton, Charlie Rich and Little Richard




As a child the Capricorn-Monkey show cases themselves as a carefree, lovable and quick learning child. There’s a slight and early sense of conceit stemming from how everyone seems to take notice and make a fuss. The Capricorn-Monkey glows in the limelight and begins to sense its power and discounts it has nothing more to do other than them being a cute kid. Some anxiety appears when having to coincide with other kids at school or during children’s activities. Those who have been jealous of the Capricorn’s celebrity status will be quick to bring them down in the mean pecking order that takes place during the rights of passage that takes place in schoolyards.

The shock from going from special to just being another kid, who’s likely to either be shunned or picked on can send the Capricorn-Monkey to the confines of their room where there are no bullies. Within their own dream world, the Capricorn-Monkey begins to formulate their own opinions and place an order on things to come in the future.

The sunny boy smile remains, yet much contemplating and self analysis has been taking place, and deep within, their develops a serious nature, often questioning itself, often sending chills through them that come with doubt, too often debilitating the maturing process.

Artistic, sensitive, with a delicious sense of morbid humor, the Capricorn-Monkey figures out how to conform, shelving the anxiety while adapting to society but while maintaining that fantasy. A sense of teamwork surfaces and then leadership roles are handed out towards them for their accomplishment. Knowing what it is like to be an outsider becomes an asset for the Capricorn-Monkey, especially while looking out for others when the captain of the team.

When Capricorn-Monkey creates a circle of admirers, who render prudent advice they’re apt to take heed. When left out in the cold and no one comes to band-aid their woes they can go into a deep funk. Their ideals tells them what is right in their mind ,but with the way things go in the span of life, ideals don’t always pan out to realities. This unnerves the Capricorn-Monkey and regardless of their hard-fought for gains, without council to set the record straight, this Monkey may not give themselves enough credit. Much reassurance is demanded by the Capricorn-Monkey.

This sign tends to burden itself with self-doubt, too much for that matter. The serious nature precludes the desire for fun. That’s why it is healthy for the Capricorn-Monkey to laugh at themselves and have trusted others in on the joke. It’s always better to laugh with others than cry alone. Common sense dictates such to the Capricorn-Monkey, all their life. This sign is familiar with the joy and being on the receiving end of unconditional love and they should tend to rely on that emotion more often.

Mates will find the Capricorn-Monkey as a loving helpful partner, willing and ready to be at their disposal. They will contour their schedules as to not upset the household, yet expects the household to do the same on their terms. Only the Capricorn-Monkey lives with the guilt of putting anyone out.

Music travel and a good family life are worthwhile escapes from the day to day and Monkeys are true lovers of music. The Capricorn-Monkey is also capable of rising to an occasion, seemingly disinterested, then if there’s an emergency, everything else can be thrown out the window, as they come to the rescue.


Famous Capricorn-Monkeys: Carazon Aquino, Benedict Arnold, Lew Ayers, Simone de Beauvoir, Victor Borge, Katie Curic, Geena Davis, Charles Goodyear, Charles Osgood, Rod Stewart and Steven Stills.




Diversified and industrious the Aquarius-Monkey’s personality is chock with charm and wit, along with the Monkey’s penchant to play the trickster. This sign is comfortable at public speaking in any terms. The Aquarius-Monkey likes to play out or paint verbal pictures towards others of what they eventually envision.

An Aquarius-Monkey, who might be a screenwriter, would come up with a premise. or story, and in their mind, they’ll play it out, yet perhaps not totally. The next opportunity that presents itself, when or if someone asks them what they are working on, the Aquarius-Monkey is likely to give a synopsis. Likely, while giving a thumb sketch detail of plot, etc., they edit, hone, or expand on the story line. Each time the Aquarius-Monkey talks out the script they make changes and the same goes with all other ideas that fit into their scheme of things. Some with new ideas use pencil and paper the Aquarius-Monkey calls a pair of ears. They can write it down later. There’s something about them speaking it out that gives the project a sense of legitimacy and they see everything better and then maybe they employ such methods is because words evaporate and can be taken back.

The Aquarius-Monkey normally leads a hectic active lifestyle, delving into a myriad of various activities. Skydiving one day, and then in the laboratory the next and something else different is on the burner the next day before the weekend camping trip. They approach each activity as if they just left that venue five minutes before and rarely have to be reminded where to pick things up. The Aquarius-Monkey adapts instantaneously. After a long-long motor trip, the Aquarius-Monkey is ready to go and doesn’t need a nap. They rarely suffer jet lag.

Everywhere feels like home. The Aquarius-Monkey can have or create a terrific time for themselves and all rather it be at an ultra-swank function or while swigging beers at a tailgate party.

Often they’re everybody’s favorite, while they perform, as they bubble over with Tomfoolery, sophomoric humor, such a tease, and one can never quite tell if they are telling the truth, because the Aquarius-Monkey won’t hand out clues and loves it.

“Don’t let them touch nothing!” This clever, intelligent delight is a true klutz when it comes to, appliances, computers, autos, and whatever you do don’t let them help you place away the fine china. For a sign that shows all the coordination, the Aquarius-Monkey is a warranty’s nightmare. They just break stuff, constantly. It’s better off one let them do the all talking and keep one company while they put away the china. All will be better off.

Yet if it came to them working on a anti-bomb unit, they’d be the best choice. Go figure, that’s the Aquarius-Monkey.

Love is a sticky issue. “It’s just! . . . It’s just,” It’s just that’s all the verbose Aquarius-Monkey can conjure up when confronted with love. It’s the one emotion they have difficulty coming to grips with it. They don’t know if it’s a bliss, a boon or a curse. The Aquarius-Monkey might doubt they could really love someone and have reservations anyone could actually love them. The whole aspects seem dicey, and for the good of their own inner happiness they might have to bite their tongue from saying, “Can’t we just be friends?”

As for pop-culture and home life, paint the Aquarius-Monkey as normal. Not all that vanilla because of a bland personality, yet the children of Aquarius-Monkey later in life might describe their upbringing as normal. On the home front, nothing will be over the top or understated, they drive Chevys and have two-car garages.


Famous Aquarius-Monkeys: Red Barber, Carl Bernstien, Anton Checkhov, Angela Davis, Milos Foreman, Jerome Kern, Alicai Keys, Nick Mason, Jack Palance, Molly Ringwald, Jerry Springer, Gay Talese, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Justin Timberlake and Alice Walker.




Smooth operator is the Pisces-Monkey. This sign can remain aloof while being an appreciated and relied on part of an inner circle of power brokers. The Pisces-Monkey has the ability to position itself. The can-do spirit of the Monkey lives on and the sensitivity of the Pisces has them choosing the best possible moment. Then with their unassuming demeanor, attractors flock to them, thinking their looks might be enhance them just by being close by to these people.

The Pisces-Monkey becomes the hinge to many deals. They know somebody who needs a service. They are familiar with a service provider. A deal is struck, win-win, and win for the Pisces-Monkey, because more than likely the Pisces-Monkey is going to get a piece of the action and receive a boon or bonus from both sides, and they’ll receive it without asking. If nothing comes their way, no problem, they enjoyed the experience.

There’s a distinct classier aspect attached to the Pisces-Monkey. The air is not that of an altar boy or some Florence Nightingale, but more it stems from them being sincere and following through with no strings attached. The atmosphere they set has advice seekers showing up at their doorsteps. As freelancers no one really wants to employ them. They seem above employment in the eyes of many. Their role is more that of a counselor, fellow brainstormer or at the most, Christmas help.

The Pisces-Monkey has the scoop on one and all, yet remain discreet about to whom they dole out information. Most is on a strictly, “Need to know,” basis. Not being a blabbermouth is another trait endearing the Pisces-Monkey to many.

They’re glowing creatures. Those few who aren’t remarkable looking can gussie themselves up and the rough edges of their looks are sure to smooth out. There’s something attractive about a Pisces-Monkey. Yet all the polish isn’t usually part of the Pisces-Monkey’s initial make up. Many successful ones are survivors from harsh environments; broken homes, early additions, abuse and doses of rejections and even past experiences that have been flirtations with crime.

The Pisces-Monkey gets the message, because initially many of this sign just couldn’t bring themselves to play along. The Pisces is saddened about the unfairness of life, the trickster Monkey feels upstaged by all the irony. There’s an immediate revolt. So the Pisces-Monkey has to be muddied a bit, roughed up some, have their nose stuck down in it. Then, with the wonderful inner attributes they posses, they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, straighten up and fly right. The wounds heal but the scar tissue remain, out of sight, covered up by a high gloss of persistence and survival figuring out just how the game is played and while deciding to go with the flow. Afterwards, the sky is the limit.

As for dispensing pertinent information about themselves, forget about it. As in tune to all as the Pisces-Monkey is, nobody knows what’s with them and all are less likely to ever find out. They’re the tricksters here.

Love and passion loom large and much of their inter play involves romance as being part of the package. Home life is usually upscale and children are treated more like peers than offspring.


Famous Pisces-Monkeys: Johnny Cash, Chelsea, Clinton, Roger Daltry, Rex Harrison, Ted Kennedy, Hank Ketcham, Tony Randall, Lou Reed, Liz Taylor and John Updike.




Fearless with unsurmountable ability, the Aries-Rooster, has the fire-tested metal to resist onslaughts and then conquer all obstacles. During most instances any sense of failure or lack of progress attempting to nod its head towards the Aries-Rooster can be construed as no more than a temporary setback. It’s safe to say only the Aries-Rooster determines if their vision no longer holds merit. The practical side of them long determined if they assumed their idea had no benefit towards parties involved, they would have never presented it in the first place.

This dynamic sign can parlay a kernel of an idea into a robust industry. They have the ability to muster crucial allies and assets, to climb the highest mountains and explore the deepest seas. They share their boons from adventures and success with parties who lent a hand, from financier, to gofer. The Aries-Rooster rarely forgets exactly who and what got them there. Loyalty is a major make up of the persona attached to the Aries-Rooster.

They’re quick to recognize and speak up about the injustices that have plagued mankind. They don’t desert friends and family. Last to raise a white flag, the Aries Rooster is convinced the stigma of defeat is impossible to erase. Instead, the general within them rises and they’ll circle the wagons, employing every able bodied man, woman or child, while they’ll utilize any available tool, prop, including smoke and mirrors, doing so in circles of disguise to hold the line while fending off defeat.

Something inbred is well aware how the darkest hour can be just before dawn. When it comes down to it, the Aries-Rooster would rather be carried out on its shield.

Such cockiness is contagious and the show casing of such examples of bravado enlists legions of believers, willing to sacrifice themselves, in order to back up the Aries-Rooster.

When in the midst of creating and working things out the Aries-Rooster excels. Idleness is the enemy, striving for excellence and embracing goals within reason enables them to live fuller lives.

The Aries-Rooster shares their conviction with possible mates beforehand, letting them in on the idea that there’s a possibility that the rains of hell could fall down on both of them and that they, themselves are in for the duration and they expect significant others to share that then shared conviction. What soothes the ears of their mates is when the Aries-Rooster spouts, “Everything will be all right, baby.”


Famous Aries-Roosters: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Richie Blackmore, Roy Clark, Eric Clapton, Jane Mansfield, Wilie Nelson, George Patton, Simone Signoret, Julia Styles and Peter Ustinov.




Serious in nature and a tireless worker, the Taurus-Rooster plods along and is rarely moved off of pursuing goals by outside influences. Despite a particular air that appears to have a regal nature, the Taurus-Rooster sheds its royalty to roll up its sleeves and is not afraid of heavy lifting. The dress and mannerisms are sophisticated and swank yet the Taurus-Rooster prefers to ignore any privilege or entitlement with a work ethic that farmers would be jealous of.

The Taurus-Rooster desires to earn on their own and if they come from means they just might place their wealth in trusts or hand riches over to a financial management company not to be burdened with fiscal responsibility. Those with less assets won’t let on that the money they earn means much.

The Taurus-Rooster understands bottomlines, the need for profit, to stave off bankruptcy, yet their thirst for accomplishment in the workplace outweighs lust for money. The money is strictly a vehicle and the life-blood for enterprise. Still, the Taurus-Rooster, even as children stay-away from entrapping. The talk of money bores them to tears, yet the talk of enterprise perks their ears. Going to work is often a joy for the Taurus-Rooster freeing themselves from the home front, like taking care of the overgrown lawn. Weekends are just that and it seems the happiest time for the Taurus-Rooster is Monday’s dawn. TGIF? They might just ask, “What does that mean?”

This sign is apt to skip meals, forego vacations and they are the epitome example of the term “busman’s holiday,” reverse the saying, business mixed with pleasure. Industrious and ambitious the Taurus-Rooster remains a self-starter and as other Roosters an independent thinker.

At the same time there is a vanity nature brewing. The Taurus-Rooster never met a mirror it never fell in love with. Sticklers for neatness, their homes and personal attire are usually impeccable, and that hair-do will never be out of place.

One thing getting under this bird’s skin is when told to slow up, to take it easy, to not take issues so seriously. Thing is, those issuing the warnings don’t realize the Taurus-rooster doesn’t want to take their foot off the gas petal, they detest the idea of taking it easy and they do prefer to be serious. Unlike most people there’s an untraceable bliss brewing during a hectic pace, which is their winning edge, their process of attrition while knocking off the competition. Others might have a better plan, perhaps, but the Taurus-Rooster’s way is inexhaustible for them and method that fits their needs and challenges others to just try to keep up.

Oblivious to corporal desires, as a taskmaster, others, including mates and children, will be expected to keep up. The Taurus-Rooster is constantly putting others and systems to the test, quizzing them, measuring their endurance and consistency and doing so throughout any process.

The Taurus-Rooster takes nothing for granite, and is a stickler of double-checking, following up and they leave no stone unturned.

There breeds a sense of humor, only thing, is the joke remains on the inside and the Taurus-Rooster rarely permits to let anything impresses them outwardly, as if they heard it all before, or could have said, “I told you so.” Yet they are far from dead and during private moments mates will be in store for a delicious private relationship that hardly anyone else is privy to.


Famous Taurus-Roosters: Lames Brown, Carol Burnett, FrankCapra, Catherine the Great, Louis Farrakhan, Bianca Jaggar, Rod McKuen, Willie Nelson, Michelle Phieffer, Sugar Ray Robinson, Bob Seger, Emmitt Smith, Pete Townsend, Johnny Unitis and Rene Zellweger




Ah, the expert, Gemini-Roosters thrive on preciseness. They flash no fear and are brazenly candid when in the midst of employing formulas tried and true. They’ll extend their chest and stand up to criticism knowing realizing are armed with valid facts and figures that will prove out in the long run.

With lightning quick minds, the Gemini-Rooster calculates and formulates complicated equations. They factor and measure projections that seem reasonable and within reach. Their math to others appears as almost effortless especially since much of the number crunching takes place inside their heads.

The price for such expertise does not come cheap. After summarizations and review, by the court of public appeal or centers of higher learning or the supreme court for that matter, they expect to be amply rewarded. The rewards can come in the form of a renewed and higher status, or by benefactors writing out a fat check.

When if wrong or if eventually rejected, which rare, they won’t brood or seek vengeance, rather just lick their wounds and move on.

The Gemini-Rooster is resilient and undaunted always seeking out new and improved methods over the status quo. Anything stale appears insipid. Still, the new and improved methods must have a track record that so far has showed as proven and flawless.

They store knowledge, with a distinct awareness of history, None will be discounted by forces that might rise up against them.

Mates of the Gemini-Rooster will not have the burden of keeping the family books or creating a budget. The Gemini-Rooster’s role as provider or guardian of the family or business assets are always in vogue. Any household expense that’s noteworthy will first be investigated and then approved by them. They’ll query the loan manager, go to the law library, search the net and see to it they and their loved ones are in store for the best deal available.


Famous Gemini-Roosters: Danny Aiello, F. Lee Baily, Joan Collins, Ice Cube, Erroly Flynn, Errol John Fogerty, Stanley Garner, Steffi Graf, Burle Ives, Louis Jordan, Amma Kornikova, Prince Phillip, Natlie Portman, Prescilla Presley and Jessica Tandy.




The Cancer-Rooster usually possesses a plan. They place all beforehand tasks in a precise order, with methods to employ them when at the ready.

They flash sensational, all-encompassing organizational skills and have a penchant for levelheaded leadership. Natural leaders, their quests are usually that of good intentions. A downfall at times is that they spread themselves too thin and become involved in businesses or other activities that’s irreverent to their true goals.

Rushing head down into action can become a slippery slope and it isn’t a practice in the field of battle that the Cancer-Rooster best operates within. Being the good-Samaritan to all is an impossible balancing act that tugs at their righteous and cavalier side. The urge to come to the rescue to all at the precarious crossroads of every crisis often can backfire, placing them in peril as that of the victim rather than the hero. Too often the Cancer-Rooster has succumbed to a knife in the back.

The Cancer-Rooster should be consistent with their approach. Rash judgments and premature unconstrained action can confuse allies, truncate best-laid plans and scatter the back-up they’ve developed in case of such contingencies. They do possess the thought out plans and know-how to employ their methods, yet they should take the time to measure possible obstacles and line up assets in proper order so they’ll be the most effective. Bugaboos often crop up, stymie progress and spoil the mission. Standby formulas and contingency plans should be on hand for such circumstances.

The world is far from perfect, and the Cancer-Rooster, who envisions a perfect world, needs to realize those best-laid plans can go astray. The more the Cancer-Rooster understands gray areas, the less likely they’ll rely on black and white.

The Cancer-Rooster should keep in mind that at times everybody disappoints everyone. Their mates could disappoint them on occasion yet the healthiest approach when someone they care about doesn’t hold up their end is to forget the loss or error immediately. The Cancer-Rooster should refrain from showing emotional displeasure, become the strong center piece of the relationship, sooth and bolster the ego of those who have failed and say there will be other opportunities. Do this no matter how much the loss might be. All will be better off next time around. I the mate or partner is worthwhile, they will come through on the next turn in maybe even a more grandiose manner.


Famous Cancer-Roosters: George Washington Carver, John Glenn, Debra Harry, Jake Lamotta, Frances McDormand, Stavros Niachos, Nancy Reagen, Carly Simon,.




Being all they can be isn’t that much of a stretch for the dedicated Leo-Rooster. The Leo-Rooster is cognizant of its widespread and diversified talents, pizzazz and hutspah, yet they also realize none of those attributes mean anything or can be placed into vogue unless there’s a proper venue for them to placed into action.

The combination of talent and action is often apparent, making the Leo-Rooster a popular bird in human’s barnyard. People have the tendency to flock towards them. There come s a slew of requests from others, some of material and others seek advice. The Leo-Rooster makes no bones about holding up their quest for a time, when the situation calls for involving themselves to help a friend in need. The have the ability to raise downcast spirits, bolster confidence towards friends and associates who might be having hard times and they always encourage the taking of the high road.

Often the Leo-Rooster is destined for success, despite initial pitfalls, which are merely insignificant bumps in the road in the scope of things. Soon enough in the throes of competition they will re-rev, and roll past the rest of the competition in the long run, and often are the first to pass the checkered flag. There is no such capitulating expression that utters, “I quit,” in their vocabulary.

This Rooster is stylish and can dress like Cock Robin and very much look the part. Others can count on them to be donned in tasteful accessories, rather it be a fine felt fedora, fashionable and elegant shoes or jewelry, accessories that enhances and is never ostentatious.

The Leo Rooster is usually primed for success. In some cases, success may not manifest itself right out of the box, but nevertheless, all of the riches they’re capable of mustering will come eventually emerge by their tireless efforts. The challenge will be how does one control and hold onto success along with all the responsibilities that come with it.

The Leo-Rooster will be attracted to fancy Dans and Danellas. They desire their mates to be decked out same as them. Bermudas won’t make it when having associates over for dinner, even if it is the Fourth of July or their birthday party. They will insist their mates have a sense of refinement, that’s never over the top, but to be wearing tasteful ensembles that do get noticed.


Famous Leo-Roosters: Richard Adler, Jerry Falwell, Leo Fender, Melanie Griffith, Alex Hailey, Ruby Keeler, Steve Martin, Edward Norton, Peter O’Toole, Roman Polanski, Gene Roddenbury, Jacqueline Susann and Joe Tex.




This Rooster may be the most gifted of the flock. The Virgo-Rooster comprehending and communication skills rank second to none. Passionate about staunchly remaining in the present, the Virgo-Rooster possesses a stable and steady sense of being, and not only knows itself inside and out, but actually likes itself. Long ago they put themselves to the test and took to heart in order to escape the trapping of the temptation as to never become over-ingratiating, insincere or disingenuous.

This sign can take a compliment and measure its merit and staying power. Same goes for when they’re faced with criticism. An even temperament by the Virgo -Rooster has a firm grip on the limits of success and soothes away the pangs of defeat placing all in perspective and how they relate to the overall environment. When they error, they won’t rough themselves up, brow beat their decisions or be racked with guilt. In the victory circle they’ll graciously raise the trophy and “that fast,” prepare for the next venture.

Diversified in talents, they’re able to compress situations into one focus and clear up loose matters in no time.

They have a hold on their weaknesses and temptations and are able to delegate authority to others for them to handle matters they sense are not suited for them.

Their mental capacity is stocked with facts, figures and admired theories, that they have analyzed themselves beforehand with a sense of history. The Virgo-Rooster employs tactics to remedy downtrodden businesses or launch new products. Loyalty reigns supreme. By their past relations with others loyalty is normally returned by them, yet at a fee that is nothing more than cost, or they wish to pay nothing at all.

All the Virgo-Rooster needs to go into action to help themselves or others is that they believe schemes have validity and are a worthwhile endeavor to all parties concerned. Their leadership kicks in. All around them can be assured events are in good hands. No project is too big or too small.

Home life can take all kinds of turns. As secure as the Virgo-Rooster is with themselves, sweaty palms are theirs and often they can’t measure the wants and needs of their mates. Too often they might sense they are not putting out enough and often they feel as if they not be on the receiving end of the type of love they believe they are entitled. Moderation, my friend, everything in moderation, including moderation.


Famous Virgo Roosters: Robert Blake, Ben Bradlee, Gloria Estafan, Jose Feliciano, Elia Kazan, Leo Kottke, D.H. Lawerence, Van Morrison, Itshak Perlman, Regis Philbin, Jimmy Rodgers and Jack Valenti.




The Libra-Rooster prefers to smooth things over. Rather than confronting negativity, the Libra-Rooster lets things slide, but only for the moment, then takes a tack to win over or to put unfair criticism in its place. Such behavior doesn’t’ ruffle other feathers and friend and foe will still observe this side of the affable side of the Libra-Rooster, especially foes who won’t be tempted to go for their jugular.

While others are guessing how to approach the Libra-Rooster, they’re formulating plans to deal with adversity. They’ll have the answers and are able to predict forthcoming obstacles. At the same time, the Libra-Rooster often appears apathetic and others sense such and those concerned might worry the Libra-Rooster may not possess the same passion towards projects as they do. This Rooster does care and care plenty but prefer not being overt about the importance of such matters. A simple nodding of the head says to all that they are on the same page.

All the comprehension skills are in place, as is the readiness for action, as long as there is no heavy lifting. Brain over brawn is their way and the Libra-Rooster is less likely to exhaust itself for any quest. It’s a smugness that needles some especially for those who would prefer to see the Libra-Rooster on edge. Forget about it, it is likely to never occur.

There’s often a delicious sleaziness here that’s cloaked in finery. The Libra-Rooster is often enthused by the idea of erotic encounters rather they be those of fantasy or somewhat sordid moments at the brothel. Yet the Libra-Rooster usually drinks and eats in the finest of establishments and one would be hard pressed to find one frequenting skid row.

The Libra-Rooster tends to be satisfied with one mate for a lifetime. What is paramount is that that significant other senses the love offered and appreciates the finery handed over. They shop for mates, purchasing clothing and other accessories so mates will shine. They’re egoless when it comes to flaunting the merits of their loves, often giving way and nodding to the person on their arms as them being the primary reason for their success. Facts are, Libra-Roosters without an appreciating audience have no fun. First they zero in on a main focus and then with that partner they seek to impress the world incorporating mates and family into a portrait of success.

Home is home and the Libra-Rooster is likely to buy a house on the market, off the rack so to speak, rather than going through the trials and tribulations that goes with house building. House work is a bore in their minds as is mother-henning their children. They set a parental example that is worthwhile that should be admired, but they are not all into cooking three meals a day, washing and dressing children or helping them with homework. Obviously as all Libras, and especially the Rooster, they savor their personal freedom.


Famous Libra-Rooster: Al Capp, Divine, Fran Dresher, William Faukner, Jesse Helms, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Deborah Kerr, Yves Montand and Serena Williams.




The Scorpio-Rooster remains steadfast, if not rigid, in both methods and opinion. Not that the Scorpio-Rooster will voice any disdain initially and many involved with them in various enterprises believe the Scorpio-Rooster is going along with their plans, but hold on here, once the action begins the Scorpio-Rooster is likely to throw out the play book and employ their own methods about how they size up the present situation.

During initial planning stages they listen and study what is about to take place. Somewhat secretive, they are less likely to publicly place their spin on the situation but rather to play wait and see. During or afterwards, they will express to management or underlings all the reasons why they’ve changed their opinion and they won’t mince words after the fact why they altered plans. Others could be insulted and might be tempted to go after the Scorpio-Rooster and give them a strict piece of there mind. Those annoyed by their behavior and their braying will have little or no effect on the Scorpio Rooster, them stating, “You hired me for a job and I did it at the best of my ability, so live with it.”

Right, wrong or indifferent, no one is likely to see the Scorpio-Rooster sweat or become anxious even when times appear as bleak. This sign likes to present a cool exterior regardless of what is churning inside them. The Scorpio-Rooster believes wholeheartedly they will show themselves as better leaders and get the most out of peers and underlings if they appear steady at the helm.

Staying busy is a major for this sign and it’s only when there’s inactivity that they can begin to doubt. Often it is said that Roosters are unemployable, because of their stubbornness to do things only their way. Still, even with flies in their ointment they have the ability to recruit assets and personal and then launch them independent of other resources, nor do they seek blessings. You see, they issue blessings and never solicit them.

If necessary they will go it alone. Such a fierce independence can stifle and intimidate possible mates. Trouble is, many mates at first find their fiery disposition as attractive, but once there’s turbulence, mates or significant others may beg to be laid or let off or just abandon ship. Too often, that cool exterior, pretends the desertion means nothing, nevertheless it pangs the heart of the Scorpio-Rooster and such lack of loyalty has them soul searching. In one way they’ll toss the lack of loyalty and conviction off, but one can be sure such losses of intimacy weighs them down. After a few falls in the romantic area the Scorpio-Rooster might just shelve any aspects of future relationships.

This sign might prefer to have a lover on the side, someone they can visit during their own time frame or choosing.

The Scorpio-Rooster lightens up some in social circles. They spend earnings on the home and make it as comfortable as possible for themselves and those who live under the same roof. They rarely do business at home and are quick to put the kabash on such talk and will say, “Save it for the work place.”

Children are not usually a part of the Scorpio-Rooster’s legacy. They have them of course and remain satisfied about their personal sacrifices for them after providing the essentials to let them go and learn on their own. There’s legitimate care and some concern but the Scorpio-Rooster is less likely to change its schedule or priorities for the sake of family matters.


FAmous Scorpio-Roosters: Charles Bronson, Robert Fulton, Goldie Hawn, Katherine Hepburn, James Jones, Larry King, Lyle Lovitt, James Naismith, Ezra Pound, Henry Winkler and Neil Young




What’s impressive about the Sagittarius-Rooster is their fortitude. They are a capable Rooster, as are most, they have ideas and vision but to the public at large they don’t seem groundbreaking. They have all the ability to complete missions but so do most other candidates. What’s noticed most and what gives them a winning edge is their dedication to the cause.

They are apt to be tireless and not to be swayed from the mission. They block out negativity by blurting out all their reasons and whys, not giving the opposition a chance to sink their ideas. Even superiors might be challenged to get a word in otherwise. The Sagittarius is like to say, “It only makes commonsense, even fools know . . . nobody in their right mind would . . . “ and continue to make foes or make coworkers feel foolish taking issue with their scheme on things.

Perhaps not the best leader, perhaps not the best self-starter, perhaps not the best recruiter, or perhaps not the best anything, nevertheless, the zeal for the project or theory they believe in never falters. Their sense of loyalty won’t waver either. This trait endears them to others, even if their role becomes to be reduced to cheerleader, they will be selected to be on the team.

The Sagittarius-Rooster honest manner and willingness to sacrifice its time and assets for others show cases them as a steady force to be relied on. Sincerity reigns supreme and if one is moving and looking to recruit schleppers to do the brute work the Sagittarius will show up, on time, and be ready for heavy lifting, tip included.

Their frankness and directness isn’t always appreciated yet all comes from the heart. Curt short answers are in store for those they have no faith in; for those they admire and respect, why those folks are in for a diatribe with no end in sight.

In matters of the heart, their timing is sometimes off kilter. At times they may be too revealing about what’s on their minds, during other moments, they may not say enough. Potential mates get confused and don’t know if they should confront the Sagittarius-Rooster or just go along with them. With some mates they offer absolute independence, which can get out of hand, and in other instances they flash rages of jealousy that has mates running for the hills. It’s as if their judgment, when it comes to the heart, is often clouded. As crazy as it seems, perhaps a tack for them to employ when it come to relationships is to do or say the opposite of how they feel.

Often in family matters like birthday parties or anniversaries, they are apt to skip them and be somewhere else, giving a helping hand to outsiders rather than spending quality time with those under their own roof. They sense all at home is taken care of because of their efforts, and later they sense, they’ll make time for mates and children. Only problem is, too often their won’t be enough instances to free themselves from other obligations that they give priority too and such behavior, that’s seen as a slight, can have immediate family sense as if they are being discounted and create ill feelings.


Famous Sagittarius-Roosters: Tim Conway, Rodney Dangerfield, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Caroline Kennedy, Bette Midler, Diane Sawyer, Brittany Spears and Flip Wilson.




Presenting a dashing figure, the Capricorn-Rooster, embodies a person who involves themselves in a myriad of activities. They possess an inquisitive mind that seeks answers and solutions. Often, by necessity they invent methods as tools to help them with their quests. Such behavior often has them secluded, working away for hours with little or no interruptions, yet social aspects are important and they are apt to make the time and share newfound knowledge with those who will listen.

The Capricorn-Roosters evolve into unforgettable mentors with a life time’s worth of accumulative knowledge. They are consummate wordsmiths and even when secluded by writing they chronicle the events and experiments they’ve involved themselves in and will post letters, e-mails or even publish journals for the sake of history after they are gone.

This sign is somewhat frugal yet they possess an extravagant taste that’s hidden and is far from obvious. Nothing about their homes, cars, sense of dress or ways appears as over the top. On the surface all appears as simple. The simplicity they wield seems original. Others attempt to copy or emulate them but it’s almost impossible to duplicate their footsteps. Only the Capricorn-Rooster seems capable to pull it off and those trying to mimic them look foolish. They are normally one-of-a-kind.

The Capricorn-Rooster boasts a sense of charm and mannerisms fit for all occasions. They can be the perfect gentleman or lady of the house, yet as an orator they’re able to paint a genuine picture in earthy language and they aren’t afraid to state the down side and forthcoming repercussions for irreversible errors. They’ll be perfectly blunt when need be or they will sine and compliment someone on something no one else seems to notice. Diplomacy is always in order when it comes to delicate matters.

Enemies rarely confront the bright Capricorn-Rooster head on. They’ll attack form the side and rear, perhaps spreading false rumor or indicating the Capricorn-Rooster has a hidden agenda. The Capricorn-Rooster is usually aware of who is, and who isn’t a faithful ally. In turn, they have their own methods of setting the record straight and usually deal with detractors the same way they go against them, by turning the tides, knowing what gets their goat and the tit for tat remains very effective by giving foes a dose of their own medicine.

Nevertheless, for a Capricorn, this Rooster maintains a cheery demeanor and rebuffs criticism with humor and wit. Immensely popular many look to them for approval and often many feel compelled to run their ideas by them. The Capricorn-Rooster will offer prudent advice and might even involve themselves for a time being in the said project, but not for long, because the Capricorn-Rooster is too busy with their own wide-scale and diverse projects.

Much of the Capricorn’s stricter nature is smoothed over in this sign. The investigative nature of the Rooster won’t permit the Capricorn to be so skeptical. Travel and a variety of friends involve themselves in their busy life. Politics and finance intrigues the Capricorn-Rooster, and if called upon, they’ll delve into both fields with a fresh approach.

Romance becomes a diversion from the busy schedule yet the mate should respect their independence and the Capricorn-Rooster’s need for singular and uninterrupted contemplation. As social as they are, in the workplace, they prefer to go it alone and only come out of their solitude when investigations are complete.

The Capricorn-Rooster is everybody’s favorite uncle or aunt. Their children aren’t left out and often accompany them on trips rather they be business or just stopping by to have a coffee at the nearby diner.


Famous Capricorn-Roosters: Steve Allen, Ben Franklin, Naomi Judd, Diane Keaton, Rudyard Kipling, and Dolly Parton




There’s a healthy enthusiasm for life that stems from the demeanor of the Aquarius-Rooster. They prefer not to focus on the present and often peer towards the future. Often they jump the gun and are too far ahead of their time and the world may not be ready to implement or embrace their slant on things. They unfold schemes that are both avant-garde and artistic.

With tremendous verbal skills the Aquarius-Rooster dazzles the ears of audiences with insights seemingly never considered beforehand. They envision the future, its needs and the Aquarius-Rooster is armed in their head with nouveau formulas for the sake of mankind, some that seem significant and others that could only be seen a for amusement. No matter, each brainstorm, they’ve played out in their own mind. They can paint a picture from the laboratory to practical usage and unfold all that takes place in between.

Often, and nobody knows, the Aquarius-Rooster is kidding themselves. They realize it of course. They often realize their offbeat ideas will not come to pass yet those facts are insignificant, because the playground for the Aquarius-Rooster is to project the future and not necessarily implement such. It’s as if all is one big story board, some to act on and others to trash. In their view it’s for others to figure out, they’re just the original author of fact or fiction.

When compelled they go for the gusto and aren’t reluctant about ponying up their own assets if they cannot recruit attractors. Often they bomb and afterwards the Aquarius-Rooster will laugh at the idea of such ruses, yet will be satisfied they at least had the courage to place their money where their mouths were. In their view, doing is everything and material success is subjective, besides, imagining was half the fun.

Their dream world is real regardless if all doesn’t pan out. They realize their enthusiasm can on carry the day so far and they are often confronted with a reality check. The marketplace sorts all out. Some of their off the wall enterprises can manifest themselves into products that in the future none of us can live without. Others . . . well forget about it.

The residence of the Aquarius-Rooster is a telltale anthology of their past. Their homes or offices are littered with the past, present and future. Plans, proposals, charts and presentations, truncated or not they save and hold onto, just in case there’s new life to breath into them. Visitors will be flabbergasted at all the work and investigation techniques that have gone on behind the scenes.

As footloose as the Aquarius-Rooster is with their own money and that of their benefactors they are frugal with their emotions when it comes to the heart. They might prefer someone serious and practical and look to them as a stopgap for their own foolishness. Their mates will have to offer an ingredient of stability and come down hard on them if they get too far-out.

Children often become partners, with them running their ideas past them, relying on the fact that children aren’t jaded and too look to the future, and that innocence becomes a needed shot in the arm when others aren’t listening. The Aquarius-Rooster counts on youthful exuberance to carry the day, to side with them and help propel their ideas to fruition. If not, all was good fun to speculate.


Famous Aquairus-Roosters: Hank Aaron, Sir Francis Bacon, L.L.Beam, Collete, Mia Farrow, Tammy Grimes, Bob Marley, Kim Novack, Yoko Ono, Bill Russell and Gertrude Stein.




There’s both an air of invincibility and smugness exuding from the Pisces-Rooster. It’s practicality and dream word bubbling up here. Armed with smarts and know how the Pisces-Rooster recruits attractors and fortifies them with methods, methods they may not employ themselves personally, but nevertheless, they prefer to have their adjutants use such. The Pisces-Rooster has a nose for talent and is a master at bringing out the best in people, smart enough to know their own limits, and are able to take diamonds in the rough in the form of neophytes as to manifest their needs.

The Pisces-Rooster is a super salesperson, yet they don’t sell, rather they have the ability to make one feel like a pure fool if they aren’t buying their spiel. Their way of speaking, their reference to the past, their carefree demeanor, has others drooling to be like them, to copy them, to do as them. In the view of others who admire their success, they can’t go wrong by emulating the Pisces-Rooster. The talents of the Pisces-Rooster are apparent on the surface but their ability to have others perform seems surreal. Others who have failed on their own often shine under the tutelage of the Pisces-Rooster, yet only in areas that benefits this wise Rooster.

On one hand the Pisces-Rooster is ever-so-generous materially and spiritually yet all that they dispense is strictly in the family. The goals set by the Pisces-Rooster for other, must have benefits that return to them or their enterprises. Outside the confines of an inner circle there’s no room for outsiders or is there evenly dispersed consideration for the desires of subjects. It’s always strictly at the whim of the Pisces-Rooster.

Having a none-stop inquisitive mind, the Pisces-Rooster often delves into the esoteric, and then utilizes those findings in the day to day making those practices as part of a daily routine. This sign studies and scrutinizes all. They are attracted to both royalty and the common man, and can attend the grandest events or frequent beer halls while mingling with people from all walks of life.

As for arguing, forget about it. The Pisces-Rooster is armed with insurmountable facts and figures, yet if one gets an upper hand on this Rooster in their argument, the Pisces-Rooster tends to get hot under the collar and the discussion is over. They remain stubborn and the only way to convince them is by applying the methods taught by the Pisces-Rooster on them, reversing the tide, giving the Pisces-Rooster time for their own contemplation and then subjects should return and permit the stage to be reset of which might be more favorable to all parties.

You see, the Pisces-Rooster can never be forced on an issue and only change their minds when they see fit. Their minds have no limits or barriers and regardless of all the polish and there’s a connection with the common man while they possess every man appeal. The practicality of the Rooster often gives way to the emotional surge that can spring from Pisces. There’s a strong sense of compassion and family out weighs all. Despite tinges of obvious selfishness, the Pisces-Rooster might be first to offer a helping hand if they feel the target of their generosity has merit. As a teacher and mentor they desire good will towards the deserving, recognizing potential talent for what it is worth.

The Pisces-Rooster is Abe Lincoln honest, primarily in order to keep their own karma clean. Loves will be bathed in luxury and children will be given voice. Regardless of a penchant for academics, sometimes they are rough around the edges but there’s always a sharing nature wrapped in a heart of gold.


Famous Pisces-Roosters: Mairann Anderson, Michael Caine, Enrico Caruso, Quincy Jones, Osama bin Laden, Spike Lee, Bob Longhi, Nina Simone, Lee Radziwill, Phillip Roth and Vanna White.




Rather it’s the howdy-do bark, a growl of warning, the bow-wow Aries-Dog is always heard from one way or another. All and all the Aries-Dog is people friendly yet they do criticize. The criticism, despite at times being downright biting, is usually constructive.

Matters of the heart are just that, something they take seriously with desires and abilities to romantically melt and conquer the coldest of hearts. Not only do they swoon those they have romantic aspirations for, their good will towards others also endears them.

Nothing pains the Aries-Dog more so than the idea they could have hurt someone’s feelings. Tireless listeners, they make a terrific soundboard, when listening to the woes of those close to them. They are sympathetic when offering an available ear to the troubles of total strangers.

The Aries-Dog is a lifetime student. They realize the way to the top is through education, both formal and that of hands-on experience. The Aries-Dog also can learn by observation and not involve itself in some frays that aren’t relevant to what they are doing or that they are into at the moment.

The Aries-Dog is often attracted to the academic. They also have a particular eye of beauty we realize is subjective. They can see beauty in various ways and the beauty of an inquisitive, thought-provoking mind they find as irresistible. They look for partner with quick wit, honesty and those with the ability to be as tough as them or that of a junkyard dog, who will team with them and counter attack with an onslaught that will not hold up against them. Their partner, with equal if not better smarts, will coax them, encourage them and point them in the right direction.


Famous Aries-Dogs: Alan Arkin, Robert Frost, Jane Goodall, Al Green, David Halberstram, Houdini, Jim “Catfish” Hunter, Henry Luce, Luis Miguel, Gary Oldman, Carl Reiner, Gloria Steinem, and Paul Robeson.




Perhaps the most conservative and cautious of Dogs, the Taurus-Dog lives with two distinct personalities, one that’s external and one secretive that’s constantly pumping with in their innards. The outward personality is cheerful, cooperative and does its very best to show themselves as easy going. The inner is mired in conflict while under the strains of observing the unfairness of it all.

Feeling compelled to play the game of life while fortified to play a defensive mode that under the radar, they are not likely to take issue as to go against strong opinions as long as it’s perceived by them as strictly conjecture and there’s no intrusion towards their personal lives.

They tolerate friends and relatives on the surface and often those they are attracted to don’t necessarily embrace a sense of scruples. They won’t lift a finger to challenge mindsets of those who lean towards larceny or adultery and even they’ll become more or less amused by that sort of low-life behavior. Being let in on the saucy details is perhaps their vicarious way of sinning, without sinning.

Privately they’ll actually chastise themselves for seemingly condoning the unscrupulous and not taking issue and for not voicing “how-dare-you” objections. The tendency to walk on the wild side and have associates of ill repute entices them and yet this Dog has a tremendous sense of righteousness.

The Taurus-Dog would just like to be everybody’s best buddy and a sense of buddyism usually outweighs any other sort of doctrine or law. Their stripes are neutral and all who they deem as worthwhile, for their own reasons, have their absolute loyalty and allegiance. This sign will never squeal.

The side that encourages them affiliates with the side that bests bolsters the Taurus-Dog’s sense of worth. If there was ever a sign that gives way to peer pressure, the Taurus-Dog is such a sign.

It’s important to the Taurus-Dog they rid themselves of lurid temptations and get them out of their system as soon as possible and align themselves with good role models. With their talent, and despite that they can camouflage their associations, the Taurus-Dog can lead a prosperous and fulfilling life and be successful without anyone sensing how they really feel about things. Seems the internal tug a war rarely affects their outward performance.

Placing their energies into worthwhile causes or involving themselves in family or community activities fends off trouble. They are popular and always a welcomed ingredient to any team.

Love is a major, and with concurrent adorations, sweet and tender life-long relationships blossom. The Taurus-Dog has an inert fear of love deserting them, either them losing their mates, or visa versa. They need to be assured and they’ll constantly profess such towards their significant others, how they do feel for them in the most endearing terms.

The kids might wish they were more of a barrel of fun, but nevertheless, their children will admire their steadiness and seemingly open ear to listen, even if they aren’t.


Famous Taurus-Dogs: Andrew Aggasi, Andre the Giant, Cher, Reggie Jackson, Shirley MacLaine, Golda Meir and Ulma thurman.




Here’s Man’s best friend, the good guy with a thoughtful soul. Gemini-Dogs genuinely feel for people. It tugs at their heart when anyone suffers, especially when the pain stems from inside their family.

Possessing diversified talents, the Gemini-Dog remains modest about their own abilities and it’s rare they brag. They are not likely to rub it in, even after their hard fought victory. Remaining gracious while at the top of their game, they will reach down to boast the merits of those who helped them and even praise the grit and competitiveness of their one-time foes. This sign feels compelled to take on a universal attitude with legitimate concerns about all peoples.

Despite being overt in their public life, Gemini-Dog keeps their private life to themselves and they rarely reveal hardships or downfalls taking place under their own roofs. Those close are often kept in the dark about what’s eating away at them as they wade through bumpy ordeals or if they feel denied or unappreciated. Like many Dogs do, they just go and lick their wounds mostly in silence.

What it boils down here, despite a rosy picture on the outside here is somewhat of a sad sack here, who harbors a melancholy that runs deep. For some reason the Gemini-Dog often feels compelled to take upon their shoulders the sadness spewing around them.

The Gemini-Dog has too much going on the positive side of its life and Madam Loo would recommend it may be healthier for them to savor gains and self admire what has been orchestrated. Count blessings and continue to strive for fairness and welfare of mankind but don’t forget their own personal happiness.

It’s just that for the Gemini-Dog it’s a tendency for them to kindness to others. Even when someone breaks their hearts, there’s not get-evenness nor do they envision acts of retribution. Rather going out in the world seeking out and helping others smothers some of their own loss and lifts their spirits.

Mates and children are usually in store for a wholehearted love and affection. The Gemini-Dog is the first to go without giving way to family.

If times do become difficult and they find themselves in emotional turmoil, they turn to their work and bury their noses in the project, staying late, and showing early, using work as a distraction.

They love to laugh out, playing practical jokes and being one of the boys or girls. Their presence at all types of affairs and functions is always welcomed. Often, as if their attendance is a complete surprise, a fuss is made about them being there. Their opinions are sought after.

They flash, like most Dogs a sense of leadership without a heavy hand. Mates don’t often make a decision or create an expenditure without first consulting them.


Famous Gemini-Dogs: Bill Blass, Annette Benning, Pat Boone, Drew Carey, Jacques Cousteau, The Dionne, Quintuplets, M.C. Escher, Judy Garland, Al Jolson, Barry Manilow, E. G. Marshall, Bill Moyers, Peter Nero, Norman Vincent Peale, Scatman Struthers, Gilda Radner, Donald Trump and Gene Wilder.




Honest and strong, but still vulnerable, the Cancer-Dog mostly focuses on their life path. Looming in the back of their mind, the Cancer-Dog gives way to concern about them concentrating energies dedicated mostly to projects while shelving their personal life and overall good of the family.

Figuring out how to handle the pressures tugging at both sides of them is a constant. The job can wait, then it can’t. Like a call of the wild, even when in the midst of some festive occasion, the Cancer-Dog’s mind wanders back to the workplace. Then they tend to reflect and are rocked with tinges of guilt for not always being at the supper table or little league games. Also, take into consideration their inbred sense for loving needs crops up when the Cancer-Dog notices how their intervention can pull family members out of doldrums.

After a serious of metamorphosis and a few friendly reminders, they are capable of changing old habits and help with the children’s homework or pitch in with household chores. It can be a therapeutic diversion to take a weekend off, maybe to help their mate during a bake or garage sale.

There is some self flagellation that takes place here, nevertheless it’s the only self therapy the Cancer-Dog knows and hopefully such insight will vindicate them from long-lasting guilt that may have built up by their absences.

Once they sense love ones come to grips with their devotion to their work, having created corresponding affections, they’re likely to break the lovefest and give all pecks on the cheek and then return to their true love, their work.

In regards to their dedication to work, when the Cancer-Dog does choose to get involved in the little-league baseball team or the daughter’s dance troupe, they need to curb tendencies to try and make up lost time by going over the top. All of a sudden becoming too involved the Cancer-Dog could have them as nuisances interfering in projects of others while beginning to treat them like their own. Good intentions and helpfulness they can become subject to unneeded criticism. Bear in mind they wouldn’t appreciate an outsider, who in the past has acted like a disinterested party, suddenly involve themselves in the Cancer-Dog’s affairs. It works both ways and if the trying to make up Cancer-Dog persists, havoc can then come into play and the Cancer-Dog may wish it never got involved in the first place.

Love and money are righteously earned by the Cancer-Dog, that’s rarely the problem. Maintaining both can be. Massaging the egos of others will always be part of the process, even if the Cancer-Dog doesn’t feel like it. If the Cancer-Dog lives with any sort of guilt, consider it as lucky and move on.


Famous Cancer Dogs: Gorgio Armani, Keven BAcon, Harry Blackstone Jr., George W. Bush, Alexander Calder, Perre Cardin, Cheech Marin, Ille Nastase, Chris O’Donnel, Prince, Marcel Proust, Linda Rondstadt, Sylvester Stallone, Donald Sutherland and Prince William.




These hounds are somewhat conservative in thought yet remain staunch in their belief in peoples individual rights. They detest the idea of bullying and it boils their blood observing weaker folk getting picked on. Witnessing intimidation, seeing poor saps without resources and allies, them being forced to make decisions tempts the Leo-Dog, to mix themselves into the fray, to get involved rallying to the downtrodden being stomped on.

They are practical enough not to go to war for or bring down the house if such squabbles and people involved have no bearing. Still, viewing any injustice the Leo-Dog won’t bite its tongue and they will have to vent the anxiety caused somehow. Taking action and coming to the rescue depends on the urgency of the matter and how the issues relate to them. But let those attacked be a relative or close friend and the Leo-Dog will have to be contended with, showing no quarter. If that’s the case they’re itching for a fight while fearless and backing up the accused.

Often after the Leo-Dog reaches a pinnacle and sense their affairs and family are secure and in order, the Leo-Dog is apt to leave the private sector and involve themselves in a wider scale if public projects, sitting on boards or committees of let’s say consumer protections services or the Red Cross or some other benevolent organization. They’ll serve on park commissions or organize beautification programs.

A clean environment is important to the Leo-Dog. They are fastidious about putting out the trash, and sweeping the outside and shoveling the snow, yet these menial tasks helps get their minds off other problems that might loom. Puttering in the garden is an activity they take to heart and this rough tough Dog will beam with pride while showing off their recently bloomed petunias.

The Leo-Dog is practical, and normally makes good and fair judgments about other people. They possess terrific survival instincts with good timing. They will be the first to state and conjure for the ears of others that life is not always fair. Yet they adhere to the idea and do their best to avoid the unfairness, while wisely separating themselves from being set up for disappointment. They are apt to shy away from people places and things that can create disappointment by underhanded means.

This sign has the ability to keep its head regarding romance. For the sake of having beauty planted at their sides, or a temptation to covet, normally don’t choose life partners who are disingenuous and frivolous. They count on strong partners to support them through thick and thin and remain as loyal as most Dogs like themselves. If they do latch onto someone condescending and not respected by peers, that partner could lead them and the Leo-Dog’s ideals to ruin. Regardless of other attractions, the Leo-Dog will not be able to stomach that sort of person. They are likely to choose partners who mirror themselves.


Famous Leo Dogs: Kate Bush, Roberto Clemente, Bill Clinton, Alexander Duma, Amelia Earhardt, Michael Flatley, Herbert Hoover, Norman Lear, Jennifer Lopez, Louis XVI, Madonna, Jason Robards, Pete Samprass, Leslie Ann Warren and Shelly Winters.




Down to Earth, the Virgo-Dog understands precisely what resources need to be lined up and events to occur in order to complete a mission. Grandiose projects on a grand-scale will be eliminated from the planning stage by the Virgo-Dog if sense they have little or no chance to get off the ground.

The Virgo-Dog will not operate efficiently if they delve into too many projects at once. Normally they’ll focus on interests within their expertise and stick with them. That’s the professional side of the Virgo-Dog.

The Virgo-Dog extends its charitable nature beyond the scope of family and usually they’re stalwarts of their community, often bolstering the ranks of civic associations.

They have to curb their exuberance at times, because when frustrated by the rejections of their peers it tends to unnerve them. The independent thinker here detests good intentions to be panned or discounted.

When sensing danger, they’re first to attack nature, and their continual wrath can be overwhelming and downright ruthless despite a feeling of righteous indignation that may have come over them in the face of such threats.

The Virgo-Dog rarely takes short cuts and prefers the straight on approach, so an item or task overlooked may not come back to haunt them later. The Virgo-Dog tends to become grouchy when others attempt to get involved or lend a hand with their pet projects with the Virgo-Dog finding the interference more of a nuisance than support.

Burdened at times with needless worry the Virgo-Dog finds it essential to separate and prioritize what’s urgent and what isn’t. Sure, it’s always the little things nevertheless the bottom line dictates attention should be paid to only what’s important. Little things take care of themselves..

The natural watch Dog tendency will never be totally suppressed, even with the most liberated Virgo-Dog. Concerns will eternally loom that all will come home safe and sound and they’ll faithfully wait at the farm’s gate for all, even if it is way past when the cows come home.

When it comes to timetables, they’re nervous Nellies. The Virgo-Dog nervously paces the church steps a half hour before the bride and groom show up at their wedding. They’ll call parties the night before reminding them of the time and place and they’ll double check everybody understands their role and what’s expected of them.

The Virgo-Dog respects the idea of continuing education. After attaining degrees they’ll enroll in further studies, take correspondent courses if only to hone their crafts and skills. They don’t mind practice and are normally the first to arrive and the last to leave. Virgo-Dogs make loyal troopers, unlikely to question authority that they have faith in.

Mates will be constantly reminded not to forget this, that or the other thing. Maybe the Virgo-Dog needs to remember they’ve already reminded their significant others and begin to have trust in them and show it. The mate of a Virgo-Dog might want put their foot down and remind them about what the Virgo-Dog found attractive about them in the first place. The Virgo-Dog also needs to remind itself they would have never chosen a mate with a sieve for a brain.


Famous Virgo-Dogs: Scott Brady, Sid Caesar, Leonard Cohen, Jackie Cooper, Brian Eptstein, Charles Evers, Barry Gibb, Michael Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones, Charles Kuralt, Sophia Loren, Roger Maris, Sophia Loren, Umberto Mastrionanni, Freddie Mercury, Buddy MIles Kate Millet, Andy Roddick, Claudia Schiffler, Norman Schwartzkolph and Mother Theresa.




Perhaps the struggle is procrastination, because the Libra-Dog tends to have a hand in many activities. Seems all is constantly sentenced to be a work in progress, with the Libra-Dog going from duty station to duty station, adding some to the mix in order to finish up, but much becomes far from completion. The Libra-Dog’s enthusiasm for all and tendency to appease leaves many loose ends.

Rare they’ll be complain about the pressures and obligations or the robbing of their valuable time by others. Yet they will amplify the complaints and needs of others and in their own way the will broadcast and make people aware of those brays and go out to the world as to run some sort of interference in order to see if they can influence others to remedy some of the woes of their compatriots.

The Libra-Dog remains so busy with the business and concern for others they often don’t attend to their own. Then again because of a procrastinating nature, they place their own needs off, perhaps to escape them while immersed with the problems of others.

Now and then the Libra-Dog must escape the trappings, take to some solitude, to sort out their own needs and do some catching up, so then they can return to the outside world with their own conscious cleared. If not, all could pile up and some of those “devil in the details” could rise up against them having accomplishments seem as moot points, and after the fact, rending them as ineffective, because it’s too late.

When it comes to personal relationships, especially those of the heart, the Libra-Dog should not be tempted to take on someone bogged down unneeded luggage in the form of a turbulent past. The Libra-Dog should voice to those whom they become intimate with, that “the past” is “the past,” and from then on in it ‘s the Libra-Dog and that significant other then up against the world.

Their needs to be a place, a safe haven, a base so to speak, in order for the Libra-Dog to escape, so the constant demands and needs of others are someplace else and don’t involve them for the time being. Those close should be on hand with their own conscious’ clear as to rejuvenate the Libra-Dog, to provide for them their space and freedom to produce and not burden them with their own problems.

The Libra-Dog in turn will appreciate the solace and be the first to return love and affection and take them under wing as to support mates who support them without rehashing a past. There’s no place for the past in the mindset of the Libra-Dog


Famous Libra-Dogs: Bridgette Bardot, George Gershwin, Matt Damon, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Suzanne Summers, and John Wooden.




Giving way to moodiness or self-doubt is a dangerous environment to the Scorpio-Dog. It’s not that the Scorpio-Dog has doubt about their own talent or abilities; as a matter of fact they possess tremendous faith in themselves. It’s just that they sense doubt in their ability to communicate their own sense of worth towards others. Perhaps it’s a willingness not to give hints. Knowing they possess an unwavering tenacity and endurance, that is rarely equaled, they suppress inner desires and wish not to flash signs of themselves kowtowing to anyone. They will rarely ask for help even though they should.

The Scorpio-Dog is a student who receives little joy with the idea of discovery but nevertheless this sign forces itself to educate itself, solely for the sake of personal need. They understand education, whether it is formal or informal and that knowledge is the key to accomplish the lifestyle they desire. They will bone up and hunker down to comprehend methods and programs that will enable them to achieve.

Too often they cast potential allies aside and decide to go it alone. They choose to rarely apologize and aren’t willing to explain their actions. Too often rejection from time of their youth paralyzes them from stepping up to the plate to take swings for the benefit of the team. If only they could field a team in the league without teammates.

With soothing and yes, absolute adoration by others, who somehow can gain their trust, the Scorpio-Dog can transform itself into the person who deep down inside they desire to be. If feeling abandoned or deserted, especially by those they wish to impress, the Scorpio-Dog can become unpredictability dangerous to themselves and others. They can turn to debilitating addictions or violence. Regardless of those being extremes, this Dog should be aware of such pitfalls and take hold of themselves to avoid them at all costs.

Hark! There is a bright side here as there are in all signs. The Scorpio-Dog can be an effective leader and parent and devoted lover. A matter of back up, that’s genuine and caring, can provide wonders for their psyche. Once feeling accepted and having their sense of independence in tack, all that energy and know how can lend themselves to projects, the social and during instances dealing with business.

Aware of their own sensitivity they will instill in their children pride that they may not possess themselves. It’s as if they are able to shed their thin skin with their own and be patient teachers and sterling examples. Their sense of pride never permits themselves to be seen in a bad light by their offspring’s. Once the Scorpio-Dog sheds doubt their families and lovers will feel safety and comfort in their arms.


Famous Scorpio-Dogs: Sally Field, Ethan Hawke, Carl Sagan, Carly Simon, Voltaire and Kurt Vonnegut.




This is a lovable and faithful dog yet they don’t always appear to be that way. There is an intimidation factor that has many shying away, but once the approach by others is straight up, and the Sagittarius-Dog senses good will, defenses are let down. All nearby will hear their bark and shivere tot he sometime growl coming from the Sagittarius-Dog, but once realizing those aggressive moves aren’t meant from them they too can become at ease. The Sagittarius-Dog permits those close to them in on their ruse, laughing at the idea they’re able to scare others off, sharing with cohorts that the eliminating of some will be the good for all.

There’s a watchdog sense here and by action or words the Sagittarius-Dog feels an obligation to ward off danger. Principle looms as large. Any sort of doctrine that is being spilled off lips that goes to extremes the Sagittarius-Dog is likely to take issue with, not permitting any foothold to take place. Nip it in the bud is a philosophy they adhere to, sensing that in the future that by giving an inch could lead to total domination by evil forces.

Sense of health, fitness, safeguard and inoculations against illness are a constant. The medicine cabinets of the Sagittarius-Dog and those of their immediate family will be stocked with vitamins and other remedies to head off maladies. The Sagittarius-Dog is likely to gather up its family and drive them down for their flu shots but the car will not leave the driveway unless all have their seat belts buckled.

Business partners and lovers will sense a reinforced fortification against outside influences upsetting the mood of the office or household. The Sagittarius-Dog will never stand for it. They can also disperse tough love, snatch onto the collars of people they care for, barking for them to straighten up and fly right. The rest can go to hell. Those not deeming worthiness will always be either ignored or scared away.

Honest and frank, sincere and courageous enables the Sagittarius-Dog to be seen in a positive light by those who place trust in them. Because of those attributes it’s less than likely they cannot be corrupted nor will they ever sell out the endeavors of all associated to them. Money and materialism takes a back seat to dignity and honor.


Famous Sagittarius-Dogs: Winston Churchill, Ty Cobb, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emerson Fittipaldi, Redd Foxx, Diego Rivera, Steven Spielberg and Gianni Versace.




Attractive beyond worldly belief are these mutts, often too pretty to be taken seriously, the Capricorn-Dog strives rather to show case their substance and worth as to be recognized for such. They’ll flash second-to-none manners and show undue respect to all elders and authority figures. Their generosity is renowned to the point that at times they actually try and buy love. There is a penchant to be loved, if not adored.

Often they sense as if their stunning physical attributes can hinder them and their advancement having them become shy and introverted them thinking they are accepted solely for their looks. Yet give them a stage or a forum and they shed all aspects of self doubt and rise to the occasion. They tend to be innovative in their public persona yet in the real they embrace the tried and true rather than the whimsical.

Often the world sweeps them away to exotic places but home is where the heart is. Lifelong friends remain just that and the Capricorn-Dog is less than likely to shed their roots. They tend to fit into circles of influence rather in be in boardrooms or social circles. The Capricorn-Dog finds themselves on the grandest of guest lists but still their shy nature has them declining many invitations. They prefer the home life, even if home is far from home.

The Capricorn-Dog surrounds itself and decorates their residences with keepsakes from the past. They stay in constant communication with families and friends and it’s often people receive calls from them out of the blues and at any hour of the day.

As employers they expect subordinates to be on hand 24/7, as are they if others are in time of need. They attach most sentiments they toss towards others as they expect in return to themselves. When they say, “I love you!’ the Capricorn-Dog had better hear the same uttered and echoed back in their direction. Any sort of personal rejection sends them into a tailspin, one that isn’t reversible, but nevertheless, it stifles them for the moment.

If having a squabble they normally back off for quiet reflection and will be the first to say, “I’m sorry,” and all will be forgotten.

There’s a flamboyant nature and this sign can don outfits others would never dare to wear in public. It is just they get away with it and are admired for such brash fashion statements. From head to toe, with proper grooming and wonderful looks, they make a striking appearance.

In addition, spirituality has its place, and the Capricorn-Dog permits themselves to be recognized as a spiritual person. Domination is of no consequence, and the temptation to convert rarely rises, but they wear their beliefs on their sleeve and are never embarrassed about letting known what ideals they choose to embrace.


Famous Capricorn-Dogs: David Bowie, Jimmy Buffett, Al Capone, A.J. Foyt, Diane von Furstenberg, Ava Gardner, Rickey Henderson, Elvis Presley, Sade, and Albert Schweitzer.




It’s a matter of innovation matched with tenaciousness when it comes to the make up of the Aquarius-Dog. This is the sign that takes the reigns of a bankrupt company and employs systems that turns the tide in quick fashion. Out with the old and in with the new, the Aquarius-Dog turns everything and all on its head, shakes it some, then uprights it and goes into action.

In their view, they have a job to do. No one is exempt from criticism and nothing is indispensable. The Aquarius-Dog has the courage to clean house and kick butt. They won’t mince words or massage egos of those who aren’t producing. They will ignore ridicule for the sake of the bottom line. There are stock holders to appease and assets to protect and a market share that can be won over by providing excellence. Beyond that, how they are perceived and negative opinions, by those who are merely observers, has no or little effect on the work ethic or performance of the Aquarius-Dog.

The innovative nature does not end at the office. Way back, as children, after studying mom’s way of slicing tomatoes or chopping onions they will come up with another more efficient way. This is a sign that is constantly reinventing the wheel.

After they model their latest method others in their mix might wonder why they never thought of such. Yet it may not be the new system alone that they have inserted but by the cavalier way the Aquarius-Dog went about it, making drastic and complicated changes look effortless with a touch of simplicity and mark of brilliance.

Socially this sign is not only a climber but relied on to sparkle. They’ll convey ideas and have an appropriate story or metaphor for every occasion. Need a dirty joke to be told, ask the Aquarius-Dog to tell it. If someone has to deliver a eulogy at a paupers grave the Aquarius-Dog will make it sound like the speech given by Henry V on St. Crispin’s Day. Rarely lost for words they will dazzle the ears and spark enthusiasm of both employer and employee.

Challenge, especially during adversity intrigues the Aquarius-Dog, has it rising to the occasion to take the reigns and lead the way. Once infused with the respect of superiors there seems to be no going back for them.

The challenge comes when there is no challenge. Malaise and stagnant situations paralyses the Aquarius-Dog. They sense as if their spirit has been crushed and without some sort of conflict or a mundane status quo this Dog feels as if it may not belong.

They tend not to take the time to grade themselves because there’s no doubt in their own minds they are giving their all.

They are seen as irresistible in the view of those who fancy them. Even those who may be attached to others will find it tempting to desert all and take up with the Aquarius-Dog. Once Aquarius-Dog focuses on someone they are attracted to, regardless of their status, they will go all out, the same way they do in business to gain their hearts.


Famous-Aquarius-Dogs: Alan Bates, Linda Blair, Helen Gurley Brown, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Gregory Hines, China Katner, Dr. Laura, Norman Mailer




Normally quiet and unassuming the Pisces-Dog remains fiercely private. They tend to keep to themselves. There’s always an inner perspective takin that’s measuring and judging. The messiness that evolves and gets too often coughed up from over exposure is an area of contention the Pisces-Dog usually shies away from. They have witnessed their other Dog cousins suffer the pangs of rejection and discrimination by them voicing complaints and flashing a risky behavior at the willingness to augment and change mind sets. No way will the Pisces-Dog subject themselves to ridicule even if for permanent change.

No religion, no concept, no driving force of political aspirations entices the Pisces-Dog as venues to involve themselves. There is no sense of the evangelical. They prefer to be given a job and know what is expected of them and give nothing more and never less. The Pisces-Dog is ever so sensitive and has witnessed what over achieving provides and the upheaval that often accompanies such. They safeguard themselves as not to become addicted to any activity, rather if it is up-and-up or illicit. No, sir, they choose a field and remain behind the scenes as a steady force who’s reliable and flexible to a degree, as long as there is no boot licking.

Often because of chosen profession they will be forced to deal with individuals of whom they prefer not to have anything to do with, but situations sometimes dictates strange bedfellows. When the whistle blows, that is the end of it, and they will extract themselves lickety-split for the safe havens of their own solitude. They are unlikely to voice their dislikes and prefer to say nothing at all.

The Pisces-Dog tends to take the high road and if they suspect anything underhanded taking place in their organization, especially if sides are being formed and there are tinges of nastiness they will resign.

Home life will normally be quiet and respectful. Towards mates much homage will be paid, not necessarily verbalized but in a form of action. Flowers and gifts will arrive out of the blue but one can bet the Pisces-Dog will be too shy to be on hand when they are delivered. Their children will be subject to a caring but they’re usually not overly affectionate parent on the surface. Yet sick children or mates might be surprised to see the Pisces-Dog keeping a twenty-four hour vigil until they’re out of danger. Not much for friends or even siblings, once the Pisces-Dog makes its choice of who they desire to be with, they’re all they need and desire.


Famous Pisces-Dogs: Sandy Duncan, Yuri Gagarin, Andy Gibb, David Gilmour, Holly Hunter, Jack Kerouac, Queen Latifah, Liza Minnelli, Ralph Nader, David Niven, Sharon Stone and Bobby Unser.




A true bundle of energy and talent best describes the Aries-Pig. Their sometimes burst and rush of enthusiasm has the tendency to irk detractors, yet nevertheless, their dedication for related projects is so great, and so instrumental, the Aries-Pig ignores cutting comments springing from detractors while pursuing their merry quest.

Armed with dynamics, they’re apt to frequent circles of power and prestige. Once taken into the fold they become intricate parts of ruling parties and become ambassadors while selling the system.

After earning respect, becoming admired, and having being delegated authority, the Aries-Pig must remain aware of their excesses, needing to keep a tight leash on such, refraining from behavior and substances that could do harm in the long run deflating any air of invincibility.

The Aries-Pig should take prudent precautions from aligning themselves with people who wish to take advantage. Despite at first being able to see through selfish ruses, and despite realizing unsavory types can offer an invite towards an opportunity, the Aries-Pig should eliminate those unsavory types from their over all plans, so that sooner or later they don’t become victims of their contempt and greed.

The Aries-Pig prefers, and is better off, controlling its own destiny. When reaching lofty plateaus of success they should keep a firm grip on their own affairs rather than just handing over ultimate authority towards others. At the same time Aries-Pig should refrain from and overcome the temptation to micro manage, discounting the importance of the roles subordinates and partnerships play, permitting others to rise and fall on their own. Those others don’t need, nor will it always be to all best interest, if the Aries-Pig to interfere. Disdain could come the Pig’s way if it shows no faith in the ability of others they once placed faith in.

The Aries-Pig also should refrain from flashes of jealousy. When their own affairs go astray and perhaps they lose out on someone’s heart, flashing outward weakness to their emotions is a no-no and they may be better off by putting on a happy face and do their crying on the inside. The sight of them disheveled with emotions not in tack is unbecoming and can interrupt with a process that’s necessary to rebound.

The last thing an Aries-Pig ever wants to do is lose their temper in public.

When they chose to open their heart while making it available to someone, they should be cautious, test the waters, by observing the other one time at their worse perhaps, and measure the credibility of that one who has become their romantic focus.


Famous Aries-Pig: Herb Albert, Bismark, August Anheiser Busch, Tom Clancy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Thomas Jefferson, Elton John, Loretta Lynn, Marcel Marceau, Mathew Modine, Scott Moffat, Dudley Moore, Harry Reasoner, Selena, Sheryl Swoops, Emma Thompson, Bobby Vinton, Tennessee Williams and James Woods.




Often opulent in style the Taurus-Pig rarely budges unless there is a grandiose reward at the end of the mission. The combination of signs likes . . . well way more than “likes,” this sign lives to bath itself, and all around them, in luxury. At the same time the Taurus-Pig is ambitious, extra ambitious and often seeks out professions or enterprises that assures itself a gaudy profit margin. Earlier in life they may shun jobs and opportunities, only to wait out for the product or innovative service that’s just right for the time. Then they go full bore becoming tireless, which might be hard to believe for observers, since only six month before it seemed impossible to get them off the sofa.

Their approach is normally pleasant and the Taurus-Pig likes to paint pictures in words of what are called win-win situations for all. They usually ease into situations as a welcome addition to the team. If they notice others not holding up to their end, and as much as they dislike to ruffle feathers, they’re able with no regrets to lean on people with terse words to entice motivation.

Often they involve themselves in scientific fields and work on research to develop products for the masses that can range from cosmetics to the cure of ailments. They are able to take a cottage industry into the mainstream, thereafter, in a short period of time, that one time grass roots operation will start to look and smell like big business.

There’s also a marketing genius here who knows how to promote and advertise and subscribing to the old, “You sell the sizzle and not the steak.”

The Taurus-Pig’s family will enjoy the fruits of their labor and even though there is somewhat of a tight wad here, when it comes to the family or those they fancy, they won’t spare and spend a fortune to impress the one whose affection they seek.

Long weekends and extended holidays are favorite times for the Taurus-Pig and people observing might marvel that the one-time lazy bones was willing to work so hard as to be such a good provider.

Still, they tend to be demanding at the office or work place and often those who enter their lives in a social nature find it difficult to see what tasks masters they become once under their employment.

There’s often a tendency to annoy mates by the Taurus-Pig being preoccupied with subjects that all of a sudden grab their attention. They are often late and think that a proper excuse was simply that they were too busy or just forgot. Still, there’s somewhat of a procrastinator here, but all an all, with the extent of they give on the good side of the ledger, and their cheery disposition becomes in the long run they’re worthwhile and very lovable.


Famous Taurus-Pigs: Fred Astaire, Oliver Cromwll, Shena Easton, Duke Ellington, Doug Henning, William Randolph Hearst, Vladimir Nabokov,




For the Gemini-Pig, getting there is all the fun. The idea of a challenge on the fields of enterprise or that of sport, while unleashing their methods and tools is what really interests the Gemini-Pig and adds to their shine. Sure, they desire the fruits and riches and possibilities that awaits them at the end of a road, yet those focuses could not replace the joys and fulfillment that goes along with an enticing journey. There’s often a stronger calling, as to go further and perhaps accomplish more than anyone else has before them.

The Gemini-Pig receives satisfaction sizing up the situation, then perhaps coming to the rescue and putting out fires. They’re apt to stay on for a rebuilding process. What lays in a heap of ruin they wish to assist as to reconstruct, overcoming newfound obstacles after what may have been turmoil and at that point might look impossible in the view of others’. Seems the Gemini-Pig is a welcome addition when all seems lost. Their personality is magnetic and the Gemini-Pig can restore lost confidence and boost spirits, rolling up their own sleeves stating, “Let’s go to work.”

This sign assumes nothing, not something like the idea of forthcoming venture capital or the supposed merits of others who wish to be involved within their enterprises. Each negotiation, each step of the way, has the Gemini-Pig approaching circumstances as if it is the first time they have encountered such. After they thoroughly investigate and have confidence they then close transactions, having all parties signing on the dotted line and then they follow through while expertly being instrumental with the details laid-out earlier.

Remaining focused on the big picture the Gemini-Pig should do their best to eliminate all inconveniences from interfering in the general plan. Getting boggled down with unrelated woes, especially those stemming from contemporaries or family, must be avoided. They need to gander the strength with set in stone mandates about such matters, understood by all, that such stop gaps not distract anyone in the middle of a conquest. The sensitivity nature towards others can weigh the Gemini-Pig down, yet there’s a need for an atmosphere of urgency to be created despite such actions as keeping all in line becoming perhaps unpleasant as Gemini-Pig firmly places down their foot.

Even a move as radical as a sweeping marshal law should be administered towards those who might rise up against the Gemini-Pig within their own territory, from the ranks of those envious of their talents or envious of their overt convictions, those willing to gang up on them and destroy their credibility and status. Those detractors should be properly banished or even crushed.

The Gemini-Pig should only enlist trusted allies, staunch sergeants at arms, who can help at fending off detractors, so the Gemini-Pig won’t have to deal with such in the future. Caution, Gemini-Pig, success breeds parasites, aiming to ride the piggy’s back, those primed to ruthlessly rob and destroy them. Rest a sure when the Gemini-Pig excels, those enemies will come out of the woodwork.

Possible mates fall into two distinct categories. One who will swoon at the idea of being with such an exciting, forthright dynamo while ferociously protecting their Gemini-Pig superstar. They will be rewarded. The other possible mate will ride the ride, take the take, yet will soon enough begin to weave their won conspiracies and begin to detest their Gemini-Pig, for the same reasons as the others, jealousy. Those Judas’ are capable of joining forces with the Gemini-Pig’s enemies to sell them out for tawdry rewards.


FAMOUS GEMINI-PIGS: Carrol Baker, Christo, Dashiell Hammet, Prince Aly Khan, Chiang Kai-Shek, Henry Kissinger, Dalai Lama, Marky Mark, Tupac Shukur, Salaman Rushdie, Franciose Sagan and Rod Wood.




The table is amply set for the Cancer-Pig and there’s a likely ability for them to attain success despite humble beginnings. Their driving force is usually unselfish love, so to attain and share riches to spoil loved ones to no end. You see, in actuality, the gain and fame that manifest is not just for the Cancer-Pig, but more than likely all gains are for their adoring audiences and fans. For the Cancer-Pig the idea of being able to share is what makes the fame worth it in their view.

The Cancer-Pig achieves an education, rather it be formal or a hands-on apprenticeship. They work and save for seed money to initiate projects, or perhaps in simpler terms, just to save for a down payment on a house. All their lives the Cancer-Pig seems to be under some sort of microscopic scrutiny and some others who are not involved in the Cancer-Pigs day-to-day often make quick and rash judgments about the Cancer-Pig’s motives; as if it is any of their business. It’s a common error by the weak-minded by pegging the Cancer-Pig as an easy target. They’re too often taken as easy prey because the Cancer-Pig seems to possess an aloofness that’s wrongly interpreted Too often they’re stereotyped. Because of show casing a particular flair, even some lesser peers of the Cancer-Pigs accuse them of being selfish and heartless, which is far from the truth.

Negative impressions by others infuriates the Cancer-Pig, or at least hurts their feelings, too often having them soul searching needlessly, wondering just why they are misunderstood. If constant ridicule pierces the Cancer-Pig, wounds them, and staggers their equilibrium, they might react in such a way there could come a terrible wrath and even with the total ruination of all the previous best laid plans. It’s best the Cancer-Pig eliminate signs of those possible interferences and people immediately.

If enemies are brewing from within their own camp, the Cancer-Pig needs to root them out, perhaps ask for a quorum, sit with them in private and participate in a calm but stern talk. The same goes with those they desire on their side so to inform and fill them in on their true aspirations, assuring all their quests are righteous, if only to be assured of who is who.

In reality, the underside of the Cancer-Pig desires to be a goofy buddy, desiring delicious good laughs and warm friendships, yet their drive and understanding of the world dictates they need to remain focused and serious about circumstances when in the throes of projects.

Best mates for the Cancer-Pig tend to be those loyal and strong, one who has other redeeming attributes for private and intimate moments, placing the Cancer-Pig at ease and placing them in a protective bliss to shut out the world. The significant other will protect what has been justly earned by the Cancer-Pig and guard against those trying to take gains away from the Cancer-Pig, including, themselves.


Famous Cancer-Pigs: Simon Bolivar, James Cagney, Diahann Carrol, Marc Chagall, Arlo Guthrey, Pete Hamill, Ernest Hemingway, Don Henley, Henry VIII, Charles Laughton, John D. Rockefeller, Ginger Rogers, Carlos Santana, O. J. Simpson, Cat Stevens, E.B. White and Kristi Yamaguchi.




A populist, making even-handed stalwart leaders, as well as thought-provoking teachers, while displaying benevolent ideals is the Leo-Pig. Nevertheless there’s a constant temptation to just be one of the boys.

There’s a naughty and delicious side, spiced up with a turn-your-face-red humor, with the Leo-Pig spouting the choicest of off-colored words formed into shocking descriptions. Often the humor slants to be blacker side of the funny bone. Other shenanigans peg the Leo-Pig as a street-corner comedian. Such a reputation could have them admonished from certain circles of prestige and influence. Stuffier types don’t always appreciate their hilarity. Nevertheless, back in the corner of some swank gathering, many will flock to have their ears deliciously tickled. Off beat, the Leo-Pig will poke fun at the most morbid situations coloring them in with vivid sexually graphic details.

Obviously there isn’t much of a pious nature exuding from the Leo-Pig. Down to Earth, them taking occurrences too seriously they sense such as a waste time. The Leo-Pig won’t be caught kowtowing, with hat in hand in front of some thought of higher authority. They won’t do it for their sake or the sake of others. Instead, when face-to-face with such, the Leo -Pig will shelve the comedy routine and display an educated, straight-on approach.

They prepare, gather resources and pursue the mission, for the benefit of themselves or their employer. They are conscientious, thorough, and provide a good example. Being handed and counted on to be responsible is no problem for the Leo-Pig. They issue orders and double check that they’re carried out. Being perceived by others as honest is paramount.

Once in the swing of things they shelve and rather smooth out their rough side. They’ll choose their spots of civility and manners for the sake of a project or loved ones. They aren’t likely to tell a dirty joke to their daughter’s principle.

Adhere to the old adage, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

If the trials and tribulation of business can be kept out of the home, the Leo-Pig will become a charming and happy lover and super sized parent. The Leo-Pig often brings home surprise gifts for all in the household. Nobody at home will want to start eating dinner until the loquacious Leo-Pig arrives at the table.


FAMOUS LEO-PIGS: Ian Anderson, Rosanna Arquette, Lucille Ball, Edna Ferber, Henry Ford, Danny Glover, Jeff Gordon, Alfred Hitchcock, Erving “Magic” Johnson, Carl Jung, Wassily Kandinsky, Keith Moon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keven Spacey, Daniell Steele and Robert Taylor.




As sages have said often in the past, “You can’t cheat an honest person.” The Virgo-Pig rarely recognizes evil for what it is worth. At the same time, sources of evil don’t sense evil spilling over from a Virgo-Pig. For the Virgo-Pig, the commonality of such innocence acts as their shield, making them somewhat impervious from those with lesser scruples. The dishonest figure the Virgo-Pig would never go along with something underhanded, which is a blessing while exempting the Virgo-Pig from being involved in the first place.

No matter, the Virgo-Pig wouldn’t recognize a bribe and is pretty much are none corruptible. Yet, they are likely to offer a reasonable favor while desiring for themselves nothing in return. They’re fixed in no one’s pocket. They’ll grant favors, then tend to forget about it, still expecting nothing in return. They’ll likely grant another favor or a string of continuous favors as long as there are no complications.

Remaining naive is the layer of protection perhaps. The Virgo-Pig attains power because of integrity plus their steady and counted-on voice of reason. As others argue, the Virgo-Pig works behind the scenes, soothing egos, perhaps clears the air, calming nerves while unfolding a more practical course. From family squabbles to business, the Virgo-Pig irons things out with a common sense approach.

Their playground is their imagination which has no bounds. The Virgo-Pig likes to escape, day dream, place scenarios in their own minds hoping one day they’ll manifest their dreams to reality. Yet duty to family and business stops them from casting away everything and head off on an adventurous fantasy.

Their mind is usually and open book and they share their sometimes far-out notions to those who will listen. They envision new forms of transportation, cheaper none pollutant fuels, cures for incurable diseases and hallmarks in education. Those fertile-minded enough to give the Virgo-Pig the time will be delighted by such an intriguing character. The Virgo-Pigs’ kitchen is a good place for a time-out, and great cup of coffee.

Their mates will be entertained in the same manner. For most it will be a pleasant experience. Less tolerant mates might tire their altruistic spirit, see it all as a bore and predictable, while beginning to see their Virgo-Pig mates in a light that cast them as scatterbrains, spewing concepts that will never come to fruition. The Virgo-Pig doesn’t care about prospects of fruition; they just like daydreaming and saying, “wouldn’t it be neat if . . .”


Famous Virgo-Pigs: Richard Attenborough, Lance Armstrong, Robert Benchley, John “Bauser” Bowman, Charles Boyer, Ken Kesey, Stephen KIng, Rocky Marciano, J. C. Penny, Frank Robinson and Hank Williams.




Fantasy world! The Libra-Pig, regardless of its social status or what it has achieved, or what it has not achieved, mostly thrives and exists in some sort of fantasy world. Always their dreams seem to be larger than reality. Have them playing third base on the company soft ball team, and in their view, they are starring in the seventh game of the world series. After a job interview they just know they will soon be running the entire company and be anointed with the job title of president of the company. For the LIbra-Pig the status quo is never good enough regardless of their present position.

The ambition remains in tact as does a sweet and gentile personality. There’s a desire for riches as their is a deeper desire for harmony. The Libra-Pig will bend over backwards to help insure everyone is happy and taken care of in a fitting manner. They are respectful and especially caring towards mates, offspring and just about all they come in contact with. The Pig is known for its vile temper yet in the case of the Libra-Pig, it is more than likely to have hurt feelings and suppress its temper because it detests to let anyone know they experience pain and disappointment. There is a sense of pride and for all to know the Pig has been injured in anyway, especially in matters of the heart, which in their case is beyond their realm of reality.

Others, even lovers looking to give them the shaft will find it difficult to harm this sign. Any excuse will be looked for as to not ruffle their feelings. In turn an injured Libra-Pig is likely to just disappear for awhile and live with its own misery and will rarely complain if ever to return.

The Libra-Pig offers what could be called unique speaking skills. They often use expressions that seem original and have a different way of putting verbal spins on things not heard often.

The family life is normally pleasant with lots of affection going all around. Parents they cherish to the end and will pull out all stops to get home for birthdays and other holidays.


Famous Libra-Pigs: Julie Andrews, Sammy Haggar, Johnny Mathis and Cherly Tiegs




Hell bent on achieving the Scorpio-Pig is not shy about making its wants known. The Scorpio-Pig is usually up front while laying its cards on the table rarely shy to let associates and competitors in on its plans and desires almost challenging to tell them to differ. Yet they welcome the devil’s advocate. They have a game plan in place that is translucent, a game plan that they sense is fool proof and offer rewards for all. Even if rejected at first, it makes no difference, because the Scorpio-Pig is willing to compromise and restructure peripheral aspects of their plan to please those others who might be involved.

They do create an air of invincibility and those who embrace the Scorpio-Pig’s confidence in themselves will feel their plans are sound and fortified. Those quite not sure might wonder just what this animal is up to and will try to figure out how to join forces with them or perhaps how to find flaws, but observers will still marvel at the Scorpio-Pigs endurance and tenacity.

The Scorpio-Pig remains undaunted and straight-forward and if there becomes a sense of disappointment and that they are not coming across, at first no one will really know, unless there comes a total rejection. The Scorpio-Pig may not become that resigned to absolute defeat and flash contempt and if others don’t see things as they do after they’ve exhausted themselves to make sense of things and then there could be some repercussions. Pigs do not always take set backs graciously and do at time become dangerous to others and even themselves. Often it’s a slow process and when it sinks in that projects or events won’t come to be and when there isn’t a shred of hope this Pig can become totally dejected.

The Scorpio-Pig needs to be selective choosing friends and associates and only reveal what is important to those who have shown interest in them and their ideals. By eliminating the disingenuous and selfish, for the sake of their own selfishness, the Scorpio-Pig will be better off to do without the negative right off the bat.

Yet towards those who embrace their ideas and dreams, the Scorpio-Pig will be generous and bestow upon them affection, insurmountable loyalty and life-long love. The Scorpio-Pig is gallant and faithful and will sacrifice itself and their assets to aid and assist allies to no end and are willing to go down with the ship for concurrent love and loyalty.

The Scorpio-Pig often involves their social life around its work. Those in the workplace become more like family and romantic encounters also spring from such arenas. Potential attractors are privy to the zeal exuding from this sign and to many, witnessing their dedication shows the Scorpio-Pig in an attractive and favorable light making them ever-so desirable.

Love is the drug they have been looking for, and other than pulling off a coup or taking grass roots projects and developing them to full fruition, the idea of love is the next best thing. True love can leap frog ahead of their lust for material accomplishment and when in such a bliss they will shelve their projects for a spell to attain such which tends to rejuvenate them, as long as that love then joins them in their pursuits.

The high-life and all that comes with it in the form of expensive clothes, furnishings and accessories are substitutes for affection, since the Scorpio-Pig has the ability to pamper themselves, yet those material gains are usually just band aids for lack of love or lures to attain such.

During calmer times when the Scorpio-Pig feels secure about their business dealings and those in their immediate life, the Scorpio-Pig does have the ability to relax and all around them will be have them as a protective layer.


Famous Scorpio-Pigs: Bryan Adams, Marie Antoninette, Hillary Clinton, Alain Delon, Richard Dreyfuss, King Hussein (Jordon), Georgia O’Keefe, Eugene Ormandy, Gary Player, Winona Ryder, Pat Sajack, Alan Shepard, Jaclyn Smith and Chang Kai-Shek.




Here is a sign that constantly hopes for the best. Not often will the Sagittarius-Pig involve itself in needless gossip, nor does it wish to hear such. The Sagittarius-Pig roots for everybody and always sees a silver lining and a good stemming from most they meet and involve themselves with. This sign can be attracted to people that others don’t think much of and are willing to overlook human weaknesses and even forms of rudeness and eccentric tics stemming from others.

Because of their great faith in the value of their own projects and sense of righteousness they feel impervious about those who might harbor less values and can’t envision other’s selfishness having any effect on what they desire. Towards some of those who might have ulterior motives they tend to win them over and develop unlikely allies that at first seemed impossible, yet they have to eventually come to realize they can not be all things to all people and the Sagittarius-Pig must fend off the temptation to try and help everybody. There is only so much that can go around.

There’s a self-effacing nature that many find attractive and the Sagittarius-Pig might be the first to laugh at themselves. Their dreams and desires are paramount but still, they are sensitive enough to realize all may not embrace such and when they sense tension rather than browbeat the Sagittarius pig will let things go, change the subject, and perhaps offer a diversion from, let’s just go to lunch, to lets just go on a whirlwind vacation to perhaps clear the air.

Still, all is stored inside their brain and during down time and perhaps by changing venues they’ll choose to take another tact in order to achieve the bottom line. Their ability for recall numbers and facts is never at rest. This sign never really shuts down and even in the midst of a tennis game they scheme and plan, but usually those schemes and plans are for the good of the whole. They rarely place the wants of others before them, but will step aside, and permit others to take the lead yet they see their loss of authority as just a temporary stop gap knowing their time to shine will come another day and the sooner the better.

By wielding humor, and tendency to share, the Sagittarius-Pig is the master of come backs. Too many people have counted them down and out but make no mistake about it, as long as their is a glimmer of hope this sign is resilient and can rise from the ashes to attain gains rarely observed.

Lovers and family will be privy to heaps of affection and the Sagittarius-Pig will come out of nowhere to deliver lavish gifts and grant favors. Of all signs they’re hip to the desires and wants of others and are aware of what pleasure buttons to push in order to impress or win over others.

It is rare they are down or off kilter. When they do become slightly depressed they can turn to gluttony or dangerous substances. Modern doses of such can uplift their spirits but the Sagittarius-Pig must realize and take such for just temporary worth that is solely therapy and not ones of a permanent nature—that’s when situations can become dangerous towards their health. Fortunately for the Sagittarius-Pig there is an inner alarm system to rid their systems of pitfalls to then get back on an even keel.


Famous Sagittarius-Pigs: Woody Allen, Christina Applegate, Jane Austen, Johnny Bench, Maria Callas, Noel Coward, David Mamet, Jim Messina, Nostradamus and Lee Remick.




Mired in tradition and understand that tradition for a Pig is to manifest events on a grand scale, and do know that the Capricorn-Pig is a student of history. Pigs are noted to be innovative and employ breakthrough methods to go where others have not gone before, yet the Capricorn-Pig prefers to work out evens from the tried and true. Yet still, they place their custom spin on things and with flair and style as they attain and prevail.

Nothing the Capricorn-Pig takes on seems to be trite or trivial in their scope of things. All they immerse themselves in take on a sense of urgency and essentialness. The mundane and day-to-day has no interest to them. Experiments and projects must have universal impact or for the Capricorn-Pig they’re not worth getting off the sofa for.

This sign can spend half a life time seeing opportunity pass them by and can appear as being totally disinterested but once there is a thread of substance that is monumental in their view, or within reach, this sign musters up energy and know how that’s rarely matched. Despite their methods seemingly old hat or out of vogue they will dress them up and employ them and others may not recognize the new window dressing until the Capricorn-Pigs lets them in on the their disguise and how such methods have been used for the ages.

Not often will it be heard from them, “Why didn’t I think of that?” because the Capricorn-Pig has normally thought of everything. Others often do try and dupe them and the Capricorn-Pig will let on, pretending much is new to them, rather than embarrassing those trying to pull off such ruses. It is rare the Capricorn-Pig is actually tricked even though there is a tendency to let things to go on awhile until the Capricorn-Pig decides to do other wise then truncating deals.

When they say, “No,” it’s, no and when they say, “Yes, it’s, yes, and one can take those decisions to the bank because they are final. This sign rarely waffles and holds up to all agreements as long as they understand the mix and what will be repercussions if any. They can be warned and filled in that adventures and crusades will be risky or they may not pan out, but regardless, if they have faith in their projects or others such warnings will not deter them or suppress their spirit. They tend to believe that nothing is totally impossible and will research similar instances of the past and bring them to the table to shore up the present.

The Capricorn-Pig will go out of its way and take the time to share their knowledge with loved ones. They desire to pass on knowledge and be a glowing example. They encourage and fortify sinking spirits pointing to the past and reminding those they care for about their sense of worth as to bolster which enables others to regain strength to be a help to them and the Capricorn-Pig.


Famous Capricorn-Pigs: Humphry Bogart, Ted Danson, Conrad Hilton, Florence Griffith-Joyner, Val Kilmer, Sandy Koufax, Jack London, Ricky Martin, Will Rogers, Albert Schweitzer and Danny Thomas.




The picture of endurance as one who often goes to the brink before coming full circle is one way to describe the Aquarius-Pig.” There’s a marathon runner here, not always built for speed at first, but one who gets stronger deeper into the race. When times appear the bleakest they often rise to the occasion with comebacks, strong and decisive.

There’s the benevolent side of Aquarius brewing, add that to the loyalty and gallant side of the Pig, which makes the Aquarius-Pig a usually caring soul. Yet the rub is that sometimes they just care too much and can’t mask their feelings. Mostly affable and easy going and we are aware that fools sometimes mistake kindness for weakness and look to take advantage of the Aquarius-Pig’s kind nature.

This sign will attempt to avoid conflict at all costs and detests an environment that is chock with unpleasantness yet if pushed too far over the edge their retaliations can be ruthless. Ruthless might be not strong enough of a word because their retaliation will spill over to the innocent and even themselves if blinded by rage. Still, once they gain their senses, the Aquarius-Pig is quick to calm and they won’t hold grudges and will go out of their way to make amends and all will be forgotten but their enemies tend not to forget.

The Aquarius-Pig is extremely diversified and possess volumes of information but often the knowledge is superficial and rarely deep because they like to know a little something about everything but not often do they become absolute experts about a specific subject.

The Aquarius-Pig is capable of reaching dizzying heights in enterprise. Often they reinvent the wheel so to speak, that’s once they get their hands around something. This sign envisions and compacts an overall view and when we say hands on, it is less than likely they are the actual mechanics but are adept at recruiting experts in their fields to assist them. The Aquarius-Pig likes to pay and rarely asks a favor for the sake of a favor and would rather fork over either money or return a favor. Cheapness evolving from others is a major turn off and if anything freeloaders get their goat.

The Aquarius-Pig, if not surrounded with sound friends and associates, can go down the path to ruin if they aren’t careful. They enjoy the good life and there is a tendency to overindulge.

This Pig is normally cheerful and will shelve their own woes to hear out others. They make good listeners and approach other peoples’ problems more so and with more efficiency than their own. As for parents, often they become surrogate mothers and fathers, raising the children of their loves and perhaps even doing a better job at it than they might do with their own.

There’s a sense of decency that runs through their veins and doing something underhanded is rarely not part of their make up. The Aquarius-Pig has a knack to be good public speakers and can hold an audience spellbound. Their ranks are filled with many writers. They have dynamic imaginations and foresee scenarios that are the mark of riveting fiction.

Lovers, mates and all associates will be either shocked or delighted by their naughty sense of humor, at times that’s deliciously black and erotic. They lean to eroticism and the entire steaminess of it all can have them cross-eyed with passion.


Famous Aquarius-Pigs: Mikhail Baryshinikov, Sonny Bono, Alice Cooper, James Dickey, Minnie Driver, Farah Fawcett, Natasia Kinski, Jose Marti, John McEnroe, Dan Quayle, Ronald Reagan, Nolan Ryan and Warren Zevon




Immersing themselves within time honored traditions the Pisces-Pig prefers to stay within the bounds of life. Often quiet and studies the Pisces-Pig makes almost the perfect student taking tasks seriously and sticking with them until they reach a state of fruition.

This sign cannot be pegged as the goodie-two shoes of the pack but aren’t far from qualifying for a halo. They are generous, good-natured, honest and caring. There’s a spiritual side too, one that isn’t always that obvious, because the Pisces-Pig isn’t overt about such things and would never dare infringe and browbeat others about their personal and spiritual beliefs. Frankly, they could care less about other’s beliefs and prefer not to go there and as the last position anchoring the Chinese Zodiac they prefer not to be on the receiving end of a sermon.

The Pisces-Pig goes out of its way to achieve taking upon tasks and studies by the numbers. They understand the mission and what has to be accomplished and the usage of red herrings by others to get a point across or to motivate them can infuriate the Pisces-Pig, who is the last one would think to act annoyed or cross.

You see, the Pisces-Pig is the last of the combination of the signs. Take into account, the whole process began with the Aries-Rat and worked itself for twelve years and twelve months to create the Pisces-Pig. When finally reaching the last slot, for the sake of the social science, and with the diverse mix of talent, emotions, desires, wants, gains and pratfalls, by the time we’ve gotten to the Pisces-Pig we’d like to think the universal concept of the science has finally gotten it right.

The Pisces-Pig prefers not to be the trailblazers to all but often for pet projects they just might shelve some of that humility, exert their leadership and take the helm. They will steer projects and organizations through the storms but once the skies clear the Pisces-Pig prefers to step back and handover the reigns.

This sign loves to travel and especially discover far off and exotic places. They gather treasures from foreign lands. They tend to make life-long friends from those places and their thoughtfulness has them sending birthday and holiday greetings.

We know of the sensitivity of the Pisces, add that to the Pig’s, and we have a real tender heart here. This sign has eyes that well with tears, even at television commercials. The Pisces-Pig is often embarrassed about their lack of self-control but those who understand and admire their strengths, the idea of witnessing the Pisces-Pig sobbing, finds them irresistible and has others marveling the sensitivity.

Mates are sure to feel the warmth and be subject to the loving gentle kindness of the Pisces-Pig. They will dispense care, keeping bedside vigils with no time limit. Work and projects and the boss will just have to wait if someone close to the Pisces-Pig is in trouble. They are apt to travel long distances to come to the aid of those close. If the cause is worthwhile, they will loan money and it be hard pressed to find a Pisces-Pig who might lie. Now they just may not mention something, they are far from confessors and not squealers but they won’t lie.


Famous Pisces-Pigs: Tom Arnold, Billy Crystal, Glenn Close, R. Ron Hubbard, Andrew Jackson, Ed McMahon, Edward James Olmas, Aidan Quinn and Maurice Ravel.


















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